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Water parks in Minsk

A visit to a water park is always a holiday. Water rides give an amazing feeling of freedom when flying down the slide and plunging into the pool, allow you to play with your children, relax, without thinking about problems and image. The largest water park in Belarus is located in Minsk and is ready to take visitors all year round.

How many water parks in Minsk

There are three parks (the most popular and visited) open in the capital of Belarus:

  • “Lebyazhy;
  • “Freestyle;
  • “Dreamland.

Freestyle Water Park in Minsk

They are intended for family visits. Adults are also welcome, they are equipped with extreme slides and rides, sauna, spa-area. Little visitors are given special attention, created a children’s segment with pools, slides, fun fountains and entertainment programs with the participation of animators.

Each entertainment complex has its own characteristics.

  1. Lebyazhye has the largest number of slides. The area is divided into outdoor and indoor areas, surrounded by landscaped park for walks and active sports. A subscription for the whole day is provided. Internet address: waterpark.by/ru.
  2. “Freestyle” boasts only the closed type. The children’s area is well equipped, a large number of additional services. Internet address: free-style.by.
  3. Dreamland opened only recently. Works only in summer, there is no closed compartment. The lowest prices, there are daily children’s disco, themed parties for adults. The highest slide in Minsk is located here, its mark – 22 m. Address on the Internet: dreamland.by.

Ticket prices range from 28 to 50 rubles for a half day, to find out exactly how much it costs to visit the water parks in Minsk in rubles, just look at the sites. There is a division into children, adults and students.

The cost depends on the day of the week and the number of hours spent in the park.

Water parks on the map of Minsk

Prices in Dreamland Water Park in Minsk

Dreamland Water Park in Minsk

The most common advertising move to attract visitors to a new location is a loyal pricing policy. The new water park in Minsk opened recently, works only in the warmer months, so the cost of a visit ranges from 12 to 28 rubles. For this money you can enjoy several hours of driving down the slides, swimming in the pools with artificial waves.

On weekends there are free aqua aerobics, fitness, Pilates, and yoga classes. Visitors are offered unlimited passes, promotions, special conditions for group visits.

Opening hours and rules of Lebyazhy Water Park

The entertainment complex is located at 120, Pobediteley Ave. and operates all year round. The mode is uninterrupted without technical interruptions and weekends. Working schedule of the water park “Lebyazhiy” in Minsk – from 9.00 to 23.00, regardless of the day of the week.

Lebyazhiy Water Park, Minsk - opening hours, prices

Rules of Attendance:

  • No one is allowed to be under the influence of alcohol;
  • You should observe the time of stay on the territory, and if you are late, you will be fined;
  • If you lose your rental equipment, you will have to pay compensation;
  • Children under a certain age are allowed on the attraction only if accompanied by a parent;
  • If lost items are found, they must be handed over to the water park staff.

Prices of visits and recreation in “Lebyazhye” are at the level of “Dreamland”.

Holidays at the water park

Lebyazhiy Water Park in Minsk (Belarus)

To make your visit more interesting, the entertainment center regularly holds themed parties, children’s parties with the animators in the costumes of favorite characters of cartoons and TV series.

You can book a children’s birthday party in the water park Lebyazhie in Minsk, to pre-arrange the entertainment program and arrange a wonderful and unforgettable holiday for children on the water.

Reviews about the water park “Lebyazhy

Olga, 37 years old:

For the weekend we planned a family visit to the water park. We chose Lebyazhy because of the number of slides. Children were happy to ride on the inflatable circle, I liked the lazy river and quiet slides, my husband risked climbing “Kamikaze. We had a tasteful snack at the cafe. We stayed at the water for 4 hours, in principle, it was enough time, swam and played, then we took the children to the park on the playground. It was a good weekend.

Marina, 26 years old:

We decided to celebrate my birthday at the water park. It turned out to be interesting, instead of a boring feast, we had a lot of fun. We especially liked the catamarans and karaoke. We stayed almost all day and had a lot of impressions.

Oleg, 29 years old:

On the advice of friends invited the girl to an original date at the water park, we have been dating for a month, so it seemed acceptable. I chose Lebyazhy and have never regretted it. Time flew by, tried all the slides except the highest one. We didn’t go in there, so we left it for next time.

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