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White Falls Dudhsagar

Waterfalls have always attracted people’s attention. Poems and legends were composed about them, they were associated with omens and superstitions, castles and palaces were built with a view of them. But most importantly, even a small waterfall is a fabulously beautiful phenomenon, which you can watch for hours. Dudhsagar, a five-tier waterfall that reaches 320 meters in height, is one of the largest and most picturesque in India.

Dudhsagar Falls on a Map of Goa

The magnificent waterfall in Goa, Dudhsagar, was formed on the peaks of the Western Ghats. It is fed by the full-flowing waters of India’s Mandovi River. Located 60 km from Panaji, it is only 46 km from Madgaon. Its proximity to populated areas combined with the pristine jungle around it have made it deservedly popular with tourists.

The Living World of Dudhsagar Falls

As the great Leonardo da Vinci said, “Water was given the magical power to become the juice of life on earth. Where there is water, there is life. Water is plentiful in India’s rainforests, and the biodiversity of flora and fauna is astounding. And if representatives of the animal world avoid hiking trails, the bright green monsoon forest will not leave anyone indifferent.

There are about 100 varieties of Dudhsagar ficus alone. And in the thick branches of the trees frolic flocks of noisy monkeys and in every way singing bright tropical birds – for example, parrots in the vicinity of waterfalls in India more than 150 species.

Dudhsagar waterfall on the map

The waters of any body of water in this wonderful country are rich in fish. The Dudhsagar waterfall is no exception, the fish here are not afraid of people, and huge carps frolic in the lake below the waterfall and available to the eyes of any tourist.

The Indian legend of Dudhsagar waterfall

There is a beautiful legend, according to which once stood on the picturesque banks of the river Mandovi a large castle. And there lived a beautiful but lonely princess. Surrounded by luxury and exotic animals, she received the best education and was rarely good-looking. In the morning, the princess loved to bathe in the icy waters of the mountain lake. She took a golden jug of warm milk with her to drink after her bath.

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa, IndiaOne day, as she swam up to the large rock on which she had left the jug, the girl noticed someone’s attentive gaze among the wilds. The young princess immediately realized that a prince from a neighboring kingdom was watching her. Realizing there was nothing hiding her body in the crystal clear water, she poured the milk into the water around her, hiding in the murky water from prying eyes. The white water flowing over the mountain slope gave rise to the “Sea of Milk,” as the name of Goa’s famous Dudhsagar is translated from Marathi. And the young prince, struck by the beauty and modesty of the princess, took her as his wife.

Interesting facts about Dudhsagar Falls

  1. Locals believe that bathing at the foot of the waterfall promotes beauty and longevity.
  2. According to some accounts, couples who bathe together in the waters of Lake Dudhsagar soon become happy parents.
  3. Under the jets of the waterfall you can get a free hydromassage if you swim close to the rocks.

Excursion to Dudhsagar waterfall

A trip to the waterfalls of Goa is better planned in the winter months. In summer, the release of water reaches its maximum during the monsoon rains, when tons of water in foam and spray falls from a height of 300 meters. But the road to Dudhsagar Falls can become impassable during tropical downpours.

How to get to Dudhsagar Falls?

It is not difficult to get to the waterfall on their own, or you can use the services of tour operators. Excursion to the waterfall is a convenient service for those who like comfort. It’s an opportunity to get to and from your destination without worrying about getting lost and travel surprises. In addition, an experienced guide will tell a lot of interesting facts that are not available on the Internet.

Several excursions are offered for tourists, with the Dudhsagar waterfall on the itinerary.

  • Waterfalls of India is a tour route with several waterfalls, including Arwalem and Dudhsagar.
  • The whole of Goa in one day – an opportunity to see almost all the sights of the state in a day. Quite a long and therefore tedious tour.
  • Waterfall and spice plantations – this route will take about half a day to enjoy the local scenery.
  • An excursion from Palolem to Dudhsagar Falls is the best option, because it is a dubious pleasure to travel by public transport compared with the comfort of a tourist bus.

The total cost of visiting Dudhsagar Falls will range from $30-$60 depending on the way you get there – on your own or with a tour group.

What to take on an excursion to a waterfall?

One of India's waterfalls - Dudhsagar

Wear comfortable closed shoes. It is better to choose clothing in dark colors, as Goan dust and dirt have a reddish hue and light-colored clothing will be hopelessly spoiled. Swimwear can be useful for those tourists who plan to take a dip in the cool waters of the lake at the foot of the waterfall. And, of course, it is worth taking a camera, because the beauty of the milky white waterfall jets framed by the greenery of the reserve and with the picturesque railroad crossing the waterfall, it is difficult to convey in words.

It is worth noting that you will have to pay a small fee of about 40 rupees to be able to use the camera in the reserve.

How to get to Dudhsagar Falls?

The reserve, where the waterfall is located, can be reached by bus, cab, train or even motorcycle. But on the territory of the reserve can only move around in jeeps, which are not difficult to find right at the entrance to the reserve. For a small fee, local drivers will take you almost to the waterfall itself. And you can walk a short distance through the reserve to admire the jungle and show yourself to the local primates.

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