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Tsandrypsh attractions

When planning a vacation in Abkhazia, it is necessary to know in advance about the settlement. Tsandrypsh, what to see in the village and the surrounding area. The village is located on the Black Sea coast, close to natural, historical sights of the region. In addition to beach holidays, tourists plan to visit castles, basilicas, marble cliffs, canyons, rafting on rivers, flying on paragliders.

Overview of the Tsandrypsh resort village

Tsandrypsh on the map
The village on the map.

Tsandripsh is a small resort settlement located in western Abkhazia on the Black Sea coast. The settlement is several kilometers from the border with Russia. Tsandrypsh geographically is part of the Greater Gagra. The settlement has preserved the ancient fortresses, temples, objects of the Soviet period, etc.

The advantage of this place is the ability to combine different types of recreation, from visiting sandy and pebbly beaches to excursions to architectural sites, scenic natural reserves, etc.

What was the name of the village before

The historical name of the Abkhaz settlement is Sauchi (Saurchi). In 1867, the Russian village of Pilenkovo was founded nearby. Later in the Soviet period, the point was renamed until 1944 to Yermolovsk. From 1944 to 1993 it was called Gantiadi (translated from the Georgian language as “Dawn”). After administrative changes, the settlement was named Tsandrypsh (“Tsandov village”).

Historical component of Tsandrypsh

The area where the village is located. Tsandripsh, according to research scientists, has been inhabited since ancient times. Until the VI century, the settlement was the capital of the principality of Sanigia, then the historic province of Abkhazia – Sadzen. The area was a major trading port, fortresses, and temples. In 1867 on the coast was founded village Pilenkovo and repeatedly renamed. Since 1951, the village was inhabited by Armenians, who fled from the Turkish genocide, and other nationalities.

In 1929, according to the decision of the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, the village and the surrounding farms became part of the ZSFSR (Transcaucasian Socialist Federal Republic). The border between the territorial entities was drawn along the left bank of the Psou River.

In the postwar history of the settlement were built comfortable houses, tobacco and canning factory, industrial production, wine and gravel plant, schools, cinema, etc. In the 1950s, Tsandrypsh was used for mass recreation of Soviet citizens.

Tsandrypsh location

The resort settlement is located on the Black Sea coast in the Gagra region of Abkhazia. Tsandrypsh is located near the mouth of the Khashuapse River. It is 5 km from the Russian border. Distance to the city of Gagra is 22 km, to Adler – about 7 km. The western border of the settlement runs along the Lapsta River, and the eastern border of the Bagrypsta River.

There are villages nearby:

  • Mahadyr;
  • Zhdanov;
  • Hashupse;
  • Bagnari;
  • Achmard et al.

Village infrastructure

Tsandrypsh has its own infrastructure. Tsandrypsh is represented by secondary comprehensive schools (Russian, Armenian), a boarding school, recreation centers (Psou, Don Tobacco). On the territory there are grocery stores, departments of manufactured goods, clothing, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc.

The settlement is landscaped, with cypresses, pines and eucalyptus trees growing in the streets. The place is comfortable for family vacations, accommodation for parents with children, tourists to review natural sites, etc. In the summer, national cafes and canteens, disco open in the evening. Tourists are invited to rent sun loungers, umbrellas. In the beach area set dressing rooms, toilets.

Tsandripsh is a small resort village with developed infrastructure.


Abkhazians, Armenians, and Russians live on the territory. And there are also a few Georgians, Greeks, and other nationalities. The population is about 5 thousand people. Abkhazian and Russian are officially recognized as languages. According to the 1959 census there were about 5,300 people living in the settlement.

How to get to the resort village

You can get to Tsandripsh from the railway station in Adler or Sochi airport. The guest houses can be reached by shuttle buses, cabs, etc. Tourists go to the settlement from Russia (to the border – 5 km) along the M27, M4. The resort settlement is connected by highways with Sukhum and Gagra.

The nearest airport is located in Adler. You can get to Sochi by rail. Tickets must be taken to Adler. Trains pass through Tsandrypsh not regularly and not all year round, but only during the holiday season (May – October).

