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Ways to get to Lebyazhiy Water Park in Minsk

Water parks are constantly popular. They easily combine the excitement of rides, a pleasant relaxation in the warm water during underwater massage elastic jets and the opportunity to sit at a table, sipping a cocktail and watching the children playing on small bright and safe slides. For such a holiday is not a shame to allocate a whole day. To find out how to get to Lebyazhiy Water Park in Minsk, you can use a tourist map of the city or sign up for a tour and come centrally, by bus.

Feast of the soul at Lebyazhy Water Park


Among the large number of attractions of the Belarusian capital there is a special section – entertainment. Lebyazhy Water Park, which is marked on the map of Minsk as a recreation center and a popular tourist attraction, belongs to it. It’s hard to argue with that, especially on a hot summer day when you have to look for coolness in any shady corner. Therefore, it is worth heeding the recommendations of guides and go to the shore of the reservoir “Drozdny” a few kilometers from the center of the capital. There is a huge modern water park, which is one of the top 5 largest complexes of its kind in Europe. The number of guests is impressive, the annual attendance reaches 2.5 million people.

The water park occupies 38 hectares and stretches not only wide, but also high. It’s a big five-level entertainment area. Part of the park is equipped with sports fields and bicycle paths, and very close is an old pond with a beautiful landscaped embankment. So you can choose to relax in the water or on land.

The entire area is divided into segments. If you use the local map of their location, it is very convenient to navigate and you can visit:

  • closed part of the water park, open all year round;
  • summer slides and swimming pools;
  • Dark Rides Game Zone;
  • an entertainment area for children;
  • fitness room;
  • SPA;
  • complex of baths and saunas.

Lebiazhy Water Park

There is also a hotel, fast-food restaurant, bars, eco-zone

The indoor part of the water park is open all year round, the water is heated. The regime does not depend on the season. Weekdays and weekends visitors are welcome from 09.00 to 23.00. The price of children’s tickets is lower than for adults, and kids under 3 years are free to go with their parents. The cost depends on the time of stay in the complex.

How and how to get to Lebyazhy Water Park

Most often, the rest there go from a hotel or directly from the train, when time in town is limited, but to visit the famous entertainment complex wants. To navigate, exactly how to get from the railway station to the water park Lebyazhiy in Minsk, is quite simple. Bus 119c goes directly to the railway station and the water park are the endpoints of the route, so get lost or miss a stop is unreal.

Water park location on the map

If you need to leave the city center, you have to wait for #44 or #136 and go to the “Aquapark” stop.

It’s also convenient to get there in your own car. On the map of Minsk to Lebyazhy Aquapark there is an optimal route. It goes along the inner ring of the Moscow Ring Road to the exit to Pobediteley Avenue. Here you need to look carefully and find a signpost to the turn leading to the water park. It’s bright and hard to miss. Parking is located at the main entrance, usually there is always free space.

If you do not want to mess with maps, or have problems with the orientation in the new city, it is easier to call a cab, which will take you to the place with a breeze and comfort.

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