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Attractions in Sozopol

Today Sozopol has many attractions, ancient monuments, small private houses, ancient ruins, romantic cafes and restaurants, beautiful natural scenery and wonderful sea climate – a great place to relax in Bulgaria.

Top 10 attractions in Sozopol

Sozopol is a Bulgarian resort town located on the Black Sea coast, a few dozen kilometers from Burgas. Near Sozopol in the sea is the largest island in Bulgaria – St. Ivan.

The first settlement on this site dates back to the Bronze Age, in the 4th-3rd millennium BC. In the 6th century B.C. here was formed the first Greek colony, called Apollonia, and a huge statue of this Greek god was created.

What to see in Sozopol in Bulgaria? We offer you a brief description of historical and cultural attractions with photos of them and recommend to visit this blessed place.

Kurdilis House

Kurdilis House - an old Bulgarian landmark in Sozopol

This wooden house, standing in the Old Town, was built more than two hundred years ago, and today it houses a museum of ethnography. Here you can see everyday items and clothes of the Bulgarian people. From the windows of the house Kourdilis – a beautiful view of the sea.

Fortress wall

Sozopol, Bulgaria - Fortress Wall

This historical landmark from the Middle Ages. From those early times in Sozopol has been preserved and reconstructed the southern part of the fortress wall, which once surrounded the entire city, as well as the defensive tower. Thanks to this ancient wall, any tourist can really imagine what was the medieval Sozopol, feel the spirit of the ancient city, the spirit of the true European Middle Ages. And in the museum next to the wall, be sure to see the ancient exhibits.


Amphitheater, Sozopol (Bulgaria)

This landmark is from the time of ancient Rome. The amphitheater was built in the 2nd century AD, at the end of the Great Empire. It was found only a few decades ago by a landslide. Today the amphitheater has been restored. It is one of the main sights of the Old Sozopol and the whole country. There are often concerts, performances and performances to the delight of the citizens and tourists. The amphitheatre has excellent acoustics.

Museum of Archaeology

Museum of Archaeology in the resort of Sozopol (Bulgaria)

Thanks to its varied history, the city has a rich architectural museum, where you can see the findings of the Bronze Age, artifacts from the Antiquity, unique collections of the Middle Ages and Modern times, Christian frescoes, etc.

Old School

The Old School of Sozopol

This building is a cultural landmark of Sozopil, inside it is a famous gallery, where you can see several hundred talented paintings and sculptures of Bulgarian artists and architects.

Lascaridis House

Laskaridis House in Sozopol, Bulgaria

A fishmonger lived in this house in the 17th century. Today it houses the city’s best art gallery, featuring paintings by local artists, as well as many decorations and ornaments by different masters and centuries.

Chapel of Sts. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Chapel in Sozopol, Bulgaria

The locals consider St. John the Baptist to be the most important of all. The chapel of St. Nicholas is their patron saint, which is why this chapel was built first after the Soviet period in Bulgaria. Today, believers and tourists can come here to view the frescoes and relax near the fountain.

The Church of St. John the Baptist. St. George

Church of St. George, Sozopol

This temple was erected in the 19th century, and its marble altar is at least a thousand years old. The temple holds the holy relics of John the Baptist. Everyone can come here to kneel before the relics and pray.

Central beach

Central beach of Sozopol, Bulgaria

Be sure to visit the local sandy beach. It is located between the Old and New Town and offers tourists an excellent beach infrastructure of modern European level. Admission is free, you will surely be pleased.

St. John’s Island. Ivan

St. Ivan Island - a natural landmark near Sozopol in Bulgaria

This island is located in the Black Sea, a few kilometers from Sozopol. There is a nature reserve of several dozen hectares. It was here during the excavations that archaeologists found the relics of John the Baptist, as well as ruins, artifacts, etc.

Sozopol Sightseeing Map

Video overview of the sights of Sozopol

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