From Adler you can get to the resort village by bus, cab. The distance of 13 km is covered in 20-30 minutes.

Interesting facts about the resort village

Interesting facts about the settlement:

  1. The mountains surrounding the village, protect from the cool winds, creating a favorable climate for recreation.
  2. The average annual temperature is about +18 ° C. Trips to Tsandripsh can be planned in different seasons, including. fall, spring.
  3. Most of the beaches are covered with fine pebbles.
  4. In 1917, bronze axes were found during archaeological excavations on the territory of Tsandripsh. This confirms that there was active economic activity in the area as early as the first millennium BC.

Photos of beautiful landscapes

There are interesting places and picturesque natural sites in the vicinity of Tsandripsh:

  1. Gegsky waterfall. Located in the northern part of the Gagra range. A visit to the site is possible between May and November. The waterfall is up to 70 m high. The snow remains until March – April.
  2. Auadhar mineral springs. They are located at an altitude of 1700 m. The mineral water from the springs has a positive effect on health. Recommended for the treatment of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, improve metabolism.
  3. Blue Lake Abkhazia. Located on the shore of the river Bzyb. Distinguished by the beautiful blue color of the water, which gives formations of lazurite at the bottom. The lake is small, about 180 m² in area, with a maximum depth of 76 m.

What Tsandrypsh attracts tourists

Spa settlement attracts tourists with affordable accommodation, convenient location, clean beaches, proximity to architectural and natural attractions of Abkhazia.

Accommodation and Food

The village provides several guest houses, in the private sector owners rent cottages, apartments, rooms to stay. There are comfortable hotels (Abkhazia and others) nearby. Many residential properties are located along the coastline near the beaches.

A stop is available 3 km from Tsandripsh in the village of Khashupsa. The place is picturesque, near the pond with trout, with small guest houses, landscaped camping to set up tents. The cost of renting accommodation is from 1 000-2 000 rubles per day for 1 person.

Prices may change depending on the season, so it is important to clarify the cost of living in advance of the trip.

Some bases, boarding houses, hotels offer complex meals (breakfasts – dinners). In homes, you can cook your own meals. Tourists can buy products in stores and at the local market. Some campsites and guest cottages offer barbecues and equipped kitchens.

Meals are available at local cafes:

  1. “The Pearl. Built on the seashore. Available in an enclosed hall and under awnings. The menu includes dishes of national Caucasian cuisine. A wide variety of seafood.
  2. “Svetlana. Built in Tsyndrypsh village on Oktyabrskaya Street. It is distinguished by affordable prices and quality of cooking. The menu includes Russian cuisine. A wide selection of salads, pastries, soups, meats, etc.
  3. “Eliza.” It is located on Vardania Street, not far from the beach area. The menu has a wide selection of Russian, Caucasian, Japanese, Italian dishes.
  4. “Apsny. In the cafe near the beach in the menu presents national cuisine. The list of popular dishes includes mamaliga, khachapuri, smoked meat, homemade wines, etc.

Entertainment in the village

In the resort period (from spring to early autumn) tourists have access to boat trips, active recreation on paragliders, jeeps, etc. Offered: bicycle rental, organized walks on mountain trails. Rental shops operate at hotels, on the streets near the beach.

Sailing tours are organized by motorboats. There are photo shoots, water view, etc. Tourists can go for walks on jet skis, parachutes, “bananas”, etc. Cultural programs on the ships differ depending on the duration of the trip.

Rafting on mountain rivers

For lovers of outdoor activities provides rafting on the fast mountain rivers. Information about the offers for tourists (prices, equipment rental options) should be clarified before the trip.

Jeep travels

In different weather there are jeep tours to natural and historical sites around the settlement. Excursions take you to Pitsunda, Lake Ritza, Sukhum, New Athos, waterfalls, picturesque cliffs, etc. Trips are possible including. in rainy weather.

Tourists can do jeeping here.

