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Turkey’s sandy beaches on the Mediterranean Sea

Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean Sea are very popular among Russians. Wonderful Mediterranean climate, developed tourism infrastructure, hotels of all stars – it’s a great vacation.

List of Turkish resorts with sandy beach

Here we will tell you about Turkish resorts that have excellent sandy beaches, what you should pay special attention to, where the best peaceful family vacation with children, etc. So, where are the best sandy beaches in Turkey?


Buluk - a Turkish resort with a sandy beach on the Mediterranean Sea

This resort is located near the favorite vacation spot of Russians – Antalya. Here huge mounds of sand stretch for tens of kilometers. Five-star hotels are built near them. A great place for the Russian middle class.

In Belek, the cleanest exits to the Mediterranean Sea, and hotels are located on the first line, by the sea. Here you can get a real Mediterranean tan, which will remain a real proof of a perfectly spent holiday.

But there are almost no sights of the ancient times. They come here exclusively for a first-class beach holiday, to enjoy the crystal clear azure sea and fine sand.


Side is a Turkish resort with a sandy beach on the Mediterranean Sea

It is a small village, around which are built a huge tourist complexes. Another place where you can find the best sandy beaches in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. Interestingly, the coastline is almost in the center of Side.

This wonderful place was discovered not long ago, in the early 21st century, but today Side is extremely popular among tourists from many countries. Vacationers are attracted by the pristine purity of local nature.

The resort was originally built luxury hotels and villas, decorating the entire seaside area around Side. In the east of the resort will find the best vacation spots for couples with children, in the west – always raucous young people.


Kemer - a Turkish resort with a sandy beach on the Mediterranean Sea

This Mediterranean resort of Turkey is protected by cliffs and outwardly completely alienated from modern human civilization. Kemer is a great place for lovers, honeymooners, families with children, etc.

Here you can endlessly watch the endless sea surface. The resort has a wonderful tourist infrastructure, there are bars and restaurants with excellent Turkish and European cuisine, great dishes of lamb and seafood.

Kemer has an ancient history and was mentioned in ancient chronicles as Idairos. It is known for the wall built at the beginning of the last century that protected the city from mudflows. The best sandy beaches are City Beach and Moonlight.


Turkey resort with a sandy beach on the Mediterranean Sea

This is another Turkish sandy resort, stretched on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, very new, still untouched by the throngs of tourists from Russia and Europe. Here you can find provincial peace and picturesque seascapes.

In Patara will not be too comfortable on the beach young children, because. There’s a lot of wind from the sea. But for young people this resort – a great place to stay, where you can luxuriously relax, away from the gaze of the elderly crowd that crowded the popular resorts.

Patara is an ancient city, and for many years there have been constant archaeological excavations. The Triumphal Arch, the Necropolis, the Corinthian Temple, the theater, the thermae, etc. have already been discovered. The local sandy beaches are characterized by fine, soft and snow-white sand.


Iztuzu - Turkish resort with a sandy beach on the Mediterranean Sea

This Mediterranean resort in Turkey also has snow-white beaches. Iztuzu is located near the well-known Marmaris, nearby the river Dalyan flows into the sea, and its mouth has turned this area into a real paradise.

The beach, about 5 kilometers long, is beloved not only by people, but also by turtles. They lay their eggs on the sandy beaches every year, which is why the area near Iztuzu was given the status of a nature reserve decades ago. But there is a place to sunbathe.

Rest here is quiet, family-friendly, suitable for swimming and sunbathing with children. There are no restaurants, bars and similar signs of civilization. But on the beach and in the mountains stretched coniferous forest, the sea water is absolutely clean, there is a beautiful lake.


Antalya is a Turkish resort with a sandy beach on the Mediterranean Sea

Today it is the most famous sandy resort in Turkey. Antalya is an ancient village on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea has a wonderful nature, many attractions and excellent modern infrastructure.

Antalya appeared before the new era in a beautiful bay, and even then began to take shape as a paradise place for tourists. Many of the local sandy beaches are Blue Flags, symbols of beauty, cleanliness and ecological well-being.

The sand of Antalya beaches has a bright yellow color. The coast has a unique landscape with many coves. The resort offers recreation for all tastes and wallets. Bathing season in Antalya is the longest in Turkey, more than six months.


Kundu is a Turkish resort with a sandy beach on the Mediterranean Sea

This is another resort in the province of Antalya by the Mediterranean Sea. The service here is of European level. Thanks to the efforts of the staff, Kundu is always perfectly clean. Tourists who are accustomed to first-class comfort settle here.

Most of the hotels in Kundu are five-star. Just a few years ago it was a secluded village, and now it has become a seaside resort with hotels in the form of famous buildings from around the world (the Kremlin, Topkapi, palazzo from Venice, etc.).

In the young resort of Kundu is always fresh air, around it is planted with eucalyptus and pine forests. On the coast tourists will enjoy well-maintained sandy beaches. Antalya with all its benefits and joys – always nearby.

Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean Sea on the map

Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean Sea on the world map

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