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Burgas sights

Burgas is not only a resort, but also a popular cultural center of Bulgaria with many attractions. It is located in the picturesque bay of the Black Sea, surrounded by three lakes and protected areas. The city itself was founded in the 17th century, but there are the remains of settlements that existed before our era.

The main attractions and interesting places of Burgas

In addition to lying on a lounger under the blazing sun, Burgas offers a lot of options for a pleasant pastime.

Amazing Nature

The sea, lakes, mineral springs, rich vegetation has always attracted settlers in this region. Tourists also like these places.


Coast of Burgas, Bulgaria

The seaside city of Burgas in Bulgaria is interesting with many attractions, starting with the beaches, which are not inferior to other resorts in this country. Clean yellow sand and clear water dispose to rest. There are several hotels on the coast. Beach areas are equipped for swimming and sunbathing. Very close to a green area – the city park. The pier, located here, is convenient for walking and viewing the coast from the water area.

Park by the Sea

Park by the Sea in Burgas, Bulgaria

The alleys of the park stretch for seven kilometers along the coast. Through it vacationers go down to the sea. Viewing platforms, sculpture and fountains, flower beds and benches create a wonderful atmosphere for walking. Cypress and Lebanese cedars adorn this monument of park art. You can ride a bike on designated paths, play with children on the playgrounds or just sit in a cafe – there are all kinds of popular entertainment.

There is a theater scene in the park. This place is often used for celebrations and concerts during festivals.

Monuments to great actors and poets, including A.S. Pushkin, give the alleys even more expressiveness.

Three Lakes

Burgas attraction - Three Lakes

The natural beauty of Burgas is not only the sea coast, but also three lakes. They are all very picturesque, differing from each other by the composition of the water. The reservoir Mandra is located to the south of the city. It is freshwater and is a sanctuary. Atanasovskoe Lake is filled with salt water, but it is also home to many animals and birds.

Burgas Lake is located next to the sea, it is separated only by an isthmus. It is the largest natural reservoir in the country.

Bird Sanctuary

Bird sanctuary near Burgas, Bulgaria

Poda is a unique place on Lake Mandra where birds nest. The reserve is a protected area for storks, pelicans, and sandpipers. The fauna here is diverse. The swampy areas shelter southward migrating birds as well as the permanent inhabitants of these parts.

Peacock Farm

Peacock Farm in the resort of Burgas, Bulgaria

For lovers of the natural world, there is another fascinating place. You can visit a peacock farm, where dozens of unique birds live in well-groomed aviaries. They are available for sightseers who want to consider rare species.

St. John’s Island. Anastasia

St. Anastasia Island near Burgas

It’s impossible to live on the coast without going out to sea. To travel six kilometers on a pleasure boat, to be on the island of St. Anastasia and admire the views – the desire of many tourists. The Orthodox church and the lighthouse are the landmarks of this place. On the island stay for recreation – there is a hotel and restaurant.

Historic Places

The buildings of the early 20th century, built in the styles of Art Nouveau and constructivism, are a decoration of the center of Bourgas. “Kilometer Zero” is an interesting site that emerged not so long ago, in 2011. From the compass plate, count the distance from the center to other objects.

There is a lot to see not too far from Burgas: there are special sights in Bulgaria – unique evidence that the coast was inhabited by the Thracians, the ancient Greeks and the Romans.

Thracian settlement

Thracian settlement in Burgas, Bulgaria

The ancient settlement of Akwe Kalide is mentioned in ancient manuscripts under the name of “Terma”. Both of these names refer to hot springs.

History testifies that a number of famous personalities visited it: for example, Philip of Macedon and Emperor Justinian.

Roman settlement

Roman settlement near Burgas

The ruins of the ancient city is an interesting place where lovers of ancient history must visit. Founded during the Roman Empire, the settlement existed for several centuries, becoming the center of a large region. Numerous artifacts have been found here (they are on display in the Burgas Museum). Excursionists will have to travel a short distance – less than 20 kilometers to see with their own eyes preserved unique ruins.


Armenian Church in Burgas, Bulgaria

The Holy Cross Church is known as the center of spiritual life of the Armenian Orthodox community and as a historical monument. It was built in the early 19th century. During the Russo-Turkish War, Russian and Bulgarian soldiers were buried there. Burgas itself was the site of major events of the military campaigns of the time.

St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral in Burgas, Bulgaria

The Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius is a working church, whose architecture reflects the influence of several styles. This temple is famous because it was built in the 19th century thanks to the citizens of the city, who collected funds for its construction.


There are several museums in Burgas, especially popular are the ethnographic and archaeological collections. They are housed in 19th century buildings, which are themselves architectural landmarks of the city. There are curious exhibits in the picturesque mansions. The age of some of them is measured in three millennia.

Museum of Ethnography

Burgas (Bulgaria) - Museum of Ethnography

The culture of the people is reflected in the exposition of this museum. The peculiarities of national costume, traditional crafts and folklore are interesting to study by its exhibits. Here they not only tell, but also show how artisans work.

Museum of Archaeology

Museum of Archaeology in Burgas, Bulgaria

Ancient Thrace, Greek and Roman colonies left many interesting artifacts on the land of the Burgas Bay. Archaeological excavations have made these objects museum treasures available for viewing by sightseers. Get an idea of the high level of ancient cultures – look at statues, ancient dishes, utensils and other finds.

Theaters and festivals

Burgas has an art gallery, a philharmonic hall and several theaters – opera, drama and puppet theater. Film festivals, song contests, theater and folklore festivals make the cultural life of this resort town very rich.


Burgas Opera House

The center of culture of Burgas is the Opera House. The artists perform classical repertoire, and there are regular premieres by the main company. Tours of other musical and theatrical groups, international festivals and concerts are an integral part of the city’s events, loved by residents and visitors.

Another popular theater scene, the summer one, is located in the seaside park. The summer season of Bourgas (from April to November) is an intense festival life, attracting tourists from many European countries and, of course, Bulgaria itself.

Sand sculpture

Sand Sculpture Festival in Burgas, Bulgaria

This festival for over ten years brings together fans of building sand castles. But it’s not just architectural objects that are brilliantly made of gold-plated material. Characters of fairy tales and plays, animals and historical figures – the most bizarre compositions are created in accordance with the theme proposed by the sculptors. Sand is prepared in advance – it is specially brought for the new works.

How to get to Burgas?

Burgas has an international airport that connects it to many countries around the world. The seaport has twenty berths. The Central Station is a historical and cultural landmark – it was built in 1903. The city has about thirty lines that are served by bus and trolleybus transport.

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