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What to see in Paris?

Read in the article, what you should definitely see in Paris, so that the memories and many years later will be reminded of the pleasant emotions from the photos.

Paris – a must-see

For every tourist has its own interesting places in the capital of France, but getting here for the first time you can not miss those sights of Paris, which are the hallmark of the city throughout the world. Here’s something to see in the city.

Eiffel Tower

The famous Eiffel Tower in Paris

The tower was built for the World’s Fair, which was held in France in 1889. For many years it was and still is a symbol of Paris. And today it is hard to believe that in the beginning it was so disliked by the Parisians. They believed that the Eiffel Tower disfigures the city. What offensive names were not given to her.

Once it was even decided to dismantle it, but fortunately this did not happen. And today it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. You can see the Eiffel Tower not only from the outside, but also from the inside by going up to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level. There are bars and restaurants, and the view of the city from the observation deck is fascinating.

Montmartre Quarter

The Montmartre Quarter is one of the best places in Paris

The Montmartre district is one of the most romantic places in the French capital. In the 19th century, artists, painters, prostitutes, and bourgeois lived here. People who later became famous, but at that time were poor and unknown. For example, artists of world renown: Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet and others. Today the area is home to the famed Moulin Rouge cabaret, chapels, museums, galleries, and theaters.

The quarter is located in the north of Paris, on the hill of Montmartre, the highest altitude of the city (130 meters). On top of it stands a 19th-century Catholic church. To get to the top is possible by cable car or on foot on the many steps. From here you have a beautiful view of the city surroundings.


The Louvre is a must-see in Paris

This mighty fortress was built in the 12th century by King Philip Augustus of France to protect Paris from the Saxons. Its name translates as “fortified structure. In the 14th century Charles V made the Louvre his residence and built a Renaissance-style palace on the site of the old building. For a whole 100 years there were various construction works, until the king moved to Versailles. After that, the Louvre fell into decline, and in the 18th century it was even considered to be demolished. But construction was resumed by Napoleon.

The building now houses a collection of works begun by King Francis and continued by his successors. Today, the Louvre often hosts art exhibitions.

The palace has become one of the largest art museums in the world. It introduces visitors to the art of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and the modern period.

Inside the Louvre, visitors will find not only magnificent royal interiors, but also the popular Mona Lisa, the statue of Venus of Milos and other similar masterpieces. In 1981, two glass pyramids were built in front of the entrance to the Louvre.

Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum in Paris

This art museum was created in 1919. The complex consists of the Bironov Palace, the “chapel” and a cozy park with the famous statue of Auguste Rodin “The Thinker”. The mansion once housed artists, writers and other artists, among them the famous Rodin.

It is thanks to the famous sculptor, the palace was not demolished, and organized in it a museum, collecting sculptures, sketches, paintings and documents relating to the life and work of the master. Rodin lived in this building for the rest of his life and didn’t live to see the museum open for just two years. In the mansion there is a library, a cinema and a gift store.

Home for the Disabled

Paris - Home for the Disabled

The magnificent building was built in 1674, during the reign of Louis XIV. It was a military hospital and a shelter for disabled war veterans. Today it is also home to social services and disability organizations.

Tourists will be interested in the military museum in the building. It has a collection of weapons and armor of the past centuries, models of ancient settlements and fortifications.

The main tourist attraction is the Cathedral of the House of the Invalids, which houses the ashes of Napoleon Bonaparte himself.

Champ de Mars

The center of Paris - Champ de Mars

The Place de Mars is a park in the west of the French capital, starting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and extending to the Military School building on the left bank of the River Seine. The area was named after the god of war by Louis XV. Previously it was used for military parades, patriotic festivals, exhibitions and even horse races.

Today it is a vacation spot for visitors and townspeople, hosting the most romantic dates, children’s parties, puppet shows, major concerts and other entertainment. Nearby is the architectural monument of the Wall of Peace and the picturesque Swan Island. To get to the park simply by subway or river transport. This is one of the places worth seeing in Paris.

Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame)

Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame) in Paris

Construction of the famous Gothic cathedral of France, called the “heart of Paris”, began in 1163 and lasted almost a century, then it was completed and reconstructed for centuries. The city of Notre Dame is located in the east of the island of Cité. Up it leads to 387 steps, here is one of the most interesting panoramas of Paris.

