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What washes over Goa – the sea or the ocean?

India has long been a favorite destination for beach vacation for travelers from all corners of the world. The sea in Goa is clean and warm, and the sandy shore will give a lot of pleasant experiences.

The peculiarity of the state is the fact that here can find a recreation area as a very rich people and tourists of the middle class. Let’s figure out where to vacation in this resort, and what washes Goa, the sea waves or the ocean.

What washes ashore on the Indian coast?

What sea in Goa interests those who are going to the famous resort for the first time. Asking the question, what sea in India, or what ocean, expect to get two different answers. Some sources say that the shores of the region are washed by Arabian waters, while others say that the waters of the Indian Ocean. Both of these answers are correct, because the Arabian Basin is part of the third largest ocean and is part of it.

Tourists often wonder what the sea is like in North Goa and South Goa. In this sense, it makes no difference where you’re going to go on vacation, the sea pool is the same everywhere. It is not an island state and it is safe to say that Goa is washed by the Arabian basin, this also applies to the question of what sea in India. There is no other water basin in this country.

The Arabian Sea washes over Goa

State of coastal waters

With the name of the sea basin we have understood, now consider the state of the coastal waters and how clean the sea in Goa. Let’s start with purity. If you think you see these resorts crystal clear water without trash and dirt, you’re wrong. The purity of the waters in this country as a whole leaves much to be desired. The cleanest areas are in the south, while in the north almost all coastal areas are dirty, but they are allowed to swim, you just need to find the best place. It is not recommended to be located in areas near the mouths of water arteries. Most often they carry a lot of dirt, garbage and household waste from neighboring settlements.

The coastal waters here are not always calm and smooth. At the beaches to warn vacationers are installed multi-colored flags, the color of which is estimated by the danger of bathing. So the red cloth signals that it is dangerous to swim, the combination of red and yellow says that you can swim but, not far from the shore, yellow says that you need to remain cautious.

The sea in Goa during the rainy season

The sea in Goa during the rainy season

The ocean in Goa, oddly enough, clears during the monsoon season. The reason for this is simple, at this time there are no tourists, and therefore much less dirt. At the beginning of the season precipitation washes away all the dirt from the beaches, and at the end of June the water is clean. However, swimming in the rainy season here is not just dangerous, but very dangerous. At this time there are high waves and strong currents.

The most dangerous and insidious are reverse currents. We must not forget what is washed Goa, the ocean is very dangerous, and that is where the Arabian Basin comes in. Most often dangerous currents are in smooth, dark water and do not raise suspicions among inexperienced tourists. Once in such a current man can not return, because the speed of the current is so great that the swimmer is instantly carried away to the depths. These currents kill dozens of people every year; if you see a red warning sign, refrain from swimming. Remember, there are no lifeguards during the monsoon season, so there will simply be no one to help you.

Marine Fauna of Goa

The fauna here is quite diverse. However, near the shore it is difficult to find any exotic fish and animals. On the islands, where organized diving can be found a variety of wildlife. Dolphins often appear here, as well as live beautiful colorful fish. You may encounter unpleasant guests near the shores. Often ships in the Arabian Sea in Goa swim in swarms of jellyfish, an encounter with which is fraught with burns. On the beaches themselves there are huge sea turtles that lay their eggs in the sand. There is also a separate beach, called the turtle beach, from the fact that it is often seen these animals.

What is good to rest in the resorts of India?

What is good to rest in the resorts of India?

India beckons travelers from all over the world. In fact, it does not matter at all what washes the beach, because it is a paradise, which gives travelers an unforgettable experience of sightseeing, beach holidays and immersion in Indian culture, rich in myths, legends, rituals and extraordinary deities.

Let’s find out what good is recreation in this region and what attracts tourists here:

  • Convenient location. The state is located in the west, off the coast of the Arabian Basin. Not far from the coast there are several famous places for scuba diving. Divers prefer to come to the Grand, St. George and Mourdeshwar islands.
  • Comfortable climate. During the high season, from November to April, the average temperature ranges from 25 to 30 ° C. May and June are also suitable for travel, but at this time the humidity and temperature increase. In July and September is not recommended to come here, because it is the time of monsoon rains, so swim here will not succeed.
  • An abundance of attractions. A huge selection of historical and natural attractions make for a great vacation here. Beach holidays can be comfortably combined with sightseeing, entertainment and shopping.
  • Delicious food. Indian national cuisine may surprise you. The abundance of spices, vegetables and seasonings make simple-looking dishes delicious. Be sure to try the national tortillas and chicken in curry sauce. For those who don’t like spicy food, local restaurants serve traditional European dishes.
  • A simple flight. Almost every airline in Russia can offer charter flights. In this case, the flight in economy class will be inexpensive. It is better to book tickets in advance, as well as the hotel. Early booking helps save up to 30% of the total cost.
  • Reasonable prices. Hotel prices, even in high season, are reasonable, and food costs pennies. Shopping is also fascinating. The products of local craftsmen are sold at low prices, and the choice is so rich that everyone can find a nice souvenir.

Best resorts

The best resorts in Goa and India

The Indian coastline is 7,000 km long. The best resort in the country is Goa, but in other regions you can find decent clean areas with warm waters and golden sand. The best beach resorts in the country are:


Located in the south and can offer tourists a lot of entertainment and a great beach holiday. There are tea, coconut, and mango plantations, and the region is also known as a center of Ayurveda. Many tourists come here, not only to bask in the warm beach, but also to improve their health.


Located in the west of the country, this state is famous for its temples and is great not only for a beach holiday, but also to visit a variety of exciting excursions. The Gujarat Mountains are a real Mecca for pilgrims, with the most delightful temples at an altitude of 5,000 degrees.


It is located in the south of the Indian subcontinent. Its shores are covered with dense forests and spice plantations. The state has many different attractions, and its beaches are famous for their clean sand and warm water.

Tamil Nadu

It is India’s southernmost region by sea. Its shores are washed by the Indian Ocean. It has the longest and most comfortable beaches. During the high season there is a mild climate and warm, calm waters. Tamil Nadu is particularly attractive to snorkelers.


It is located in the central part of the country. This resort offers not only beach activities, but also a variety of programs of mainland tourism. A variety of attractions belonging to the legacy of ancient civilization coexist here with modern skyscrapers. The most famous city in the state of Bombay.

Conditions of stay in Goa

A visa is required to travel to India. The visa is processed at the country’s embassy or consulate. In order to obtain the right of entry, you must gather a standard package of documents, which includes a passport, photos, scanned and notarized pages of the passport, questionnaire, a receipt for the payment of the consular fee. A 6-month visa costs $40 and takes 15 days to process.

Where else can you swim in the Arabian Sea?

The Arabian basin is famous among tourists for its warm and clear water, and the beaches along its entire length are mostly sandy and comfortable.

Not only can you swim in this pool in India, the waters of the Arabian Basin also wash ashore:

  • UAE.
  • Yemen.
  • Pakistan
  • Oman
  • Iran.
  • Djibouti.

The most comfortable holiday of all of the above countries is a vacation in the UAE, but here it is important to follow the traditions of the country, because for indecent behavior and other wrongdoing can easily get in the local prison.

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