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What is the distance from Tsandrypsh to Pitsunda by car and other vehicles?

Pitsunda is a city in Abkhazia, located in the Gagra district. Thanks to the unique microclimate created by the sea breeze and relict trees growing here, the town is a climatic resort. Tsandrypsh is an Abkhazian coastal village located near the border with Russia, also in the Gagra district of the republic. The distance from Tsandripsh to Pitsunda is several dozen kilometers. Tourists vacationing in one of these locations can visit the other at any time.

Distance from Tsandrypsh to Pitsunda in kilometers

Distance from Tsandrypsh to Pitsunda
37 km is the distance from Tsandripsh to Pitsunda.

The length of the Tsandrypsh-Pitsunda section in a straight line and road is 31 and 37 km, respectively. The second value allows you to calculate the time it will take to travel overland between settlements.

The road passes by the largest resort of Abkhazia – Gagra, as well as coastal villages:

  • Bagripsh;
  • Chigripsh;
  • Anihansta et al.

What are the ways to get to Pitsunda

To overcome the distance from Tsandripsh to Pitsunda available in several ways, the most convenient of which – by car, but also possible by bus or motorcycle. If you are accustomed to physical activity, actively engaged in sports, you can get from the village to the spa town by bike or on foot.

By car

It takes 35-40 minutes to get from one settlement to another by car. This is the fastest way to get from Tsandrypsh to Pitsunda and vice versa. For such a trip you can use your own car, rent a car or order a cab. The latter option is the most expensive, but you can save money by joining a small group.

By car
It takes only 40 minutes by car.

By plane

You will not be able to travel from one settlement to another by air, because There is no air traffic between them. Abkhazia does not have any active airport at all. To get to the republic can only fly to Adler, and from there by ground transport to get to the resort.

By bus

You can get from Tsandripsh to Pitsunda by bus. This way of travel is less convenient than a cab. In addition, you will spend more time on the road, but the trip is cheaper. Minibuses also travel along the route, departing from one destination to another as the cabin fills up.

By train

If you want to go from Tsandripsh to Pitsunda by train, keep in mind that the railway station of the resort village is quite far from the resort area. In addition, trains go to Gagra, from where you have to get to Pitsunda by cab or bus.

By train
You can get to Gagra by train.

On a bicycle

Cycling from one settlement to another is the most budget-friendly way to get from Tsandripsh to Pitsunda. In addition, such a trip will allow you to see the beautiful Abkhazian landscapes.

But be prepared to spend two hours on the road. This option is suitable for sports and active people who can withstand the physical load. If you are a beginner cyclist, you will need rest stops, so you will spend more time on the road.


Few tourists dare to go on a hike a distance of about 40 km and spend 7-8 hours on the road. This way to get from Tsandrypsh to Pitsunda is suitable only if you are a professional walker.

Weather in Pitsunda depending on the season

When choosing a holiday at the resorts of Abkhazia, it is important to know the characteristics of weather conditions depending on the season.

Winter in Pitsunda is mild, without frosts and snow.

The average daytime temperature is +7 … +10°C. At night the thermometer column goes down by 3-4 degrees. In winter in Pitsunda it is overcast, but there are also sunny days. The water temperature in the sea is about +10 ° C.

Winter in Pitsunda
Winter in Pitsunda is warm.

If you decide to come to the Abkhaz resort in the winter, you can make health walks, breathe the fresh sea air, visit cafes, restaurants, spa treatments. In winter, it is good to go to a sanatorium, to rest there from the hustle and bustle, undergo recreational procedures.

In spring it is warm in Pitsunda: in May the resort season begins, although the air and water temperature does not yet allow you to swim and sunbathe. In the last spring month the daytime here is +17 … +21°C, the sea gets about the same temperature.

In the spring, tourists can breathe the healing air of Pitsunda, take walks. In May it is already possible to visit the beaches for sunbathing, and fans of swimming in the invigorating water can open the bathing season.

In spring it is good to go on excursions: it is not hot and you can visit interesting places without the discomfort of inclement weather.

Summer is a great time to visit the resorts of Abkhazia. The peak season is in July and August. The air temperature during this time warms up to +25 … +27 ° C, the water is about the same temperature. In summer in Pitsunda most of the time it is sunny, but rainy and cloudy days are also not uncommon.

In summer, beach lovers go to Abkhazia. This is the best time to swim in the clean waters of the Black Sea, sunbathing, breathe the healing air.

Autumn weather in Pitsunda depends on the month. If September is the velvet season, in November the weather is already winter. The average temperature ranges from +23°C in the first month of fall to +12°C in the last month.

In September in Pitsunda come lovers of mild climate, warm sea, calm atmosphere at the end of the season. In October and November Abkhazia can be visited for therapeutic procedures, sightseeing.

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