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The sights of Nessebar

In the 20th century Nessebar began to grow rapidly as a European tourist center. Today it is a great place for a nice family vacation with a wonderful infrastructure, attractions, cafes, restaurants, great souvenir stores, etc.

Nessebar is one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria. It was founded by the Thracians many centuries before the new era, since then Nessebar was a colony of ancient Rome and Byzantium. And in the 15th century it became a colony of the Ottoman Empire.

Top 10 Sights of Nessebar

We offer you a brief description of the sights of Nessebar in Bulgaria with photos and names and wish as soon as possible to visit and relax in this corner of paradise in Europe.

Old Town

In this place in the 10th century B.C. the first Thracian colony arose. Much later, the New Town was built nearby, and today both cities are connected to each other by a bridge. The oldest buildings and structures have been lost for centuries.

Old Town - the main attraction of Nessebar

In the old city are still intact many buildings that were built by the Ottoman Turks around the 15th century, today they have been restored and are in excellent condition. There are also many beautiful Baroque and Classicist buildings of the 18th century.


This mill is located where the Old Town merges with its modern part to form a single Nessebar. The windmill has a stone foundation and the structure itself is made of wood.

Nessebar - Windmill

In front of us is one of the visiting cards of the old city. This mill was once a Byzantine temple, but it has been rebuilt. Today it is a romantic place where city dwellers and visitors love to stroll in the evenings.

Fortress wall

During the Early Middle Ages the city of Nessebar was surrounded by a strong fortress wall. Since those early years, the wall is about 100 meters long. The height of this fortification is about 8 meters.

The Fortress Wall in Nessebar

Today, the remains of the ancient wall have been restored and the area around it has been groomed. Tourists often come here to look at this sight and just to take a walk in such a wonderful place.

The temples of Nessebar

Ancient Nessebar is famous for its Christian churches built in the Early and Developed Middle Ages. Bulgarians treat them with special care. We would like to mention separately the Church of St. John the Baptist and the Church of the Holy Trinity. The Church of St. Paraskeva and the ruined Church of St. Paraskeva. Archangels, both 12th century.

The temples of Nessebar

These temples are included in the famous UNESCO list and are protected by the state. It is also worth mentioning the Church of St. John the Baptist. The Church of St. Stephen and the Church of Christ the Pantocrator, both 11th century, Early Middle Ages. The temples are beautifully preserved.

Archaeological Museum

This museum is located at the entrance to Old Town and was opened in the mid-1990s. Within the walls of the museum, on its four floors, is a huge exhibition of archaeological artifacts from the Thracians to Roman and Byzantine times.

Archaeological Museum - Nessebar (Bulgaria)

Lovers of antiquity will see a huge collection of old icons, pottery, women’s jewelry and coins. The viewers will see tombstones from the ages of Thrace, ancient Greece and Rome, statues from the Hellenistic era, etc.

Caribbean Pirates Water Park

It is a small but perfectly arranged water park in Nessebar, where parents love to go with their children. All its slides and other attractions are made in the pirate style. There is a large frigate and a pirate treasure chest.


Children are especially attracted to these treasures and the viewing platform on the tower. The water park is designed for toddlers and school-age children. After his visit you can go to the cafe “Black Pearl”.

Museum of Ethnography

This museum is located in the manor of a local 19th-century merchant. In each room there is furniture, utensils, dishes, textiles, which were used by different classes of Bulgarian society up to and including the 20th century.

Ethnographic Museum - Nessebar

There are a huge number of interesting exhibits that tell visitors and fans of ethnography about the features of everyday life and cultural preferences of local people in different periods of Bulgarian history.

Paradise Water Water Park

This is the largest water park in Bulgaria, with an area of more than 30,000 km. м. Due to the large number and variety of slides and attractions, it is always interesting for both parents and children.

The biggest water park in Bulgaria -

In addition to traditional water activities, the park has a climbing wall, a swimming pool with a diving board, a comfortable tourist infrastructure, as well as an excellent tavern and bar.

Southern Beach

This sandy beach is located near the village of Radva. Its obvious advantages – it’s beautiful golden sand, clear sea water and shallow water, suitable for children of all ages.

South Beach near Nessebar

The peculiarity of South Beach is the presence of fairly large waves, thanks to which you can successfully go surfing. The beach area is divided into paid and free zones.

“Sunny Beach.”

It is the largest and most popular Bulgarian seaside resort. Nessebar is located very close, so you can successfully combine beach holidays and sightseeing tourism, lounging on the beach and sightseeing of antiquities.

The famous

“Sunny Beach” still retains the traces of the Soviet past. There is a beach infrastructure of 60-70 years of the last century, Soviet hotels, health resorts, etc. But the new development is already beating them. The beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag.

Weather in Nessebar

The high season here begins in mid-May and ends in late September. The weather conditions are extremely similar to the South Coast. The low season is characterized by a significant decline in tourist activity.

In summer it is hot in Nessebar, in July and August – up to +30C. The sea warms up to +20C – +26C. At this time, it is better to sunbathe more, and the sightseeing to postpone until the evening or the Velvet season.

Cuisine and Wines in Nessebar

In Bulgaria, pork is excellent, fish is usually grilled. Vegetarian dishes are not understood or welcomed here. They’re delicious, but it’s hard to find them on restaurant menus. Nessebar restaurants specialize in seafood.

Wine has been made here since Antiquity. It is of high quality and inexpensive, and most are exported to the EU and the United States. Wine in Nessebar is sold everywhere. Even more popular with Bulgarians is local beer. There’s no such thing as draft beer.

Video overview of the sights of Nessebar

Sightseeing map of Nessebar in Bulgaria

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