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Wat Chalong Temple in Phuket

The temple complex of Wat Chalong was built in the 19th century and over time has become the most famous and revered in Phuket. It consists of 29 temples, holds several important relics, and is a pilgrimage site for Buddhist monks. From a bird’s eye view it resembles a small self-sufficient city with its own streets and neighborhoods. The temple has become one of the main attractions of the island, where thousands of tourists come to Thailand.

Wat Chalong – Phuket’s most famous temple

The island has many attractions with their own history and legends. Wat Chalong temple is well known because of the 2 founding monks who treated the wounded during the Chinese rebellion. Later, Luang Pho Chemu, abbot of the monastery, who had a deep knowledge of medicinal plants and experience as a healer, enhanced his fame.

The temple is active, on the territory of the complex are:

  • garden;
  • gazebos;
  • fountain;
  • bell tower;
  • farm buildings;
  • the living quarters for the monks and servants;
  • crematorium;
  • souvenir shops.

A visit to Wat Chalong is included in the itinerary of familiarization and sightseeing tours of Phuket. You can come on your own to see it, the entrance is free, there are no restrictions.

Remember that it is customary to enter all Buddhist temples without shoes, leaving them at the front door.

Buildings and grounds of Wat Chalong Temple

Among the structures are those that are open to access and those that are forbidden to all but the monks. Description of the temples of Wat Chalong in Phuket and location on the map are marked in all travel brochures, which will help to navigate in the complex.


Chalong Temple - Phuket (Thailand)

The temple is considered special. It was erected specifically to hold a relic, which was a piece of Buddha’s humerus bone given to King Rama IX. It is kept on the 3rd tier of the temple. The transparent vessel is mounted on a pedestal resembling the shape of a lotus flower.

The architecture of the building, the roof of which is topped by a high spire, is very unusual. It is clearly visible a few blocks away from the temple complex.

The interior decoration is more traditional, the advantage is given to gilding, the abundance of statues and decorative elements. One of the halls is decorated with frescoes made in a unique technique. The stories recount the life of the Buddha and his path to enlightenment. Of particular importance are the statues of Buddha placed at different ends of the hall, each symbolizing one of the days of the week.

Almost at the top of the tower is an observation deck, which offers an amazing panoramic view, in clear weather well see the statue of the Big Buddha.


The main building of the complex is designed for ceremonies. Only monks are allowed to enter, for other visitors it is closed. It is considered impolite to even ask a question about his visit. There is the most important statue of the deity, the decoration is hidden from view, as are the ceremonies themselves. You can only look at the building from the outside, admire the characteristic tiered roofs of bright colors, decorative elements, rich ornaments, images of guardian dragons.


Chalong Temple, Phuket

In the building are sculptures of the 3 monks, the founders of the temple complex. They are still treated with deep reverence. The figures are made with photographic authenticity. Looking at them up close, many begin to doubt that they are not living people in a state of deep trance.

There are statues of sacred elephants near the entrance. It is believed that the person who stroked the belly of the largest of them, expects the fulfillment of a cherished desire. The interiors are multicolored, but executed in a very harmonious combination that does not cause internal contradiction. You don’t want to leave the hall, the atmosphere is so calm and peaceful.


The original building did not survive, but was reconstructed from drawings and drawings depicting the abbot’s house. Inside there is a copy of his staff, statues of other abbots, antique furniture and interior elements.

Muffled claps can often be heard in the area. Tourists visiting Wat Chalong are told that the sounds are part of an address to the gods. After praying, locals buy firecrackers and throw them into a special oven. If the clapping is heard well, it is considered that the prayer is heard and accepted favorably.

Annual Fair at Wat Chalong Temple

The famous temple in Phuket - Wat Chalong

Thais are used to celebrating any event bright and noisy. The fair is held on New Year’s Eve, a tradition that began in 1954, at that time it marked the harvest, then gradually evolved into a large-scale festival. Chalong Temple supported the worthwhile endeavor by filling it with spectacular elements of demonstrative fights, colorful processions, and performances by artists.

The treats include fried insects, marinated chicken and pork, vegetables, and fruit.

Tourists are lucky enough to get to this festival, it will long be remembered for the extravaganza of color and spectacular events.

How to get to Wat Chalong Temple

The complex is 10 km away. south of the island’s capital. The easiest way to get to Chalong Temple is to join a tour group. In this case, you do not have to deal with the map and wander around the area in search of a fountain or a viewing platform. For those who go on their own journey, it is recommended to take a cab or take public transport, there are many routes.

Wat Chalong on the map

Tourist Guide

On the territory of the temple complex Wat Chalong allowed video and photography, they do not require money. Going on a trip, you need to think carefully about closet.

A point to keep in mind! No open sundresses, blouses, or short shorts are allowed into the temple.

Wat Chalong - a temple in Phuket

It is more correct to choose clothes that cover the shoulders and knees. Men, too, have similar requirements. In some rooms, tourists are not allowed to enter the main temple, the cells of the monks, the service rooms.

A trip to Wat Chalong Monastery will lift the veil on the unique Thai culture and religion, allow you to feel the national colors and leave a sense of admiration for the amazing architecture of Buddhist temples.

Video overview of Wat Chalong Temple

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