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Where is the cleanest Black Sea?

The Black Sea coast is always in demand among vacationers. Since the first health resorts, which proved the beneficial effect of the unique climate on health, immunity and calm frustrated nerves, people of all ages come to boarding houses, sanatoriums, rest homes. Many people try to find out in advance where the cleanest Black Sea, what kind of specialization of the resort, how it varies the excursion program. Resorts on the Black Sea coast are almost universal, you do not have to get bored there.

The cleanest water on the Black Sea coast

The resort area stretches along the entire coast, smoothly passing from one resort to another. There is a whole list of sanatoriums, located much higher in the mountains and to the edge of the water will have to get to transport. But most tourists tend to beach holidays. From mid-May, the bathing season opens, and the search begins for the point where the warmest place and cleanest beaches of the Black Sea.

On pebble beaches water is much clearer than on sandy beaches.

Several factors influence the purity of the water and coastline, the main ones being:

  • time off;
  • number of tourists;
  • type of shore coverage;
  • presence of algae.

In Sochi, Gelendzhik, Lazarevsky and other major resort towns the city beaches are cleaned, but it is difficult to expect much water transparency in the peak tourist season. The cleanest coast meets guests in small resort villages and in private areas belonging to a particular hotel, health resort or boarding house.


Clean sea in Dzhankhot

Located far enough from Gelendzhik, 20 km. from the city limits. The beach is protected by a picturesque bay, on the slopes grows an ancient pine forest, creating a unique healing microclimate for the respiratory system.


Praskoveevka - resort on the Black Sea

The village is famous for its unique natural monument – the rock Sail, a clean coastal area and the atmosphere of calm. In recent years, the infrastructure has greatly improved, and leisure activities have become more diverse.


Clean beaches on the Black Sea in Gagra

It is called the warmest city in the south of the Black Sea. There, the bathing season starts earlier than at other resorts, ends in late October. Most beaches are great for families.

The most popular:

  • Central;
  • Medical;
  • Mahito;
  • Gagripsh;

The coastal area of Old Gagra is not crowded, the coast is covered with a fine pebble mixed with sand, the atmosphere is quiet, there are no large outlets. The water is very clear throughout the season, the area meets sanitary standards.


Aghoy - clean beaches

On the pebble beaches of the village is always a cozy place to rest. The remote location naturally preserves the purity of the coast. The surrounding area is sparsely populated, the village continues to develop in the tourist direction, in a few years the flow of tourists probably will increase several times. While Aghoi – a place where the clear water of the Black Sea affectionately runs into the rolled stones of the shore and nearby mixing with the swift flow of willful mountain river, which gave its name to the settlement.

The cleanest beaches on the Black Sea coast

The title of the cleanest beach on the Black Sea for several years confidently holds Divnomorsk. It complies with the strictest sanitary standards, the conscientious work of the employees is also important. The advice that cleanliness is present in sparsely populated places remains valid.

That’s why it’s worth looking around:

  • of the village of Agoi;
  • Kiselev’s rocks;
  • of the settlements of Volna and Dyurso.

When choosing a place to stay, it is worth paying attention to private areas. The entrance fee is small, but the comfort is much higher than on the municipal. There is a chance that there will be significantly fewer people. Among the additional services are often found the rental of an individual locker or locker for things that are not needed during the bathing.

Sukko is located on the clean coast of the Black Sea

Famous wild beaches Sukko Valley near Anapa does not shine with comfort, but it is clean, quiet, nice pebble, crystal clear water, which is nice to swim and snorkel.

Clean beaches and water on the Black Sea in Feodosia in Crimea

Feodosia beaches are a unique contrast of clear water, sandy shore and lack of algae. Many couples with children come to the boarding houses, focusing on the luxury of nature, silence, convenience.

Black Sea coast along the entire length of the indented small cozy bays, protecting from high waves and storm winds. In order to find the cleanest sea, it is worth going to small villages away from the industrial centers. There must be a place where the water is clear, the sand is clean, the sun shines brightly, and rest brings only pleasure.

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