Flight sessions on paragliders

From the resort village organized paraglider flights over the coast, near the mountains, beautiful rocks and remote objects. Tourists are accompanied by experienced instructors. The collection of groups is organized from the nearest places to hotels, sanatoriums. The program includes instruction, protective equipment, preparation of participants.

The average planning time over the coast is about 20-25 minutes. Total tour time reaches 2 hours with delivery, training, safety instructions, etc. The price of the service is from 6,500 rubles. The price does not include photography, transfers to the place and other additional costs.

Weather in Tsandripsh in different seasons

The suitable season for holidays in Tsandripsh is from spring to autumn. From April to May the weather is favorable. The temperature rises to +16 … +18°C. In spring there are a lot of sunny days, but sometimes it rains.

Since mid-May, the daytime temperature reaches +28 ° C, the water – about +18 ° C. In late spring you can relax on the central beach and in the surrounding area. In May, rhododendron, roses, magnolia, irises, pomegranates, citrus fruits, etc. bloom. In spring there are not many tourists in the resort settlement.

Summers in Abkhazia are hot and humid, due to the peculiarities of the subtropical climate. Temperatures are moderately warm in June, September and October. The water during these periods is sufficiently warm. The air in June heats up to +25 … +28 ° C.

The hottest months in Tsandripsh are July and August. The average air temperature reaches +30 … +35 ° C. The hot August is suitable for a leisurely vacation, hiking in the forests, near the canyons.

From mid-autumn and winter, trips to the settlement are planned for sightseeing. Daytime temperatures in January are up to +13°C, in February – up to +16°C. In winter, it often rains, and there may be sunny and cloudy days.

Description of nature in the resort village

Tsandrypsh attracts tourists with its picturesque nature, warm climate, sunny days, clean air. The village grows pitsunde pines, eucalyptus, cypresses, palm trees. Nearby there are mountain rivers, slopes, rocky cliffs. The Bzyb, Kodor, Gumista, and Reprua rivers are among the high-water rivers. The flora of the Abkhaz region includes more than 3,500 varieties of plants.

In the surrounding area grows up to 180 species of trees and shrubs. At Cape Pitsunda preserved relict grove of pizza pine. There are natural objects in the mountains: waterfalls, lakes, cliffs, karst caves. The advantages of rest in the Abkhazian settlement is a combination of proximity to the sea and the mountains. The climate on the coast is subtropical, Mediterranean type.

What to see during a vacation in Tsandrypsh

During the holidays you can visit historical and architectural sites, picturesque natural sites. There are ancient temples, a fortress, Soviet period sites, etc. in the vicinity. It is necessary to plan in advance where to go, what to visit on the trip, learn about the organization of the transfer to distant objects.

Beaches of Tsandrypsh
There are clean beaches of pebbles.

Magnificent beaches of the village

Tsandripsh beach areas are pebbly, their length – 6 km. The coastal strip is wide (up to 200 m), covered with pebbles of small and medium size. The water is clean, the slopes are gentle. In summer, tourists can rent umbrellas, sun loungers, use changing rooms, public toilets, etc.

Guests of Abkhazia are offered to order boats, jet skis, organized boat trips.

The following beaches are available to tourists:

  1. In the northern part of the village near the street Eshba. Convenient place for swimming, sunbathing. Even in the season, the beach is not crowded. There are convenient access roads for cars. However, in the cafe you have to go to the central part of the settlement.
  2. Central. Popular beach Gantiadi in Abkhazia. Its length – about 1.5 km from the mouth of the river Hashupsa to the picturesque natural site White Cliffs. Provided rent chairs, sun umbrellas, there are changing rooms, water attractions, cafes with national cuisine. Paraglider flights are provided. The place is crowded during the season (July – August).
  3. White Rocks. The beach is located in a picturesque area near the cliffs, rock outcrops. The sandy area is small, suitable for swimming. The water is clear, clean, the place is visited by divers.


Tsandrypsh Basilica is located on Oktyabrskaya Street in the settlement, next to the seashore. The temple was erected in the VI century. It is lined with large limestone blocks, has three levels, protruding altar apses. Basilica belongs to the cultural monuments of the early Middle Ages, is protected by the state.

