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Toulouse sights

Toulouse is one of the oldest and most interesting cities in France. It began its life in the 3rd century BC as a Celtic settlement. Modern Toulouse, the attractions of this city, its friendly inhabitants and excellent tourist infrastructure today attracts travelers from all corners of the world like a magnet.

Top 15 attractions in Toulouse

Most of the architectural landmarks of this city have been built in red brick for centuries. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, this material was considered a sign of luxury and high status in society. And today this “red” architecture gives Toulouse the special charm and sophistication that tourists love.

Toulouse can rightly be called the pearl of France. Many people mistakenly believe that all the attractions of the country are collected in Paris. However, the nature, architecture, and centuries-old history of Toulouse can capture the imagination of even the most fastidious traveler.

Toulouse town hall

Toulouse City Hall (Capitole) - Toulouse sights

In Toulouse this building is called the Capitol, just as in ancient Rome. The town hall was built in the 18th century and initially served purely administrative functions. Since the beginning of the 19th century there is a local opera house with an excellent concert hall, where classical musicians from all over the world love to perform.

Saint-Sernin Basilica

Saint-Sernin Basilica in Toulouse

This basilica was erected in the 11th and 12th centuries and is dedicated to St. Saturninus. He preached the commandments of Jesus Christ in the 3rd century and was put to death for not wanting to participate in pagan ritual activities. A pilgrimage courtyard was built near the basilica, which survives virtually unchanged to this day.

Les Abattoirs Museum of Contemporary Art

Toulouse - Museum of Modern Art

This museum is dedicated to contemporary art, many great works of which France gave the world. The museum itself began operating in the 19th century and immediately became one of the best in the country and the world. Here you can see a large number of works of painting, sculpture, photography, design, etc.

Saint-Etienne Cathedral

Toulouse sights - Saint-Etienne Cathedral

This cathedral was built over several centuries, so several styles are intertwined in its architecture. And out of habit, the inhabitants of Toulouse still believe to this day that the cathedral is incomplete. You can see Renaissance stained glass and other architectural decorations all the way back to the Classical period.

Jacobean Church

Jacobean Church in Toulouse (France)

This church was built in the 13th century and is an example of French Gothic. During the Great French Revolution, the church was reformatted as a gunpowder warehouse. There are many stained glass windows with paintings from the Bible. Today the church is used for music concerts.

Notre Dame de la Dorad Basilica

Toulouse - Basilica of Notre Dame de la Dorade

In ancient times there was a Roman sanctuary here, later it was handed over to the Christians. And a Christian temple was built on this site. In the 18th century, the construction of a new basilica began, according to French tradition, it lasted more than a century. Today the basilica is world famous for its organ music concerts.

Toulouse Museum

Toulouse Museum

This museum appeared in the 18th century on the grounds of a former Catholic monastery of about 6,000 square meters. It has a gigantic multi-million dollar collection, and it is growing daily, thanks to gifts from private and public collections. Here you can also visit the library and read the ancient manuscripts.

Space City Park

Space City Park - the attractions of Toulouse

The park was created just two decades ago with money from the city and state budgets. Not far from Toulouse is the French Space Center, which helps shape the exposition of the park. Here you can see old models of spaceships, rockets, satellites, etc., most of them from the USSR.

Toulouse Municipal Stadium

The main stadium in Toulouse (France)

The stadium was built in the thirties of the last century. Soccer and rugby were and are played here. Today it is one of the quality stadiums in Europe, where teams play in the World Cup and European Football and Rugby Championships. The municipal stadium has been reconstructed twice in its life, most recently in 1997.

St. Raymond Museum

Saint Raymond Museum - Toulouse

This Toulouse landmark is not far from the Basilica of Saint-Sernin. The museum tells the history of the city from the ancient times of the Roman settlements. There are several archaeological sites near the city, which are constantly replenishing the museum with new exhibits (jugs, coins, bas-reliefs and other artifacts).

Japanese Garden

Toulouse sights - Japanese garden

All classic Japanese traditions are strictly observed in this garden. It appeared and began to actively develop in the eighties of the 20th century. The Kyoto gardens from Japanese medieval frescoes were the prototype of the Japanese garden. In the heart of this garden is a pond with a tea house and a bridge to it from the shore. It’s very beautiful.

New Bridge

Toulouse: sights - New Bridge

This wonderful attraction of Toulouse is not as new as the name suggests. The new bridge was built in the 17th century. It took a long time to build in those days, about 100 years, because. France was tormented and destroyed by religious wars. In the end, however, the result is a fairly stable and beautiful structure, serving people to this day and which tourists come to see.


Bazacl - Toulouse

Once upon a time, the Bazacl was a ford across the Garonne River by which the inhabitants of Toulouse crossed from one part of the city to the other. Beginning in the 12th century, dikes, a bridge, and mills began to be built on this site. In the 19th century, a hydroelectric power plant was built in the Bazacl area to generate electricity and supply it to Toulouse. Today it is a historical landmark of the city, where it is customary to hold various exhibitions.

Augustinian Museum

Augustinian Museum - Toulouse

This museum is housed in a former Catholic monastery and was confiscated by the state during Napoleonic times. Later, by order of the leadership of the First French Republic, a museum appeared here. All its exhibits are works of painting and sculpture from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Botanical Garden

The Quiet Botanical Gardens in Toulouse (France)

The garden was founded in the 18th century. Several times in this century it was forced to change its location, until at the time of the Great French Revolution it took its final place. At the beginning of the 19th century, Napoleon gave this garden to the city of Toulouse, and it opened to the public.

Video overview of the sights of Toulouse

Many other attractions of Toulouse, which we could not tell you about here, you can see when you visit this ancient and young French city. They are all worth seeing for you, as well as your family and friends.

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