The building combines features of the monumental Romanesque style and light Gothic. Many people associate the cathedral with a novel by Victor Hugo. Inside is the Grand Organ, one of the world’s largest organs. There are musical concerts on Sundays. In the cathedral is a museum, its main exhibits are part of the cross on which Jesus was crucified, the nail and the crown of thorns of Christ.

Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees in Paris

The length of this most beautiful Parisian avenue is almost 2 km, the width is also quite significant-71 meters. On both sides of the avenue there is a promenade park, divided by alleys into squares. The Champs-Élysées stretches from Place de la Concorde to Place de la Star, where the famous Arc de Triomphe stands. Napoleon commanded the arch to be built in honor of the victories of the great French army. But it was not completed until after the emperor’s death. It consists of 4 sculptural compositions, and directly under it are buried the remains of the unknown soldier. There is a museum inside and an observation deck on the roof of the arch.

The Champs-Élysées are also home to historic hotels, monuments, museums, palaces, theater, restaurants, and fountains. There is a mall, stores, exhibitions, offices, banks, publishers, cabaret.

What to see in a week in Paris?

What to see in a week in Paris?

If you do not have more than 7 days to enjoy the Parisian sights, you just need to optimize the time and build the best itineraries. So, Paris, what to see during your week in the city.

A convenient grouping of sights for a self-guided tour:

  • Day 1: Visit the Louvre and the nearby Tuileries Garden, Place Vendôme and Place de la Concorde.
  • Day 2: See the Rodin Museum, the House of the Disabled, the Eiffel Tower, and the Champ de Mars.
  • Day 3: Tour of the Latin Quarter, Champs Elysees.
  • Day 4: Take a walk to the area of the island of Cité, then look at the Marais quarter and the Place de la Bastille.
  • Day 5: Stroll around Montmartre, go to a concert at the Opéra Garnier.
  • Day 6: Visit the Musée d’Orsay.
  • Day 7: Admire the views of Versailles.

Walking on the Seine in Paris

Don’t forget to enjoy a boat trip on the Seine, a croissant at a local patisserie, a wander through the evening streets of the city on foot, and a visit to one of the Parisian cabarets.

Holidays in Paris

Holidays and vacations in Paris

What is unusual to see in Paris if this is not your first time here? Many events take place in the city every year, so knowing their dates it is easy to get to one of the popular holidays and festivals. Do not forget to check the schedule of museums, exhibitions, and other institutions on holidays.

Some of the most colorful events include:

  • winter carnival,
  • Christmas,
  • the “cherry blossom” festival (hanami),
  • fashion week,
  • the days of “laughter,” “lily of the valley,” and the capture of the Bastille,
  • Chestnut and young wine festivals.

Perhaps you will find other most interesting places in Paris, because for each visitor this amazing city opens its own side.

What kind of transport is there in Paris?

Transport for tourists in Paris

Many attractions in Paris are easy to reach by city bus or metro. Many are located quite close to each other, which allows you to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the streets of Paris, feel the mood of the city and enjoy its views.

Detailed information on how to get to a particular site can be found by going directly to the public transport site. Understand the schemes of the subway and stations is also not difficult. The city is constantly running buses and sightseeing buses, there are streetcars. Sold a single pass, valid for all modes of transport.

Where to stay in Paris?

Staying in Paris. Hotels and hotels

It is desirable to choose a hotel to stay in the city center, close to major attractions, to minimize the use of public transport. For example, cozy small hotels can be found in the center, in the area of Saint-Germain. From here you can easily reach the Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Rodin Museum and other places of interest in Paris.

Going to the hotel booking site simply pick the best value and quality of service.

Cuisine of Paris

Restaurants in Paris offer a taste of local cuisine

The best restaurant in the city, as well as in Europe, is Alain Ducasse, awarded six Michelin stars. L’Ambroisie, Pierre Gagnair, Taillevent and gourmet restaurants on the banks of the Seine are also popular.

But you can taste the wonderful local cuisine without spending a lot of money. There are comprehensive menus for this. The daytime menu on weekdays everywhere is almost twice as cheap as the evening menu. Service is included in the bill, and tips are left at will. There are inexpensive cafes, bars, pastry shops, pancake houses, deli stores, fast food and take-out.

A video tour of Paris

The city of romance, high fashion and all kinds of art. Poems have been written about him, pictures and even proverbs have been dedicated to him. If you are in Paris for the first time, of course, you are interested in the question: “Where to go on a tour and what is a must-see here?

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