Major repairs of the building were carried out in the X century. The ceilings were replaced by new stone blocks, which allowed the temple to survive to the modern period. The temple was repeatedly rebuilt, including. after the destruction in the 16th century. Tourists can examine the vaults, walls, and baptismal font. In modern times, services are held in the surviving basilica on feast dates. Admission to the ancient temple is free.

White Rocks

White Rocks
White Cliffs Beach.

Marble picturesque cliffs overlook the Black Sea, located between the settlements Bagripsh and Tsandripsh. Tourists say the combination of clear blue water, white cliffs and dark pebbles. The place is suitable for holidays with children, photo shoots.

You can reach the picturesque natural site on foot along the coast or by car along the highway. The ledges of the rocks over time have taken a rounded shape from the constant effects of salt water, strong winds, rains. The length of the White Cliffs monument along the beach is 200 meters, further the rocks go into the sea.

In the summer there is a rental quad bikes, water activities for children are available.

Stalin’s Dacha

In the vicinity of Tsyndrpsh settlement there is Stalin’s dacha “Kholodnaya Rechka” (special object). The building was built in the early 1930s in an equipped niche in the rock, designed by an architect. М. Merzhanov. The complex is painted dark green (for camouflage). The street lights in the project are shortened, with subdued illumination.

The foundation of the cottage is made of stone, the walls and ceilings are wooden. The building is designed in the shape of a ship. Valuable species of wood (pine, walnut, boxwood, Karelian birch) are used in the decoration. The windows in the dining room are rounded, made of rock crystal.

In this place Stalin rested often (about 20 times). Tourists can see the rooms (except on the upper floor) after purchasing an entrance ticket. Possible ordering excursions. There are different rooms in the building, including. bedrooms, dining room, billiard room, bathroom, etc. There is no office in the building. Next to the cottage is a separate household facilities (guest house and kitchen). A special stone staircase leading to the sea has been preserved.

Khashup Fortress

The ruins of the medieval fortress (VII-X centuries) are located on a cliff on the bank of the river Hashupsa. The two-tiered building is one of the oldest structures on the territory of Abkhazia. There is a staircase with marble steps, which can be used to climb up to the walls of the fortress. There are ruins of outbuildings, a palace, living quarters, watchtowers, and water cisterns made of stone blocks.

The fortress served as a defense against raids by enemy troops from the sea. The citadel is surrounded by a stone wall up to 2 m thick. Some fragments of the structure have been preserved. The height of the walls is about 8 m. There are burial grounds, dolmens and other archaeological monuments nearby.

From the village. Tsandrypsh fortress is 5 km away. There is a trail to the cliff. The ruins are overgrown with blackberries and yews. The site has a view of the picturesque coastline. To the ancient fortress organizes tours for groups of tourists.

Khashup Fortress
Khashup Fortress.

Abandoned train station

On the territory of the village survived the building of the railway station of the Soviet period. The facility was designed and built in the first half of the 1950s. The station was named “Gantiadi”, later renamed “Tsandripsh”. The building is made in the style of the Stalinist Empire. In the post-perestroika period the railway station did not function. The building was abandoned, dilapidated. The buildings were also damaged during the Georgian-Abkhaz war.

In modern times, Russian Railways trains from various Russian cities to Sukhum pass through the station. This is a border station, so there is customs and border control for tourists. Ticket office is located near the station. However, the movement of trains is not regular. You can buy tickets for this destination during the tourist season (spring – autumn).

The building is often visited by tourists to get acquainted with the architecture of the Stalinist Empire, the history of the place.

Hashupse Canyons

Canyons of the Khashupse River are among the most picturesque natural attractions of Abkhazia. Part of the way the river, which flows into the Black Sea, passes through a narrowed corridor in the rocks. The Khashup Gap is formed from several rock formations. The most picturesque is considered the Grand Canyon. In the summer, the area can be waded through the water, because. The bottom is covered with fine pebbles. However, it should be taken into account that during the rainy season the water level rises.

