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Valencia awaits guests at the Fallanza

This holiday attracts a huge number of vacationers to Valencia (Spain) every year from March 15 to 19.

During this period of time there will be cheerful and lively music playing all over the streets of this city. All attendees will be able to fully enjoy the culinary delights of Spanish cuisine. In the evenings, on all days of the Fellowship, there will be colorful fireworks!

Vacationers will be able to participate in grand carnivals. The holiday has its own special feature: exactly at midnight on March 15, Valencians will put on the streets special puppets-ninot – the symbol of Fallanz. Participants in the event will have to choose one doll that will not be burned.

One of the most important events of the holiday will begin on March 17. On this day there will be a flower offering at the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin. Thousands of people usually participate in this ceremony.

On March 19, Fallacy ends with the mass burning of the puppets-ninot on that day.

The origin of this holiday is not yet known. One of the most popular versions is that on March 19, carpenters from Valencia burned huge bonfires from the remains of unused wood in honor of St. Joseph. Another version says that Fallacy is a symbol of fire, that is, the beginning.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the holiday, you need to be in Valencia for at least two days. The dolls begin to burn on March 19 from 00:30 at the mouth of the Turia River.

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