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Unforgettable cruises on the Black Sea

The concept of rest for people differs dramatically. For some it’s blissful lounging on a lounger, while others seek out extreme views, diving to great depths or conquering mountain peaks. But there are also those who dream of having as many experiences as possible, visiting several countries in one trip and enjoying the kaleidoscope of natural beauties and sights. In this case, the ideal option are cruises on the Black Sea. The route runs along the coasts of several countries, with short stops for sightseeing excursions.

Travel routes on the Black Sea

Geographically, the Black Sea is an inland body of water that is part of the Atlantic Ocean basin, connecting several countries: Russia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria. On the coast there are picturesque resorts and port cities. The starting point is often Sochi. The city changed dramatically during the 2014 Olympics. Its appearance now looks a lot like a modern European metropolis. But the architects who planned the construction of new buildings and sports complexes, managed to maintain the identity and unique atmosphere, without breaking the luxury of natural beauty.

Prince Vladimir

The next point of the trip is Novorossiysk, where you can visit the winery “Myskhako” and one of the most interesting water parks on the Black Sea coast. Stop in Yalta will give an unforgettable experience of the amazing nature of the Crimean peninsula, where each cape and even a stone has its own legend. An entire collection of these myths has been published, where fiction is artistically woven with real historical characters.

Among the tours of Yalta:

  • Swallow’s Nest Castle;
  • Glade of Fairy Tales;
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden;
  • crocodile farm.

In Sevastopol the most popular tourist attractions are historical and archaeological reserve “Tauric Chersonese” and the ancient Genoese fortress. The journey to this destination lasts seven days. The nine-deck cruise liner “Prince Vladimir” is a real city, where 300 guest cabins are comfortably located, the crew consists of 250 people.

Prince Vladimir

Infrastructure includes:

  • 2 restaurants;
  • karaoke bars;
  • 2 water parks;
  • 3D movie theater;
  • dance floor;
  • library;
  • children’s club;
  • outdoor sports fields;
  • gym.

During the cruise, the necessary small items can be purchased in the store directly on board. There is a separate complex for children, including playgrounds, entertainment programs, special menu.

Excursion stops usually last all day. This allows you to take your time getting to know the main sights and atmosphere of the cities. Cruise routes are many, among them there are quite long, with visits to Istanbul, Odessa, Romanian and Bulgarian cities. Visas or passports are not required of travelers.

The seasonality of curiosities

The Black Sea is beautiful and willful, in the fall and winter sea walks are not fun. The best months for family vacations are considered to be from June to September. A stop in the resort towns will give a great opportunity to visit the local beaches, stroll along the promenade and have a look at a cozy restaurant overlooking the sea.

Cruise ships sail to the Red Sea during the winter months, but they will surely return in early spring to take guests back on board, eager to visit the Black Sea coast’s fascinating cities.

How to choose the best cruise on the Black Sea?

The journey can last from a few days to a month. The comfort of modern cruise liners is almost equal to a five-star hotel, and the abundance of entertainment on board does not let you get bored during the trip from one city to another. Itineraries are arranged so that the next stop would be a day of rest and sightseeing.

Sea voyage differs favorably from overland methods. There really is no hurry, there is a reason to relax and let go of worries and excitement, wholly giving himself to admire the beauty of the sea and with delight absorbing new impressions.

Before you buy a ticket for a cruise on the Black Sea, it is worth asking about all the offers. Thus, especially popular are week-long tours along the coast with a visit to the Crimean peninsula. No less popular are longer cruises with visits to 3-5 countries. In this case there will certainly be a stop in Istanbul and will have the opportunity to visit Sultanahmet Square, see the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, Yerebatan cistern, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace. There will also be time for a walk through the old streets of the city and for a leisurely dinner at one of the restaurants with national cuisine.


If the route passes by the largest Romanian port city of Constanta, there is a chance not only to visit the beaches, but also to admire the statue of Ovid, the old casino, the port, the Genoese lighthouse, the maritime museum.

In Bulgarian Nessebar waiting for guests the old churches recognized monuments of architecture, windmill, near which often hosts folk ensembles, Ethnographic Museum, Byzantine baths.

The choice is very rich and it remains only to determine what exactly would like to visit and how many days to plan a sea cruise on the Black Sea.

Prices for vacation with impressions

The cost depends on the length of the route and the number of planned excursions. It also includes travel on the liner, accommodation in a cabin depending on the category, meals, entertainment, use of the pool, reservations and insurance, as well as visits to playgrounds, group activities, sports area, animation. Meals are organized in buffet style, the bars have a wide range of alcohol and soft drinks.

Cruises on the Black Sea, many call a small round-the-world trip, where the romance of the sea journey is combined with a huge number of impressions of visiting such different, but always hospitable resort towns.

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