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Worms sights

The sights of the German city of Worms are closely linked to ancient history and the tale of the Nibelungen. The history of the city itself begins more than 2,000 years ago. It was here that the Reformation began in the Middle Ages.

Top 10 attractions in Worms

The sights of Worms are open to the public all year round and are of particular interest to tourists interested in history.

St. Peter’s Cathedral

Worms (Germany) - St. Peter's Cathedral

Germany is famous for its oldest churches and cathedrals. One of them is St. Peter’s Cathedral in Vorma, part of the city’s trio of legendary cathedrals. Built on the site of an old basilica, the cathedral was officially opened in 1018. Since then, it has undergone more than one reconstruction, but the overall style and image has remained from that time.

The Bridge and Tower of the Nibelungen

  Nibelungen Tower in Worms

They were erected in just three years, from 1897 to 1900. Previously there was only a ferry crossing, connecting the two banks of the Rhine River. During World War II, the bridge was destroyed and one of the towers collapsed. After that, the structure was completely reconstructed in 1951. Since 2008, the Nibelungen Bridge is closed for permanent traffic – a parallel new bridge was built. On the old structure operates a base for tourists.

Church of St. Magna

St. Magna Church - Worms (Germany)

The Church of St. Magna is considered the oldest building in Germany from the Carolingian period. It was in this small, inconspicuous church that Lutheranism began to be preached. The style of the building fluctuated from Romanesque to Baroque and back again. Only part of the foundation is left from the very first building.

Karsplatz Square

Karsplatz Square - Worms (Germany)

Karlsplatz Square is one of the main attractions of Worms. On it are the Duchess Eleanor Grammar School, Luther Church, and the oldest water tower. Functioning for more than half a century, the water tower supplied the entire city with water, thanks to the extraction from under the Rhine from a depth of 1.5 meters. In 1962, the capacity of the structure became insufficient, and the city’s supply was taken over by the central new water pipeline.

Trinity Church

Worms sights (Germany) - Trinity Church

In the 1960s, the Trinity Church in the central Market Square of Worms was reconstructed. It was built to commemorate the beginning of Martin Luther’s Reformation in 1725. The style of the building is Baroque. In 1945 it was completely bombed, stood without reconstruction for 20 years.

Worms Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Cemetery - Worms

The oldest Jewish cemetery in Worms, whose earliest burial dates back to the 11th century, is located not far from the city center. The rich history of the site helped preserve the integrity of the burial grounds even during the Nazi Germany period. Rabbi Meir ben Baruch is buried here. It is believed that a wish left on his grave will surely come true.

St. Martin’s Church

Worms sights - St. Martin's Church

One of the few functioning ancient churches is the Church of St. Martin, built in the mid-13th century. The style of the building is baroque. The church has been reconstructed several times. In the 17th century, the completely destroyed building was rebuilt only by the beginning of the 18th century. In the 21st century, a new organ was installed in the church.

Martin Luther Monument

Martin Luther Monument - Worms (Germany)

The Luther Monument is another important landmark in Worms that is a must-see. A bronze statue depicting this religious figure is surrounded by figures of his associates. The design as a whole is an impressive size, and the skillful execution of the images will be remembered for a long time.

Church of Our Lady

Church of Our Lady - Worms (Germany)

Another religious structure is the Church of Our Lady. The rich history of the temple began in the 13th century. The construction of the church lasted two centuries, after that it was often destroyed and attacked, first by the French army in the 17th century, then by the bombing of World War II. Attacks and looting led to the total loss of the church’s unique stained-glass windows and the structure’s values. The building’s interior cladding has now been recreated for the public to see.

St. Andrew’s Church

St. Andrew's Church - Sights of Worms (Germany)

The church has functioned as a museum since the 1930s. The rich history of the building began in 1200. During this time the church was burned, robbed, reconstructed and destroyed again. Today, there is a rich library and an extensive exhibition of treasures found in the vicinity of the city.

Video overview of the sights of Worms

Each of the attractions of the German city of Worms is a unique historical structure with architectural value. Modern reconstruction techniques allow for the proper care of ancient structures, preserving the integrity of the structure and the original style. Gothic and Baroque buildings are the city’s calling card.

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