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Golden Sands sights

Attractions at Golden Sands Bulgaria is conditionally divided into recreational, historical and natural. Despite the relative youth of the resort fame spreads very quickly and in the season here may not have a free hotel room if you do not book in advance. Each guest is sure to find something interesting to do in between bathing, wellness treatments and a nice relaxing vacation.

Top 5 attractions of Golden Sands

At 17 km from Varna on the Black Sea beaches stretch, which gave the name of the resort. Clean clear water, a cozy bay, fine golden sand and beautiful landscapes dispose to unhurried pastime, coupled with quiet contemplation.

But when the first stress of the frantic rhythm of life unclenches the steel arms, interest in the surroundings awakens. Then comes the turn of cognitive excursions to the surrounding area, because even detailed descriptions and colorful photos can not convey the grandeur and beauty of the sights of Golden Sands, which is the pride of Bulgaria.

Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery near Golden Sands, Bulgaria

As it should be a monastery, it is located away from secular life and worldly entertainment, about 4 km. from the resort. Its cells, prayer rooms, refectory, library, and service quarters were carved into the rock strata in the 4th century. For 10 centuries it was inhabited, until it was sacked by the Ottoman invaders. It was not restored in its entirety. It now serves as a popular tourist attraction, operating from early May to the 20th of October.

Aladzha Monastery - a landmark of Golden Sands

The monastery consists of two tiers. On the first:

  • cells;
  • church;
  • utility and amenity rooms.

The second tier is reserved for the monastery chapel. The complex is completely open to tourists, the interiors are beautifully preserved ancient frescoes, amazing craftsmanship and bright colors.

Twice a week in the monastery there are performances reproducing fragments of historical events.

Ambassador Balneological Center

Balneological Center

Among similar centers it is the largest, equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, located in the hotel with the same name.

The list of services is very wide and includes:

  • a complex of cosmetic procedures;
  • wellness programs;
  • procedures for the treatment of the nervous system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs;
  • therapeutic baths;
  • mud cure;
  • wraps;
  • massage;
  • pools.

The hotel is perfect for a family vacation, the rooms are equipped with everything you need, there is a magnificent view of the sea and the adjacent park.

National Park

National Park - Golden Sands (Bulgaria

It surrounds the resort on all sides. Compared to others, the park is small, only 13 square kilometers. Established in the mid-20th century to preserve rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Due to the fact that the district has no industrial plants and prohibits active economic activities at the resort is amazingly clean air, filled with the aroma of greenery with a hint of sea salt.

There are walking trails, viewing platforms and recreation areas for visitors. This is where the rock monastery and catacomb system is located.

Chiflik Exhibition Complex

Ciflik Exhibition Complex in Golden Sands

In the suburbs of the resort is an interesting museum, the basis of the exhibition consists of household items, national costumes, tools, utensils, jewelry, furniture belonging to past centuries. Most of the exhibits were collected from the families of local residents, brought as gifts, given for safekeeping. Amazing homespun carpets, rich embroidery, samples of arts and crafts allow you to learn more about the folk culture of the region.

After the tour there is a tasting of homemade wine and national dishes and participation in folk entertainment.

Museum is more convenient to visit as part of a tour group.

Aquapolis Water Park

Aquapolis Water Park - Golden Sands

Almost all along the beaches installed small water attractions, but if you want a surge of emotion, coupled with a comfortable holiday, then it is worth visiting the water park. Children are attracted by the shallow pool and neat bright slides in the form of animals, children’s sector is decorated with two colorful lizards – fountains.

For adults, too, equipped with interesting attractions, from high-speed slide “Kamikaze”, to the quiet river, designed for leisurely drifting in the fairway on an inflatable tubing. The water park is located almost in the woods, on an area of 40,000 square meters, all the attractions seamlessly blended into the landscape, design and installation was engaged in a Spanish company specializing in the construction of water parks.

Aquapolis Water Park - Golden Sands' landmark

In your free time you can go horse or bike riding, spend the evening in a casino, nightclub, bar – variete, visit a museum and take a walk on the trails of the national park. Rest at Golden Sands resort will maintain health and leave pleasant memories.

Golden Sands Sightseeing Video Tour

The romantic name of one of the best resorts in Bulgaria attracts tourists who enjoy visiting the beautiful beaches, medical and health centers, water parks. Watch a video about the resort Golden Sands.

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