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Weather and temperature in Goa now, by month and season

Air and sea water temperatures in Goa indicate that this Indian state is dominated by a subequatorial climate. There is a distinctly sunny High Season and the rainy season.

Dry season in Goa

This period of the year lasts from October to May. At this time, the average air temperature in Goa during the day fluctuates around +30C, and at night there may be a significant cooling to +15C.

The most comfortable temperature for a holiday, according to many tourists, is set in Goa in March when the daytime temperature ranges from +25C to +36C. And in May it starts to get hot – up to +40C and becomes humid (75% or more).

Water temperature in Goa during the dry season stays around +26C – +30C. This is the perfect time for sea bathing and sunbathing on white-sand beaches for those who prefer this type of vacation in blessed Goa.

The rainy season in Goa

Weather and temperature in Goa

At the end of May, the rains begin to fall, which gradually turn into torrential downpours. The rainy season also ends smoothly at the end of September. In midsummer, tropical downpours pour down like a bucket for days on end.

And the water temperature in Goa at this time does not fall below +27C – +30C. These indicators are near the coast, away from it and in deep water, of course, the temperature is much lower.

Temperature by month in Goa

  1. January. Summer is known to be winter here. It gets really dry and warm in January. Daytime temperatures are +30C – +32 C, the chance of precipitation is minimal.
  2. February. During this month the state of Goa becomes the center of beach holidays. You can not just sunbathe, but also to do the local attractions: castles, temples and waterfalls.
  3. March. In this month the humidity gradually begins to increase, as well as its temperature. It’s no longer cool at night. Daytime – +32C, nighttime – +23C. The water heats up to +28C.
  4. April. In April, the air and water temperatures in Goa are similar to the March version, but you can feel how it is getting wetter and hotter, with occasional rains.
  5. May. This is the last month of the High Season. At night it is already maximally warm – about +26C, and the water in the sea warms up to +29C. At the end of May, regular rains begin to fall.
  6. June. In this month falls the annual norm of precipitation, typical for the middle belt of Russia, the humidity is almost 90%, and the temperature is approaching +40C.
  7. July. This is the toughest weather time in the state. It rains incessantly, the humidity is almost 100%. The air temperature in Goa around the clock is close to +40C.
  8. August. Gradually the amount of precipitation falling every 24 hours decreases, the air temperature at night decreases, but the sweating, as in a Russian bath, continues.
  9. September. Downpours at this time are more like rains, the first tourists appear, the temperature is approaching +29C. The sea is still stormy, but the bravest tourists are already swimming.
  10. October. In the north and south of Goa favorable weather is established, significantly increasing the number of sunny days, the beaches dry up. It’s +31C during the day and +23C at night.
  11. November. The High Season officially opens. You can not only sunbathe on the beach, but also go on a boat trip. The weather is dry and sunny, and the humidity is about 70%.
  12. December. It’s the perfect time for a beach vacation. The temperature of the air and water in Goa warms up to +28C- +30C. At night it is fresh and cool – about +20C.

Air and water temperature in Goa now

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