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Vancouver sights

Thanks to the picturesque territory and gentle, in Canadian conditions, climate, Vancouver has enough diverse sights, including man-made.

Top 13 attractions in Vancouver

Among the vast Canadian mountains sits the popular British Columbia metropolis of Vancouver. The city’s history dates back to the gold rush. Crowds of prospectors from all over the world flocked here to try their luck on the Fraser River. There’s a lot to see here today.


Vancouver sights

The city’s main park, Stanley Park, has abundant flora and fauna, a popular Seawall boardwalk, and 250 miles of walking trails. The park has artificial ponds, fountains, monuments, sculptures and a large number of sports fields. Citizens come here, and there are guided tours for tourists. The park’s close proximity to the business center of the city, makes this natural site a unique place.

Vancouver - Attractions

Another, more traditional site, Queen Elizabeth Park, is more of a garden. There are all kinds of living plants native to this part of Canada. The picturesque landscape is often used by residents for the purpose of wedding registrations, celebrations. The unity of nature and man, complemented by cultural values, allows you to keep a living corner of the city in perfect order.

Vancouver sights - Van Dusen Garden

Another park, more precisely the VanDusen Botanical Garden, spreads over a huge area of 22 hectares and brings together flora from around the world. There are plants and trees here that are not unique to Canada’s climate. To combine such different specimens allowed the designers’ ideas – the garden is divided into zones, the plants are completed in groups, and modern architectural solutions gradually introduce a variety of exposures.

English Bay Beach

English Bay - Vancouver attractions

A gulf-side paradise with clean sand and magical sunsets – that’s the impression Vancouver’s famous beach leaves on tourists. Locals also love this place – here you can just relax from the daily hustle and bustle or hold a festival, a festival.

Granville Island

Vancouver sights - Granville Island

A tourist’s paradise. Designed for boring office life, the island gradually turned into a center of commerce and leisure. The place is packed with restaurants, stores and modern galleries. Granville is actively used for recreation and interesting shopping.

Art Gallery

Vancouver sights

The fifth-largest gallery in the country, Vancouver is nestled among office skyscrapers. The historic building where the court used to be located was given to the gallery in 1931. Since then, there have been about 10,000 works of art from around the world on display. It features the work of Jeff Wall, Marc Chagall and Emily Carr. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the gallery holds temporary exhibitions. 4 thousand square meters. is now becoming insufficient for such a large exhibit, so a new spacious building is planned.

Vancouver Museum

Vancouver - attractions

Large local history museum, contains the history of the city for more than 100 years. In addition, there are exhibits from all over the world on a variety of topics. The museum exhibits “visiting” specimens and conducts extensive methodological work. This Vancouver landmark has its own planetarium and astronomical exhibit.

Visiting the institution is not only informative, but really interesting for all ages – everyone finds a corner of interest there.

Maritime Museum

Vancouver sights - Vancouver Maritime Museum

The city is close to the famous bodies of water, this could not go unnoticed, so there is a whole museum of maritime themes. There are models of ships and, even a real ship from 1928. It was it that once sailed first through the Strait of Panama and rounded North America. In addition, the museum displays maps, compasses, and other related items of real sailors.


Vancouver oceanarium

The largest oceanarium in the city’s Stanley Park immerses you in the deep world of the world’s oceans. Passing by the huge aquariums with their inhabitants, you involuntarily become part of this mysterious depth. There are 50,000 sea creatures of different species and sizes on display.

Harbor Center Skyscraper

Harbour Centre in Vancouver

In 1977, one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, the Harbor Center, opened. The 177-meter building, which contains office space, and the roof is equipped with a special, rotating platform for a panoramic view of the city.

Public Library

Vancouver, Canada sights - photo

Establishment has nothing to do with our understandable definition of libraries. The Vancouver Library has reading rooms, cafes, stores, and parking lots. In structure and location, the library is remotely similar to the Roman Colosseum. The fund of the institution is huge – about 2.5 million books, magazines and newspapers. Most of the collection is digitized.

Canada Place Complex

Canada Place complex in Vancouver

It is a popular port with interesting architectural buildings on the pier. Life in this place is boiling with exhibitions, business centers, restaurants and hotels. Cruise ships are frequent visitors.

B.C. Place.

Vancouver - attractions

A huge stadium that hosted most of the games during the 21 Olympic Games in 2010. After that it was reconstructed and since 2011 has been used for local matches and performances of pop stars. Today it is one of the main attractions of Vancouver.

Lyons Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver

A majestic bridge that connects the business centers of the city on different banks. The bridge is 561 meters long and thousands of vehicles pass over it every day. Since 2005, it has been a Vancouver Historic Landmark.

Hanging bridge over the Capilano River

Vancouver sights

The sturdy metal construction of the suspension bridge can withstand tremendous loads. In the 19th century, the bridge was built of wood – the soil beneath the bridge could not withstand any stationary anchoring. In the 20th century, wood was replaced by metal.

Video overview of Vancouver sights

The Prospectors formed the city of New Westminster. The settlement of Gastown, later Granville and now Vancouver, was formed next door, around a sawmill. In 1887, thanks to the railroad that passed through Vancouver, it acquired the status of a full-fledged city, and the population began to increase every year. Today, thousands of tourists come to see the sights of Vancouver, Canada.

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