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Where is the Taj Mahal on the map

The Taj Mahal is often referred to as an architectural masterpiece, a song of eternal and true love set in stone. Located in India, it is dedicated to Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved wife of Shah Jahan I. There are beautiful and touching legends about this union, which during the tour program will certainly sound to tourists. The Taj Mahal is marked on the world map as one of the greatest monuments of architecture.

Architectural features

Its architecture harmoniously intertwines the styles of Persia and India. The huge complex of white marble consists of the main part and 4 thin, upward pointing graceful minarets. In front of the mausoleum is a long artificial pool. It is like a road drenched with tears that leads to an entrance decorated with intricate stone carvings. The patterns are so delicate that they resemble weightless lace. Depending on the time of day, the snow-white walls take on a pinkish or mauve hue. Under the moonlight, the complex turns silver.

Symmetrical octagonal building stands on a rectangular pedestal. The huge central dome on fragile arches seems to float in space. The facade is decorated with exquisite lancet arches, and a grand staircase leads to the entrance.

How and how much the complex was built

The Amazing Taj Mahal

The love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal lasted 17 years. She was a lover and counselor, accompanied her husband on military campaigns and supported him in all endeavors. She died at the birth of her 14th child in 1629. The ruler was inconsolable and vowed to build for her the most beautiful tomb equal to her beauty.

The construction lasted 22 years. In total about 22 thousand people were employed, sculptors, calligraphers, masters of incrustation were responsible for the artistic decoration of the complex.

The main material was white marble, which was brought from a quarry 300 kilometers from the construction site. The facades were decorated with patterns with inclusions of precious and semi-precious stones. The axis of symmetry of the complex is directed from the gate to the mausoleum.

According to one legend, when the heir usurped power and ordered his father placed under house arrest, the only thing he asked for was a room overlooking the tomb of his beloved wife and stared out the window at it for almost nine years. He was later buried next to it. The mausoleum contains two white marble sarcophagi decorated with calligraphy. Entrance to the complex is open from 6:00 to 19:00, weekend – Friday, in the month of Ramadan no access for tourists.


On the map of India, the Taj Mahal is located near Agra, which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India and is part of the so-called Golden Triangle. But most often the excursion is taken from Delhi. The distance between the cities is about 200 km. Travel time by train does not exceed 3 hours. Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office, but it is better to buy them in advance. Trains run frequently, you can choose a convenient time. The fastest train is the Shatabdi Express. Arrival at Agra Cantt station. It is more profitable to take tickets in both directions at once.

Interactive Map

The bus ride is a little longer, the fare is within 500 rubles. If you do not want organizational problems, you can buy a sightseeing tour.

Taj Mahal on the world map
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Sightseeing in India on the map
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Many people choose to take a cab or travel in a rental car. If a direct route from Moscow or St. Petersburg is required, it is worth looking at flights directly to Agra. The airport is there. You can get to the Taj Mahal from the city by car, bicycle rickshaw, minibus, cab.

It is impossible to convey the splendor of the architectural ensemble, it must be seen. A trip to the Taj Mahal will give a lasting sense of beauty and involvement in a story of tender love.

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