The site can be reached by car or on foot alone or as part of a tourist group with a sightseeing tour. Canyons are formed by limestone rocks. During the high water on the mountain river tourists organize rafting on sapboards.

Near the canyon is a trout farm “Christopher”. Here you can watch the fish, relax in comfortable cottages. Provided organized fishing, cooking on the grill, etc..

Reproix River

The River Aproy is recognized as the shortest river in the world. Its length is about 20 m. The river, which is filled with water from the cave Krubera-Voronja, starts from the beach, and then the violent streams go into the sea. On the coastal area are concentrated historical and natural attractions. The water in the river is cool, its temperature does not exceed +11 ° C.

Tsandripsh Market

In the central market of Tsandripsh you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, local products, souvenirs. The range includes smoked fish, meat, cheeses, etc. The market has a wide range of spices, spicy herbs, aromatic teas. Vendors offer tourists to try local delicacies, salads, sweets, drinks. Seasonal fruit at the market is fresh and inexpensive. Abkhaz wines are sold on tap in plastic bottles of various sizes or in glass containers.

Market in Tsandripsh.

Excursion programs in Tsandrypsh

During the tourist season, bus tours are organized from the resort village to New Athos, Sukhum Botanical Garden, monkey nursery, Lake Ritsa, Gegsky waterfall, Anakopia Fortress, picturesque canyons, Gagra, etc. Companies and individuals also organize boat trips, motorboats, trips to the settlements of Georgia. Near the shore you can watch the dolphins. In summer, the route “Alpine Mountains” and others are used.

Read the description, to learn about the conditions of registration of excursions can be on the popular tourist sites:

  • tripster;
  • sputnik8 et al.

It is important to consider changes in prices, routes in season and plan in advance to walk or go on a bus tour with experienced guides to the old fortresses, museums, natural sites.

Rest in Tsandrypsha

In the territory of Tsandripsh there are not many recreation centers and sanatoriums. Therefore, tourists are often placed in guest houses, cottages, apartments in the private sector. Many of the buildings are located on the shoreline.

Guest houses to rent rooms

Options for guest houses:

  1. “The Breeze. The complex is located in Tsandripsh, 376 Oktyabrskaya Street. Rooms are available from 2 to 5 beds. The price of accommodation is from 2,000-2,500 rubles. During the high season the price may change. The complex with a separate swimming pool, internet on the territory, located near the sea. Tourists note the comfortable accommodation, a good level of service.
  2. “Camellia. Rooms from economy to luxury are available for rent in the guest house on Kastrychnitskaya Street, 138. There is high-speed internet in the complex. Available to rent the barbecue, barbecue grills. The cost of accommodation – from 1 500-2 000 rubles per person. A complex meal is offered. There is free outdoor parking on site.
  3. “The Three Peacocks. The guest complex is located in Tsandripsh on Kiaraz Street, 8. Tourists are offered comfortable accommodation, quality service. The complex has 28 rooms, playground, outdoor pool, free parking. The house is close to the beach area, promenade and attractions of the village. For guests there is a laundry service, satellite TV. There is a gazebo, landscaped yard. Children under 5 years can stay free of charge. Cost – from 1,500-2,000 rubles.
  4. “Elana. Address: Tsandripsh village, 110/A, Oktyabrskaya street. The complex is located near a pebble beach, public transport stop, stores, pharmacy. Visitors are offered a barbecue, parking, landscaped courtyard, playground. The cost of rooms – from 2 000-2 200 rubles.

Camping in the village of Hashupsa

Tourists can stay near Tsandripsh in a comfortable camping in the village of Khashupsa. Complex “Fazenda near the river” is located in a clearing near the mountains and the river Hashpsy. There is a trout farm on the territory of the campsite. Nearby there is a grocery store, canteen, landscaped picnic area, gazebo, river swimming pool.

Tourists can pitch a tent on a special site. Overnight accommodations are available. Provides for ordering meals, buying organic products from local private businesses (cheeses, fruits, milk, meat). The area is guarded.

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