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Wynperl Amusement Park

Wynperl Amusement Park is located in the city of Nha Trang in Vietnam. It’s a great place to spend the day with your kids and friends. The park meets all modern requirements and will surely be remembered for a long time.

Originally, the island on which Winpearl is located today was called Bamboo Island in Vietnamese. Today it is called Vinpearl Land, as the huge letters of that appellation are set here today, as in Hollywood – “HollyWood”.

Winpearl Park’s website: vinpearlland.com.

How do I get to Wynperl Park?

There are 2 ways by which to get to Nha Trang Park – by sea or by cable car.

There are ferries, boats and canoes from mainland Vietnam to Winpearl Island every day at short intervals. There are no problems with maritime transport, tickets are relatively inexpensive.

And the cable car with the funiculars on it is a local landmark in its own right. It is the longest aerial road in the world, passing over the sea. Riding it will be the first attraction at Vinpearl Land.

Winepearl - how to get there

Carry passengers every day from 08:00 to 22:00. When traveling by cable car in front of tourists have great views, you can take great pictures, including. selfies.

The length of the ropeway is more than three kilometers, and it is a world record. The funicular from the mainland point “A” to the island point “B” travels exactly 12 minutes. A total of one and a half thousand passengers travel on this road in an hour.

It was built in the early 21st century, after which it was immediately listed in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the wonders of the world. You can get to the place of departure of the funicular from the mainland to the island by bus No4. The ticket costs 7,000 dong, or 30 cents.

How much are the tickets to Windpearl Park?

Vinpearl - amusement park

Tickets to the amusement park are sold at the last station “ropeway”, there you can buy them without queuing, or at the ticket office directly in the park, there is a fairly significant line.

  • for adults: 800,000 Vietnamese dong or $34.61;
  • For children: 700,000 VND or $30.28;
  • for babies up to 100 cm tall free of charge;
  • for the elderly – 680,000 Vietnamese dong or $29.42.

The cost for visitors arriving at Vinpearl Land later than 4 p.m. is reduced by exactly half. The price of the tickets includes transportation to the island by cable car.

Ticket to the park is a plastic card, it should be shown at the entrance to a park employee. Afterwards, you can use the card to use any attraction at Vinpearl Land all day long.

Map of the park

Nha Trang Winpearl Entertainment Park is divided into a number of interest zones. Here you can go to the water park and oceanarium, ride with children on the swings and carousels, visit an indoor complex for games, shopping and souvenir shops, etc.

At the entrance to the park there are special stands with important information, as well as booklets that mark the most popular attractions and other interesting places. The text of the booklets is written in English.

Map of Winepearl Land’s rides and attractions

Map of attractions and attractions vinpearl land

Winepearl Park rides

Vinpearl Land is the most famous place in Nha Trang. The park is located on a fairly large island, where there is also a water park, comfortable hotels for tourists, restaurants, bars, cafes, everything you need for quality and comfortable rest.


Water Park at Wynperl Park - Nha Trang

The local water park is divided into three parts:

  • roller coaster;
  • family vacation;
  • children’s vacation.

In the children’s area there is a shallow pool, with sun loungers for adults. Around the pool, parents will be comfortable drinking refreshments and watching their children at the same time.

Artificial river

Vietnam - Nha Trang Amusement Park

Like any water park, Vinpearl Land has an artificial river that slowly flows through the Vinpearl Water Park. On it the laziest vacationers can swim for hours on laps or rubber mattresses, swaying on the small waves.

Animal figures

On the territory of the water park Vinpearl Nha Trang installed a lot of artificial figures of different animals, looking like the living, thanks to the skill of the manufacturers. Therefore, they are extremely fond of kids who crawl around the figures for hours.

Roller coaster

The roller coaster at Wynperl

For fans of extreme sports in the park there is a variety of slides. And there are for extremists, amateurs and teenagers. For all the popularity of Windpearl Land, there have never been any injuries to fans of the slides.

