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Zaslavl sights

Zaslavl is a real eye-catcher, both with its sights and its history. It was founded in the 10th century by Prince Vladimir and was then called Izyaslavl, as the son of Princess Rogneda. But in the paper sources the city was first mentioned only in 1227. In 1986, there appeared a historical and cultural center, which united the fortresses of Zamec, Val and the Calvinist temple. The city boasts unique architecture and ancient lore, which attracts tourists.

Top 6 Sights of Zaslavl

The story of the founding of the city states that Prince Vladimir made the beautiful Rogneda his wife by force. The girl, refusing to submit, plotted to kill the prince in his sleep, but Vladimir awoke earlier. Rogneda was to be executed for her treachery; young Izyaslav, the girl’s son, interceded for her. Such devotion struck Prince Vladimir, he exiled them both to eternal settlement in the lands of Polotsk, where the castle Izyaslavl was founded.

Monument to Izyaslav

Almost nothing has been preserved of the tenth-century castle, but a monument in honor of the main characters of the story: Princess Rogneda and her son Izyaslavl is erected in the city. It was created in 1993 by sculptor Artemovich and depicts a young prince defending his mother. Located near the House of Culture at 93/2 Sovetskaya Street.

Monument to Izyaslav in Zaslavl, Belarus

In September 2014, a monument to Izyaslav appeared, where he is already depicted as an adult. It is located in the central park of the city on Central Street. Izyaslav ruled the Polovtsian principality until the 1001st century and adopted Christianity as early as 992.

There is a legend! When Izyaslav returned to the city to bury his mother, he asked what she said as she was dying. The locals replied, “She didn’t say anything, she was crying. At the same time, several springs appeared in the vicinity of the city, which to this day are called the tears of Ragneda.

Church of the Transfiguration

It is a Calvinist cathedral, founded in 1577 by Prince Ivan Glebovich, preserved to this day and became the main attraction of Zaslavl. The building has a rectangular shape and a gable roof, the cross rises on a multi-story tower with a bell. It has no opulent decorations, but the semicircular windows indicate the Renaissance era. The building is kept in good condition, but it is not preserved inside.

The Church of the Transfiguration - a landmark of Zaslavl

The church is located in the ancient settlement “Val” on Zamkova Street. The settlement itself was first Zaslavsky castle, built by order of Prince Vladimir for Rogneda and her son. “Shafts” were earthen and in some places wooden fortifications up to three meters high, but in the 16th century the fortress was rebuilt and now rises from 8 to 15 meters. A brick structure up to three meters high and 25 meters long was erected on the south side, and the brome was several meters thick.

Now only ruins have survived, the main part of the structures were damaged in the 13 Years’ War of 1645-1658.

Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Zaslavl, Belarus

Since 1985, the settlement is part of the Historical and Cultural Museum “Zaslavl”, which also includes the Children’s Museum of Mythology and Forestry, Museum-Dot, Museum and Exhibition Complex, Zameczak settlement, the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, National Center Mill.

Museum and Exhibition Complex

Museum and Exhibition Complex in Zaslavl, Belarus

Museum and Exhibition Complex - Zaslavl, Belarus

Started working in 1992. Contains three exhibition halls: the first is dedicated to tapestries. The most famous exhibits with their subjects go back to the history of ancient Russia and the Principality of Polotsk, called “Rogneda”, “Polotsk Bells”, “Prayer”, they were created by Olga Demkina and Yuri Piskun. The second hall – the exhibition “Music of the evening”, dedicated to the music of the Belarusian villages, the visitors of the hall are greeted by national songs. The third room is for temporary exhibitions. The entire interior of the room refers to Ancient Russia and contains elements.

Zamechak settlement

Zamechak settlement in Zaslavl, Belarus

The fortress appeared in the tenth century, at first had a stronghold for the northwestern borders of ancient Russia. A circular rampart up to 24 meters high grew on the hill, where there were convenient platforms for archers, which allowed to shoot in all directions. The road to the enemy was blocked by a moat and a palisade, behind which were the houses of the vigilantes. In 1992, in the territory of the settlement appeared a memorial in the form of a cross dedicated to the Millennium of the Baptism of Belarus, it is located in the fortress at Minskaya 2.

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Zaslavl, Belarus

The church was built from 1718 to 1772 on the initiative of Anthony Tadeusz Przezdecki, Count Zaslavsky. Italian architect Giovanni Batiste Spampani supervised the exterior decoration. The simple form of the building has an elongated shape, which is emphasized by the long windows and gives a lofty solemnity. Antony Smuglevich was in charge of the interior decoration.

Zaslavl (Minsk region) - Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In 1863 the church was consecrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin, in 1994 it was destroyed. But after the restorations, the church became accessible to visitors, and now Catholic services are held there. You can find the church on Komsomolskaya Street.


Museum Dot - a military landmark of Zaslavl

Dot – short for “long-term firing point,” as in the twentieth century, Zaslavl was a border town, and in the 1930s there were many defensive fortifications. Point 115 became a museum in 2004, where everyone can look at the restored equipment, where 12 soldiers with four machine guns defended. The Dot is a small semi-subterranean building, with 90 cm thick walls to protect against howitzers. Some points held the enemy back for up to three or four days. You can find the museum by walking along Quay Street.

Video overview of Zaslavl

Zaslavl is a small cozy town, which will help you not only to see with their own eyes the historical monuments from ancient Rus’ to the twentieth century, here you can get acquainted with the national features of Belarus, closely explore the life and customs of the villages. We hope that now you know exactly what to see in Zaslavl.

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