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Zakopane sights

Zakopane – a popular ski resort in southern Poland. Warm snowy winters attract fans of skiing to the city from December to mid-April. But travelers come here at other times of the year, just to see Zakopane and its attractions. The city is worth a visit for lovers of hiking, gastronomy and folklore events and fairs. It is easier to get to Zakopane from Krakow or Warsaw (both airports handle dozens of flights a day from Russia, Ukraine and other countries).

From Warsaw there is a day and night train, travel time is 9 hours. From Krakow to Zakopane you can get by train or bus, check the schedule and ticket prices at the train station.

Main attractions of Zakopane

The city itself is imbued with a national Polish flavor. Zakopane is built with beautiful wooden houses, which serve as cafes, hotels and pubs. Bored on the spot will not have – every tourist will find entertainment to his liking, regardless of the season. Attractions in Zakopane are divided into three categories: natural monuments, architecture and cultural institutions.


Sea Eye Lake near Zakopane
Sea Eye Lake

The pearl of the Polish Tatras is the high-mountain lake Morskie Oko. The area of the reservoir is 35 hectares. The coastal area is considered a protected area, the tourist can go for a walk on different routes. There are both asphalt paths and real forest trails. Some routes require special equipment. For those who are too lazy to walk, there is a bike rental and horseback riding. There are cafes, souvenir shops, and stores in the national park. The lake shore is a favorite vacation spot for tourists.

Before you walk through the park, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the map of the reserve.

Frost Cave near Zakopane, Poland
Frosty Cave

Moroznaya Cave – karst cave, discovered almost 100 years ago. The place is absolutely safe – all the passages are lit with electric lights. The journey through the labyrinth will take 30-40 minutes, there are no age restrictions. Admission is paid, the price of the ticket is specified on the spot.

Natural attraction near Zakopane - Black Lake
Black Lake

Black Lake – located in the mountains, got its name because of the specific color of the water. It is in the shade, so the water really has a gloomy hue. In the warm season, hundreds of tourists come to admire the lake. Because of the high rocks it is almost impossible to get close to it.

The water temperature even in summer does not exceed +10 degrees.


Tatra Museum in Zakopane, Poland
Museum of the Tatras

Those who want to plunge into the creative atmosphere of past centuries can visit several museums in Zakopane. The entrance ticket will cost 2-3 zlotys.

  • Museum of the Tatras – introduces visitors to the culture and traditions of the Polish Tatras. The collection includes tableware, handicrafts, and national costumes.
  • The Jan Kasparowicz Museum is the home of the famous poet, who came from a peasant family. Guests can get acquainted with the life of that time. The dining room, living room and bedroom are available to visitors. Books and some personal belongings of the poet
  • Museum of Karol Szymanski – Polish composer. The exhibit includes antique furniture, a piano, and some of Szymanski’s belongings. From time to time concerts and musical evenings are held in the museum.

Architecture of the city and surroundings

Dunajec Castle near Zakopane, Poland
Dunajec Castle

If you are a fan of antiquity, you can go to get acquainted with the medieval architecture. The facilities are at a distance from the city center, but there are regular commuter buses. You can take a cab or rent a car.

  • Stary Sącz is one of the oldest towns in Poland near Zakopane, which has preserved the architecture of the 15th century. You can get there by bus. Among the city’s buildings stands out the monastery clarissok, now in its territory there is a functioning Gothic church.
  • The Dunajec Castle is a mysterious and gloomy Renaissance fortress built in the 14th century. At one time the castle served as a fortification on the border between Poland and Slovakia. Inside the fortress fully restored interior and life of the Middle Ages. Visitors see carved furniture, luxurious carpets, paintings, candelabrums, vases. There are many legends around the castle, which led to the creation of the entertainment program for guests “Weekend with the spirits.
  • Krupówki – a pedestrian street length of 1 km. Tourists are greeted by clowns, street artists and musicians. The best hotels in Zakopane are located here, as well as cozy restaurants where you can taste Polish national cuisine. Various souvenirs are sold in the shops, sheep sweaters and blankets, wooden utensils are in great demand.
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima – located just 4 km from the center. It attracts tourists with its unique stained glass windows, luxurious decorations and beautifully decorated altar. Next to the temple is a park, where vacationers are photographed for the memory.
  • The village Chochołów is 17 km from Zakopane. It is famous for its unique wooden hut-like houses. There is a pottery workshop in the village, where you can buy pottery as a souvenir.

Entertainment in Zakopane

When you are familiar with the main attractions, but you think what else to see in Zakopane, it is time to go to the local market. It is located on Krupówki Street. At the bazaar it is worth buying local delicacies – honey, mushrooms, sheep cheese, as well as wooden utensils, wool and leather products. By the way, you can bargain well with the local sellers.

Aquapark in Zakopane, Poland
Aquapark in Zakopane

In the center of the ski resort of Zakopane there is a water park, which welcomes visitors all year round. One of the walls is completely glass, which allows you to have fun and admire the Tatra Mountains at the same time. There are slides, pools and other attractions of different levels of complexity. For a fee you can visit the sauna, whirlpool and Jacuzzi. A visit to the water park for an adult costs about 25 PLN per hour.

Zakopane is a famous ski resort, the heart of Polish culture and just a place of relaxation. You can go there both in winter and summer. There are enough interesting places to visit and other attractions for the whole vacation. Get acquainted with the sights of Zakopane will help guide. You can buy it at the hotel, souvenir shop, store.

Those wishing to go on a tour of Zakopane and the surrounding area as part of an organized group.

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