Trips to Goa

Excursions to Goa rank second on the list of experienced tourists because the abundance of attractions just beckons its identity and exotic beauty.

The country occupies most of the Indian Ocean Peninsula, borders Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, and has access to the Indian Ocean coast. Territorially it is divided into 29 states, the most popular in terms of tourism is the state of Goa. It is the smallest, but its advantage is 40 magnificent beaches, stretching for 110 km along the edge of the surf. Fort Aguda divides the state into northern and southern parts.

One of the most populous states with an ancient history attracts travelers with low prices, exotic nature, luxurious sandy beaches and a huge number of attractions. Knowing in advance what excursions to visit Goa, you can plan your vacation time so that it was enough for all the cognitive and entertaining activities.

India from the window of a tour bus

Tourist trips to India are very popular. Tours are booked in advance, tour operators offer package tours, which includes several excursions to historical and architectural monuments. In fact, the list of interesting sights is much wider, often on the spot are formed groups for two or three-day tours.

A variety of tours in Goa (India)

The best tours in Goa are led by an experienced guide, include visits to architectural, historical monuments, temples, places of worship, beaches.

Spice Farm Tour - Goa

According to tourists, an unforgettable experience is a trip to the spice plantations, which were highly valued in medieval Europe. Merchants made fortunes by taking the difficult, risky journey and bringing back small bags of pepper, cinnamon, curry, coriander, turmeric, ginger, and nutmeg from India. The product is very expensive, only the nobles could afford such a luxury. Visiting the plantations provides an opportunity to experience history, as little has changed there since ancient times.

Choice of tours in Goa

There are sightseeing and thematic trips. The purpose of sightseeing tours in Goa is to make a general impression of the country and the state in particular. Most of the time is spent in the tour bus. Small stops at important monuments allow you to get a glimpse of the culture, religious trends, life of the inhabitants. After that, formed a clearer idea of where to go on the excursions in Goa and what for each tourist will be the most interesting.

Excursion programs in Goa

One-day tours of southern Goa include a tour of the natural beauty, the historic center of Old Goa, where the memory of the Portuguese colonists is still preserved, a water trip on the canals and rivers of the state. Interesting excursions in the south of Goa are held in the nature reserve Kotigao, where you can see the untouched nature of India in all its glory.

Goa in one day

Trips to Goa

One day is enough to see most of the local attractions. The fact is that most programs have an itinerary, and for a sightseeing tour of southern Goa, enough for one trip. It is held on the principle of contrast, so it is worth preparing for a quick change of impressions. A distinctive feature of the state is the peaceful juxtaposition of Catholic temples with Buddhist shrines, European-style buildings with traditional Indian houses. It was the Portuguese colonizers who left the mark.

By the standards of history, India gained its independence only recently, in the 20th century, so the memory of an outside invasion of the country’s culture is still fresh.

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa

The tour of Goa includes a trip to Dudhsagar waterfall, a trip to a spice plantation, interaction with elephants, a tour of the temple of Ganesha, a walk through the streets of the Old City. It has beautiful Catholic churches on its territory, which are included in the UNESCO heritage list.

Prices depend on the content of the trip, the inclusion of tastings or dinners in a restaurant with national cuisine.

A day tour of Goa in India begins at dawn and ends late at night, when tourists are no longer able to admire the beauty of nature and architectural monuments, wishing to get to their room as quickly as possible. Before you go, be sure to study the program, a review of tours in Goa will help navigate the abundance of proposals and not to go several times to the same temple in different groups.

Old Goa and the markets

The historic center is a UNESCO heritage site. At a short distance there is a cathedral, a basilica and a Hindu temple. Such a variety of styles and trends due to the fact that for 450 years, this area was governed as the colonizers the Portuguese.

Excursion to old Goa

In fact, in Old Goa was the capital of India and tours are based on this fact, including a tour of the interior decoration of Catholic and Hindu shrines, a detailed story about the peculiarities of architecture, touching on national beliefs and traditions.

The market in Goa can also be visited during the tour

Oriental bazaars also have centuries of history and deserve a special story, but it is best to see it with your own eyes. There is an abundance of everything: colors, sounds, smells, goods, vendors and customers. It is difficult to move along the shopping aisles, as the aisles between them are very narrow. The rest of the space is occupied by a variety of goods on trays, counters, cabinets, racks.

Excursions in southern Goa must include a visit to one of the markets. An attentive customer will find a souvenir for every taste, as well as spices, spices, tea, stone products, national clothing, colorful scarves and fabrics, incense, natural cosmetics, exotic fruits.

Everyday Travel in South Goa

There are many sights in the state, but they do not take much time to see. It is much more interesting to fill your days with field trips from Goa to India. Respectable tourists do not like noisy parties, but enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of the Dudhsagar waterfall, scenic cascades falling from a high cliff into a clear lake.

Dudgashar - a must-see in Goa

A visit to Mollem National Park brings vivid impressions of the rich world of animals, birds, and insects. From the observation tower you can enjoy the view of lush thickets, see the animals coming to the watering hole. The rugged beauty of Devil’s Canyon attracts thrill seekers. Locals say that the water from it goes straight into the abyss and bathing there is strictly prohibited.

Relatively close to the canyon is the ancient temple of Mahadeva Tambdi Surla, built in the 13th century from basalt in a hard-to-reach place. It has successfully survived changing religions, rulers, colonizers, and reforms.

The best tours in Goa - Ajanta Caves

Excursions from southern Goa go to other cities in the country, their purpose becomes a visit:

Trip to Hampi

Hampi Excursions

When asked what excursions there are in Goa, tourists are advised to make sure to take the time to see Hampi. The ancient city, of which picturesque ruins remain, still amazes with the skill of architects and sculptors. It is difficult to see it in 1 day because there are more than 350 temple complexes and religious buildings on the territory of 26 km².

One of the most popular tours in Goa is a trip to the ancient city of Hampi

There are several tourist routes through the city with visits to the temples of Vitalla, the summer residence of the queen, the elephant temple, the functioning temple Virupaksha, the interior of which is decorated with scenes from the Kamasutra. It is most convenient to read the reviews of tourists before the trip and pick for yourself the best type of excursions from southern Goa.

Visiting Mumbai

Excursion to Mumbai from Goa

In this city, tourists are attracted to the diverse attractions that belong to ancient times and the present. For their inspection will have to allocate a separate day, and perhaps not one.

The list of interesting places in Mumbai includes:

  • India’s gateway;
  • Elephanta Island;
  • Hanging Gardens;
  • Taj Mahal;
  • Prince of Wales Museum;
  • temples, cathedrals, mosques;
  • Film City Film Studio;
  • Kanheri caves;
  • Flora Fountain.

In Goa, you can not ignore the beaches, boat trips, it is worthwhile to take an initial training course at the diving school and take a closer look at the unique underwater world, a trip on an old ship. These types of excursions are unwavering success with lovers of quiet solitude, fans of scuba diving, connoisseurs of natural beauty and unique landscapes.

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