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What sea washes over Phuket in Thailand?

Phuket in recent years has become one of the most visited by Russian tourists to Thailand’s islands and resorts. This is largely because it is one of the most popular places on earth for diving. What is the sea like in Phuket? Talk about it.

The Sea in Phuket

The answer is simple – it’s the Andaman Sea. And the east of Thailand is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. And the sea is part of the Indian Ocean, and the Gulf of Thailand through the Sea of China is part of the Pacific Ocean.

The area of the Andaman Sea is just under 700,000 square kilometers, and its greatest depth is 4.5 km. The temperature of the upper layers of water almost all year round – +27C – +30C. The salinity is about 25%. The freshwater rivers flowing into it are much lower.

Andaman Sea and Phuket on the map

There are several active volcanoes on the sea floor, periodically causing tsunamis and storms as a result of their activity. Geologists are convinced that the islets and rocks off the coast of Phuket came from the eruption of these volcanoes.

Tourists who come here are necessarily informed about the sea in Phuket, which are dangerous, deep, multidirectional, often changing currents, huge internal waves, large straits, etc.

The coastline of the Andaman Sea in Phuket is indented, has sand and pebble beaches, the coastline is flat, hilly, rocky in places. Its bottom is covered with sand, in some places with an admixture of clay and silt. Most often has a gentle entrance from the shore.

Diving on the island

Diving in Phuket

Thanks to the warm climate, the incredible beauty of the above-water scenery, the amazing richness of the underwater world, today this place is recognized by divers as one of the best in the world for diving to significant depths.

The sea is home to several hundred beautiful tropical fish and huge fish, including sharks. On the white sand and near the coral reefs live unique giant sea turtles, sponges and crabs.

The bottom and topography of the Andaman Sea near the island are ideal for diving. There are many underwater caves and grottoes inhabited by a variety of mollusks. Each dive is an amazing adventure not to be repeated.

Diving in Phuket, Thailand

Those who are new to diving are sure to look at their instructors with admiration, confident that the latter possess some secret knowledge. We do not recommend that you go on your first trip to the underworld on your own.

On the shores of the Andaman Sea in Phuket there are many dive clubs, whose officials speak Russian. The most fashionable local destination is the Similan Islands. The cost of diving services is high, but the pleasure is worth it.

A Little History of Phuket

History of Phuket Island

People interested in what the sea is like in Phuket will be just as interested in its past. It takes its name from the Malaysian god Andaman. Criminals were exiled to the islands of the same name near Phuket in the 19th century.

Today, the leaders of Thailand in every way to develop the tourism industry of the country, including. in Phuket. It has recently become a respectable world-class resort, thanks to the excellent natural data and significant investments.

The first streams of tourists appeared here in the 80s of last century, since then, the tourism industry in Thailand every year is developing by leaps and bounds, delighting tourists with the extraordinary beauty of the country.

Peculiarities of the Andaman Sea

Phuket is washed by the Andaman Sea

Many species of sharks are known to live here, including. tiger, zebra, groundfish, but Phuket and its surroundings are not classified as shark-prone regions. No cases of shark attacks on humans have been recorded.

The presence of these predators off the coast of Phuket is a joy for the tourist business. There are special entertainment programs for those who love extreme sports, tourists dive with an instructor to great depths in search of strong sensations.

Experts believe that the Gulf of Thailand is also a good place for diving. But in the Andaman Sea water salinity is much lower, and it is more transparent than in the bay, so divers prefer this sea, which washes Phuket.

The best beaches on the island

The best beaches on Phuket Island

The sand in Phuket, washed by the Andaman Sea, has a light beige color and has the property not to get hot in the hot Thai sun and not to burn the bodies of tourists vacationing there.

Most of the local beaches are clean, with a comfortable gentle entrance to the water. On them built a number of cafes, restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexes, organized by the excellent tourist infrastructure.

There are no private beaches here, i.e. You can sunbathe and swim at any of them. The best beaches are on the west coast of the island, ie. where the warm and clear Andaman Sea splashes at your feet.

Popular beaches in Phuket:

  • Patong;
  • Caron;
  • Kaleem;
  • Bang Tao;
  • Kamala;
  • Surin et al.

Phuket Beaches

They are conventionally divided into youth (night discos, parties, bars), family (restaurants, respectable entertainment, spas, comfort), for older couples, etc. Everyone will find a suitable beach here.

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