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White Rocks Beach in Abkhazia

Beach White Cliffs in Abkhazia is a natural attraction of the republic. This place surprises with its unusual landscape, pristine scenic beauty. Every year tourists come here to admire the amazing creation of nature, breathe the salubrious air, relax on the coast, swim in the clear sea.

Location of the White Cliffs on the map of Abkhazia

White Rocks beach on the map
The White Rocks beach is located in the Gagra district.

The beach is located in the Gagra district of the republic, in Tsandripsh town-type settlement (also called Gantiadi).

GPS coordinates of the landmark: 43.366140, 40.103998.

Detailed description of the beach in Tsandripsh

The beach is one of the most favorite places of Abkhazia for tourists, this natural object amazes with beauty and grandeur of white stone blocks of unusual shape, purity of emerald coastal waters.

It is loved not only by guests of Abkhazia, but also by locals, while it is not crowded and you do not have to spend time in close proximity with other holidaymakers.

Everyone can safely enjoy the beauty of pristine nature. Travelers who want to spend a few days on the coast, stay in hotels or guest houses, located near this picturesque place.

Where is it

The beach is located between the resort Abkhazian villages Tsandripsh and Bagripsh, near the highway Psou-Sukhum. The distance from the border with Russia is about 13 km.

Distance from the beach to the resorts of Abkhazia

The table shows the distance and time it takes to get from the Abkhaz resorts to the point of interest.

Name of resort Distance to the beach, km Travel time, hours
Sukhum 104 2,3
New Athos 77 2
Gudauta 61 1,5
Pitsunda 40 1
Gagra 17 0,5

Beach infrastructure

The beach has no infrastructure, it is not equipped for recreation, there are no changing rooms, toilets, rental umbrellas, sun loungers and other equipment. Therefore, tourists should take care in advance to ensure that the rest was comfortable, to take everything you need, not forgetting also about the food and water.

This secluded place is designed for quiet rest, admiring the natural beauty. Not far from the beach for tourists is open a few small hotels and cafes. In order to have fun, you should get to the nearest resort village – Tsandripsh.

Beach infrastructure
There are no facilities on the beach.

Mode of operation

White Cliffs is a wild beach, it can be visited at any time. The main condition for being on the territory of the natural site – observance of cleanliness and order, it is inadmissible drinking alcoholic beverages, use of drugs.

The cafe, located near the beach, operates on an individual schedule, which may vary depending on the season.

Pros and cons of the beach

The main advantages of a natural site:

  • the opportunity to see the unusual beauty of Abkhaz nature;
  • No large number of vacationers, in addition, there are no sellers of food, souvenirs, people imposing their services;
  • The opportunity to take spectacular photos against the backdrop of white rocks and the transparent sea.

Despite this, the place has an important drawback – there are no amenities, no infrastructure. For families with children should be aware that the beach White Cliffs – pebble, small children are not comfortable to play on the shore and splash in the water.

Rocks on the beach
The beach is surrounded by massive white cliffs.

How to get to the White Cliffs

The natural site can be reached by private car, public transport or on foot. The method of travel depends on your wishes, abilities and the starting point of the route.

By car.

From the checkpoint “Psou” you can reach the natural site on the Upper Highway, the journey time will take 40-50 minutes. However, to get to the final point, you have to leave the car near the village Tsandripsh and 30-40 minutes to move on foot over rough terrain.

By public transport

The natural object can be reached by shuttle buses that run along the Upper highway from the Russian border with Abkhazia to Gagra, Pitsunda, Novy Afon and Sukhum. The final part of the route will take 30-40 minutes on foot.

There is a bus “Psou-Tsandripsh” on the Lower Route, it stops near the railway station, from which it is only 1 km to the coast.


If you arrive by private car or public transport, you will have to walk part of the way. Tune in for a walk for at least half an hour.

Evaluate your strengths and capabilities in advance, because. You have to walk on rough terrain. If your health and strength allow you to make such walks, you will not regret that you went on a trip, because. The road is very scenic.

The road to the beach
Picturesque scenery on the way to the beach.

Excursions to the White Cliffs beach

The most convenient way to visit a natural landmark as part of a sightseeing program. You can go on a trip by sea or ride on the roads of Abkhazia on a comfortable bus.


You can go on a boat or ship from the resort towns of the republic. In addition to visiting the beach, tourists can see other interesting places of Abkhazia. In addition, for them spend animation programs, organize fishing and other entertainment.


Tourist offices organize bus tours from May to October from all the resort towns of Abkhazia. In addition to the picturesque beach, vacationers visit other natural and cultural attractions of the region.

Programs are designed so that tourists can see as many interesting places as possible.

On the routes are professional guides who will tell about the history of Abkhazia, the customs and natural features of the region.

Where you can stay near the beach

If you want to relax near the picturesque coast, choose one of the accommodation options: hotels “Abkhazia”, Eco Life, the hotel “White Cliffs” guest houses.

The choice of location depends on your financial capabilities. The most budget options are economy-class hotel with the same name, private houses. Park-hotel “Abkhazia” and Eco Life will offer their guests a higher level of comfort.

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