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York sights

Experienced tourists recommend a visit to the city of York in the UK. What are the sights worth seeing in York?

Getting a visa to England is a difficult task. If you are successful, you need to keep your time. Known for its architectural beauty, Great Britain is in the top five must-see countries for aesthetic travelers.

York’s Top 6 Sights

The city is on the list of the oldest in this country, located in the northeastern part. It is the center of North Yorkshire, known throughout the world, in particular for the writers Brontë and the Yorkshire Terrier.

The city is steeped in the past of England and Europe. The first population was a tribe of Britons, then Anglo-Saxons, Normans and English. Beginning in 71 A.D., York’s history is preserved in its streets and buildings. From the 18th century, a railway junction was built, which contributed to the development of the transport system of England. York became attractive to the gentry and is growing in population these days. For a long time it was the capital.

The city is considered the birthplace of Robinson Crusoe, it organizes tours along the routes of the literary hero of Daniel Defoe’s books.

What to see in York:

  • Clifford Tower;
  • York Cathedral;
  • national railroad museum;
  • Micklegate Bar Gate;
  • Jorvik.

The city stands on hills, so be prepared to walk up and down a lot. And also prepare your own itinerary.

Yorkshire Museum

Yorkshire Museum in York, England

The ticket costs £7.5 and is valid for a year. Starting here, you can learn all about development from prehistoric times in quite some detail. Tour guides will tell you that there was a sea in York and will even show you the “monsters” that lived in it. They will also show you the founders who created the city of the three emperors. You can find out what the Roman Road of Death is all about, look at the most over-decorated small-arms specimens.

York Castle

York Castle - York's landmark

The first wooden castle was built back in 1068. It acquired its present form in the middle of the 13th century. Built of stone, it was a participant in wars, a powder magazine and a prison, and survived the explosion that destroyed the tower. The walls of the castle have a pinkish color because of an interesting chemical reaction of high explosion temperatures and limestone.

After 900 years, now there is a museum, and it was decided to make the castle a national monument of culture.

York Cathedral

York Cathedral, York, England

St. Peter’s Cathedral, recently reconstructed, was a candidate for the largest Gothic-style cathedrals in northern Europe. The first wooden church was built in 627, and 10 years later, in 637, there was a stone church. York Cathedral began to take its Gothic appearance in 1220, the construction lasted about 250 years. Now its length is about 160 meters, and the largest stained glass window reaches 23 meters in height.

York Cathedral in York, England

Here you will find ancient tombs, jewels of different peoples and settlements from Roman times to the Viking Age.

National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum in York, England

York was the center of Britain’s transportation system, no wonder there is such a museum. There are about 300 examples of twentieth-century locomotives and railcars that were built here in the museum’s collection. You can trace the development of this sphere, see the most famous trains: the British fast steam train and the record train, which for all time of its existence has not changed its route and name. Some of the queens of England traveled in some of the carriages.

York City Walls

The city walls of York, England

York is the only city in Britain that has a ring of castle walls. They were erected by the Romans. They suffered not so much from time as from man: since the last century, several barbacans have been torn down because they interfered with the passage of cars, and arches were made for the trains.

The city walls of York, England

The central entrance to York is framed by the Micklegate Bar gate. There used to be living quarters there, and they were “decorated” with severed heads to intimidate enemies.

In the twenty-first century, the upper floors house a museum dedicated to the lives of the guards.

Jorvik Viking Museum

Jorvik Viking Museum - an interesting place in York, England

Interactive dynamic tour of the life of the Viking settlement, during which you are told the history of the village. Around moving mannequins in Viking outfits, sounds and smells. Houses with fences, enclosures and articles of wood and iron, leather and bone were found. It is a recreated Viking city.

York (England) - Jorvik Viking Museum

York in England is known for its world-famous attractions. It is important to think in advance where you would like to go, because the most popular attractions do not work every day. Also find places with their own history.

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