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What to see in Prague?

The capital of the Czech Republic is an amazing city, shrouded in the secrets of the Middle Ages, legends and romantic legends, and there is a lot to see here. Today it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, which annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Top 10 places in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic – a city whose attractions can not be visited in one trip. If you come here, just for a few days, you should visit the most amazing and extraordinary places, which are known throughout the world. We present you the top 10 places you must see in Prague.

The old place

The old place is Prague (Czech Republic)

The old town is the name of the area, as it is called by residents and tourists. It is one of the popular sights in Prague, which you can explore on your own. It was here that the construction of the first settlement began back in the fourth century. This is where the history of this glorious city begins, the heart of the country – Old Town Square – is rightly located here. A walk around the square will give many new impressions and allow you to learn more about the history of the creation of the country. The square is surrounded by interesting sights, it would take a whole day to see them.

Prague sightseeing attraction - Old Town

The most famous and majestic landmark of the square is the Astronomical Clock. This device shows not only the time, but also the year, the season and even the signs of the zodiac, as well as Christian holidays. But every hour dozens of tourists and locals gather here for another reason – before the clock strikes, a real puppet show is performed for the audience.

Charles Bridge

Prague's calling card - the Charles Bridge

This majestic structure is recognized as the most beautiful bridge in Europe. This bridge is depicted on all Prague postcards, because it is a symbol of the country. The crosswalk connects the banks of the Pltava River, along which there are amazing palaces, towers and churches. Charles Bridge is named after King Charles IV, who ordered the construction of a stone bridge on the site of a flood-damaged crossing.

Charles Bridge in Prague

There are dozens of legends about the Charles Bridge, one of which is that the ruler Charles determined the time of laying the structure with the help of the court astrologer. The date of the bookmark is a magical numerical expression that reads equally in both directions.

Also according to legend on the bridge you can make a wish and it will come true, to do this, you need to touch the statue of Jan Nepomutsky, and mentally say a wish.

National Theater

National Theater in Prague - Czech Republic

What is definitely worth seeing in Prague is the National Theater. It is not just a stage for performances, it is the most famous folk theater in Europe. It was built with people’s money, which was collected by the whole country. During construction, the money for which was collected for 6 years, there was a fire, and the already built building burned to the ground. It seemed as if this was the end of this good cause.

National Theater in Prague

However, the Czech people, not wanting to accept the tragedy, began to raise funds for the construction of a new theater with redoubled vigor. Money was raised, and a theater building reappeared on the ashes.

For more than 100 years, this building has captivated by its beauty. The interior decoration of the theater is striking in its magnificence. Today the most grandiose plays and productions in Europe are staged here.

Dancing House

Dancing House - Prague (Czech Republic). Hundreds of tourists come to see it

What to see in Prague on your own, travel guides will tell you, but pay attention to the most famous house in the capital. The Dancing House is probably the most unusual attraction. The structure is shaped like a pair of dancing people. The idea for this design came from architect Frank Henry, who spent his life combining the unlikely. Indeed, the construction used at first glance completely incompatible forms. The project was approved by the president of the country.

Dancing House in Prague

Today, the dance house is called “Ginger and Fred,” in honor of the famous dance couple. You can see the amazing house on a river walk, from a passing boat. It is also quite accessible on foot, if you walk along the river from the Charles Bridge. Architectural highlight always gathers hundreds of tourists in its vicinity, who are amazed by the unusual style and unexpected combination of materials.

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral - Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral is the most majestic church in Bohemia. The height of the main tower reaches 100 meters. The cathedral is characterized by precise geometric perfection and mysterious splendor. It is worth noting that the cathedral is among the most beautiful churches in the European Union. The cathedral is rightly considered a witness to the formation of Bohemia, because its construction lasted for 6 centuries!

St. Vitus Cathedral - Prague

In 1541 there was a terrible fire in the cathedral, it was scorched from the inside, and in 1740 the building was caught in a line of artillery fire, from which its walls were significantly damaged. But in 1873 the church began to be restored, and in order to give it its original appearance were used old drawings, drawings and photographs, which have been scrupulously studied by architects and designers.

Prague Castle

The most beautiful Prague Castle in the Czech capital

What is a must-see in the Czech Republic, of course Prague Castle. It’s a real city within a city. The ancient fortress is one of the oldest historical museums. The area of Prague Castle is 70 hectares, on which the palaces, parks, exhibition centers and art galleries. Walking around the Prague Castle will take all day, so it is better to go there in the morning to have time to visit the most interesting places.

Prague CastleSpecial attention in the complex is an exhibition of the history of the creation of the castle. There are historical documents, paintings and evidence that reflect the history of the creation and development of the settlement. This complex is recognized as the largest castle complex in the world!