The park has six adjacent 100-meter steep world-class slides, where extreme athletes can brag to each other about their downhill runs. They’re great for a fun group of athletes and health enthusiasts (No42 on the map above).

The Slider slide is also called “Kamikaze. It can accelerate to 60 km per hour in a few seconds, while dashingly changing directions. Slide for those whose body is constantly demanding adrenaline.


Wynperl Park in Nha Trang has a great beach

Vietnam is generally famous for its white sand beaches. So is the beach at Wynpearl Park. But the beach here is not of natural origin, the sand of superior quality and whiteness for it imported from the continent.

The sand is soft, gentle and very fine, it is extremely pleasant to walk on it with bare feet. On the beach at the highest level, organized all the necessary tourist infrastructure.


Oceanarium - Wynperl in Nha Trang

The park has a huge oceanarium, one of the largest in South Asia, which is home to many reptiles, fish from all over the world, sea creatures, turtles of all kinds, and other sea creatures.

There is a long glass tunnel, thanks to which you can watch the life of sharks and whales from below. It always tickles the nerves when a tiger shark swims practically next to you.

The oceanarium is divided into several zones, and in each organized a certain climate in which the fish and other inhabitants of the seas live in the real world. Several times during the day, a man in a scuba tank appears in each area and feeds the fish and other inhabitants.


Vietnam - the island of entertainment

One of the obvious advantages of the park is the excellent shows, equal to which only the most professional and promoted world-class amusement parks can really do.

Here you will see:

  • street magic show;
  • show on stilts;
  • concerts by street musicians;
  • a street magician show;
  • levitation show;
  • fountain show;
  • mermaid show;
  • Feeding fish, etc.

Electric sledding

Vinpearl Nha Trang Amusement Park

Be sure to ride the sand on the local electric sled – get an unforgettable experience. The sled is designed for two passengers and runs on an electric motor.

They go up the mountain on their own and then travel down the difficult, winding track. The passenger in the back has a special lever that can be used to brake the electric sled.

Other Entertainment

  • Slot machines;
  • 4D Cinema;
  • Carousels;
  • Ferris wheel;
  • Children’s room.

The park has a beautiful castle in the medieval style, inside the castle is a children’s room. Here you can always put your baby for a “quiet hour”, change his diaper or leave him to play with toys under the supervision of a professional nanny.

Useful Tips for Visiting Wynperl Park

The park is extremely large. That’s why it’s best to come here for a couple of days, like Monday and Tuesday. The first day can be devoted entirely to water rides and part of the roller coaster.

On the second day, you can go on the slides again, spend some time on the arcade, visit the water park, check out the oceanarium, go to the show, etc. Even with a two-day excursion to Vinpearl Land, there may not be enough time.

You should arrive early, preferably on weekdays and not in the high tourist season, so that there were fewer visitors. If you get here later, after 4 p.m., when tickets are half as cheap, you certainly won’t have time to see anything.

You can’t bring food or water into the park. Before entering the ropeway, security guards always inspect everyone and take away prohibited items. You can only take baby food and fruit for the child.

Vinpearl Land

Vinpearl Land has many restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, where you can have a great snack or lunch, feed your older children. Leftovers taken from home will only litter this wonderful park.

Be sure to bring swimsuits, swim trunks, towels, sunscreen, etc., to visit the excellent local beach. If you forget, near the beach there are stores with all the necessary goods for swimming and sunbathing.

Windpearl Island hotels in Nha Trang

Vinpearl Amusement Park in Nha Trang - Hotels

There are hotels on the island where you can stay if you decide to stay longer in the park. The rooms are not cheap, but if you have paid, you can visit Vinpearl Land for free.

Winpearl in Nha Trang will give you a lot of wonderful emotions and will remain in your heart forever. Most tourists and residents of Vietnam love the local entertainment, so they return to the park again and again.

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