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Bryce Canyon National Park

Nearly 60 million years ago, most of what is now Utah was covered by water. Then after the earth’s crust rose, the sea receded. And a 600-meter layer of sediment accumulated at the bottom and that’s how the rocks started to form. Further geological changes have led to the fact that at this point the area west of the Grand Canyon resembles a huge staircase, and the topmost rung is at an altitude of 2,400 meters.

Bryce Canyon National Park is now at the very top. It is located on the slope of the Ponsogant Plateau. There, erosion over time has created bizarre and spectacular shapes.

Amazing and beautiful Bryce Canyon in Utah

Winters in this area are very harsh. The fluctuations of the diurnal fluctuations are enormous. That’s why people didn’t settle here. But already about ten thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Indians came here to hunt. The cave paintings bear witness to this. Afterwards, some Mormon settlers managed to subdue this nature.

It is also worth noting that the canyon was named after one of the settlers of the area, namely the Scottish immigrant Ebenezer Bryce. He opened his farm on the border of the national park. And the proverb: “A hell of a place for whoever loses a cow here” belongs to him.

Bryce Canyon National Park

The park itself is quite small. It covers an area of 32 kilometers, but its entire territory is covered with rocks. And at the top, that is, on the highest step are the most interesting and most visited places, viz: Sunrise Place, Sunset Place, and Bryce Place.

It will be very informative to visit the Natural Bridge – a natural arch, which has a length of 26 meters. And in general, there are many different and interesting excursions. You won’t get bored in this place. A beautiful picture of the highest red cliffs can be seen from almost any site.

Bryce Canyon is especially loved by photographers because the views from the cliffs are extremely beautiful. The atmosphere of this place is alien, and the venerable filmmakers have repeatedly filmed their unearthly landscapes here.

The lands of Bryce Canyon National Park were once wanted to be called the most beautiful in the world. Indeed, they deserved it!

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