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Walks and tours on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

Cruises on water are always charming in their own way, because no woodland glades are the same, and no rivers, bays or seashores are alike. A walk along the Bosphorus in Istanbul in high season will give a lot of unforgettable impressions, will allow you to escape from the heat of the day and diversify your list of tourist trips to this amazing country.

Types of walks on the Bosphorus

The length of the strait is quite impressive, starting from the Galata Bridge, it stretches for almost 30 km. It is considered an important shipping lode of Turkey and world navigation, connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. The width is small, and the density of traffic would be the envy of many highways. And at the same time you can see huge ocean liners, small fishermen’s boats and pleasure boats. A cruise on the Bosphorus is considered by many to be one of the best entertainments.

Excursions on the Bosphorus

You can take a ride on public transport, recreational commercial ferries or private small boats. The differences are in the level of comfort, the cost of the ticket, and the amount of free time that is provided during the landfall.

Many routes start at the port. It’s interesting as a landmark, but it also lures in the delicious smells. That’s where the incomparable fish sandwiches are sold, which everyone who sets out for a walk along the Bosphorus in winter or summer is bound to try.

Also, a large part of the walking programs start from the Eminenyu promenade, and if you choose a personal tour of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, it is definitely worth planning a long stop on the promenade and enjoy the stunning views from it, taking a series of delightful photos.

Grand Tour

A great option to devote a day to the beauty of the sea and away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Non-stop travel time is 3 hours, if you plan to stop at Anadolu Kawagi Pier to see the Yoros Fortress, it is worth setting yourself up for a longer trip, which will take about 5.5 hours.

Group cruises

This type of tour is considered the most economical. Of the advantages: affordable price, no transportation and organizational problems, the movement is clearly on schedule. These same sides can be considered as disadvantages, because the personal freedom along the route in principle is not provided.


Among the most popular cruises on the Bosphorus in Istanbul:

  • The trip along the Golden Horn and the Strait itself, during which you can see the Beylerbey Palace, Maiden Tower, Rumelihisar Fortress, listen to fascinating legends associated with these sights, take some free pictures with a photographer on deck;
  • Historical sightseeing tour, where the emphasis is on highlighting the events that took place over the centuries, with a great view of the bohemian Cihangir district, the Dolmabahce and Kucuksu palaces, several beautiful mosques and all this in 1.5 hours from the water;
  • “Treasures of the Bosphorus” is attractive because it provides a shore leave with a tour of some of the sights of Istanbul;
  • A cruise on the evening Bosporus is no less popular among those who are in a romantic mood and want to see the beauty of the sunset, the splendor of the lights of the night port and feel the smell of coolness, where the smell of the breeze mingles with the aromas of aged wine.

Individual trip

This is an unforgettable cruise, where in addition to a boat trip on a graceful yacht provides exclusive tastings of traditional local food and drinks. Seafood takes center stage, and it is the freshest, most recently caught.

Individual tours

A three-hour walk with cheese and wine tasting is also in demand despite the rather high cost of the tour, which is about 550 € per 1-2 people. During the trip you are offered to taste seven varieties of wines, the wine list is accompanied by homemade cheeses, fruits, nuts. The history of winemaking, the variety of drinks, legends and some details of production technology will remain a theme throughout the cruise. The complete cycle is a secret that is jealously guarded from competitors.

Schedule and cost of tours of the Bosphorus

Each travel company has its own schedule of ships and rates, this information is better to clarify on the spot. Many have one thing in common – children under the age of 6 go for free. Roughly, a short cruise of 2 hours will cost about 12 Turkish Liras, the long one, with a landfall, about 25. Children have half the price of an adult ticket.

Whichever tour of the Bosphorus you choose, short or long, it will leave an amazing experience and an extraordinarily subtle sense of being a part of Istanbul’s rich history.

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