The complex includes such famous attractions as the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the Royal Palace, the Golden Street, etc.

Strahov Monastery

The Strahov Monastery in Prague can be viewed on your own

The Strahov Monastery is the largest and oldest Christian structure in the country. The most famous part of the monastery is considered to be the huge library. More than 130,000 rare books, ancient manuscripts and parchments are collected here. The library includes several themed halls, in which you can learn about the stories and legends of Bohemia. The hall of curiosities attracts special attention.

Strahov Monastery in Prague

Today, as many centuries ago, the monastery belongs to the Premonstratensian Order. Monks take a lifelong vow of silence, so their silence should not surprise you. Throughout its history, the monastery has possessed countless riches. He owned vineyards, meadows, and croplands. Thanks to this, the monks were able to amass amazing collections of paintings and books, as well as build magnificent churches, one of which is the Church of the Virgin Mary.

Golden Street

Golden Street in Prague (Czech Republic)

What is interesting to see in the capital of the Czech Republic, everyone knows the unique street called Golden. Zlatá Alley is a special Prague landmark. There are small houses painted in different colors. The houses are so small that it is not clear how people could live in them. There used to be famous jewelers who created real masterpieces of jewelry. Also according to legend, this narrow and small street was home to court alchemists who worked on creating elixirs of youth for the king and his family.

Prague - Golden StreetRemarkably, it was on this street that the women’s prison was also once located. Here women languished, awaiting judgment in cases of black magic, witchcraft, and love spells. Today, this street is home to souvenir shops, cafes, and convenience stores.

Shopping on Golden Street attracts hundreds of tourists, and therefore the entrance is paid during the day.

Kampa Museum

Kampa Museum in Prague

The Kampa Museum of Contemporary Art amazes with its unusual exhibits. Tourists’ special love is won by the huge rabbits of bright scarlet color, photos of which are taken hundreds of times a day. There are also various sculptures, which are not always understandable to the average man, but it is interesting to look at them. Here you can take a picture against the background of a lace car or yellow penguins.

Kampa Museum in Prague (Czech Republic)

The exhibition is located on the island of the same name, where there once was a mill and various outbuildings. You can get here by public transport or on foot over the Charles Bridge. This place is a must visit, because both in the museum and on its territory are unique collections of avant-garde art, which will not leave indifferent any tourist.

Kříkovy Fountains

Kříkovy Fountains - Prague

The fountain complex has been attracting citizens and guests of the capital with its splendor for over 100 years. The complex was founded in 1891 and at that time was considered the most elegant and modern. Back then, the fountain jets were lit by fancy lights, which attracted travelers from all over Europe. For the centennial the complex was restored and given new colors.

Kříkovy Fountains - Prague

Today, in the center of the fountain set the stage and professional dancers under the sound of music and water perform for the audience dance numbers. A musical show is held here daily in the evening hours. To enjoy this splendor, take your seats in the amphitheater and pay close attention to what’s happening on stage. One of the unforgettable performances that was a grand success here was Swan Lake, performed by the Czech Ballet.

What to see and visit in Prague on a walk with children

When visiting the capital of the Czech Republic with the whole family you can see by yourself the following attractions.


Prague Water Park (Czech Republic)

The entertainment complex called Water Palace occupies an area of 9 hectares. The park has many slides, pools, rides and service facilities. The entire park is divided into three themed areas – the Palace of the Waves, the Relaxation Palace and the Adventure Palace. In the water park is better to go all day, because children like it so much that they do not want to leave, even in the evening.

Wax Museum

The Wax Museum in Prague is a must-see

The Wax Museum is a must-see in Prague with kids! The museum has a huge number of sculptures of various celebrities and political figures. The museum gained its popularity due to the high realism of the exhibits and the careful study of the smallest details. You can get to the museum from the central square of the old city. The exhibition is open daily.


Zoo in Prague is a great place to visit with children

Prague Zoo is one of the top ten zoos in the world. It is located on two hills, between which runs a cable car. Zoo managers have tried to create a natural environment for each animal. Children here really like the aviaries, where you can pet and feed the animals. Cute animals willingly come into contact with people and give a lot of positive emotions.

Wallenstein Garden

Wallenstein Garden in Prague (Czech Republic)

This is another interesting place where you can admire the beautiful animals. Peacocks, owls, and the famous golden carp live here. You can feed all the inhabitants. The park is known for its unusual lawns, quaint lawns and magnificent ponds.

Video tour of interesting places in Prague

Prague is hospitable and welcoming, it loves to spend your honeymoon here, students come here for vacations, and it has all the conditions for a carefree and exciting journey with children.

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