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Tossa de Mar sights

Planning an exciting trip, there are doubts with the choice of holiday destination. Information from the travel agency or acquaintances who have already visited the city will not be complete if you do not flip through photo albums before ordering a trip or buying tickets. Collected sights of Tossa de Mar (Spain) with photos will help you decide on the choice and strengthen your desire to go to resorts on the Mediterranean Sea.

Top 6 attractions in Tossa de Mar

Cozy town – the historical heritage of Spain. Archaeologists have found artifacts belonging to the ancient Romans. At the beginning of the last century, the ruins of the ancient Roman villa Els Ametllers were discovered within the old settlement. The fragments of mosaics found during the excavations are attributed to the 4th century AD. Ceramic vases, gold and silver coins, hairpins, ivory hairpins and brooches, and marble sculptures eloquently testify to the luxury and wealth of the Roman palace.

So it is scientifically confirmed that Toss had a predecessor, the prosperous Italian town of Tursa, which became part of the Duchy of Barcelona after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Old Town

The stone fortress Vila Vella (translated as Old Town) is the main attraction of the Costa Brava, proudly standing on a rocky cliff, remembering the time of pirate raids. Acting as a bastion, it protected the coast from attacks by corsairs and foreign invaders. This historical monument is decorated with three towers. Originally at the top of the mountain, there was also a fourth, but in the twenties of the last century it was replaced by a lighthouse.

It is currently a museum. It houses an exhibition of lighting and navigation devices. On the territory of the lighthouse there is an observation deck with a small restaurant, a fantastic view from which conquers even fastidious connoisseurs of seascapes.

The Stone Fortress Vila Vella in Tossa de Mar, Spain

The grandeur of the stone walls and round towers have a magnetic effect on tourists. A visit to the Vila Vella fortress is associated with a journey into a fairy tale. From walking along the winding jagged parapets of the ancient walls, contemplating the azure sea surface, numerous boats and yachts coming in and out of the bay, the extravagant impression only gets stronger.

Once you visit Vila Vella, you realize that this is where the portal that connects the two eras, the past and the present, is located. We only need to find the one stone that will open the door to the Middle Ages.

Stone Fortress in the resort of Tossa de Mar, Spain

Construction of the fortress was in the 12-14 centuries. And in the 16th and 17th centuries, residential neighborhoods sprouted around it, in which fishermen settled. Currently, the entire infrastructure of the city provides recreation for tourists.

Governor’s House

The house of the governor (Casa de governor) also belongs to the attractions of Tossa. It was built in the Middle Ages, later reconstructed and remodeled. Today it also houses museum exhibits. There are many archaeological finds, including Romanesque objects, marble statues of Mercury and Apollo, and a collection of bronze objects and coins.

City Museum

City Museum of Tossa de Mar, Spain

The City Museum is also an exhibition of paintings by Marc Chagall. The artist was captivated by this unique place, which remains the center of attraction for many famous talented people. He drew inspiration for his art here. One of the museum halls carefully preserves his paintings and sketches, including the famous work “Heavenly Fiddler. On the wall next to it, the master wrote in his own hand: “Tossa – the blue paradise.

St. Vincent’s Church

Church of St. Vincent - a landmark of Tossa de Mar, Spain

The Church of St. Vincent and the Chapel of Our Lady of Help, the savior of drowning, are impressive. There are carved statues of saints on the facade of the temple, and among the shrines is the Black Madonna. Sacred to Catalans, the Blessed Virgin, the grantor of wishes, is a copy of the relic from Mount Monserrat. The bell tower of the temple is decorated with a clock. They remind tourists by their booming that their journey is taking place in a delightful place.

Sa Riera Botanical Garden

La Riera Botanical Garden in Tossa de Mar

The Sa Riera Botanical Garden is also part of the gallery of attractions. The area of five hectares is divided into three zones. Here you can find century-old trees, dwarf, cork oaks, black poplars, subtropical Mediterranean vegetation. The Garden of St. Clotilde appeared in the 20th century. It captivates with its elaborate directions, natural amphitheater of plants, cypress alleys. Along the stairs descending to the sea, there are numerous ponds with fountains and fountains, sculptures, antique figures.

Statue of actress Ava Gardner

Tossa de Mar attraction in Spain - the statue of actress Ava Gardner

There are many monuments and sculptures in the old city. At the medieval wall is a bronze statue of actress Ava Gardner. In the middle of the last millennium, “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” was filmed here. As in the film, the girl in bronze, in a chic evening gown, looks out over the endless distance of the Mediterranean Sea. The Oscar-winning film diva loved the fishing village for its uniqueness. It was this that gave impetus to the further development of the resort.

Tourist attraction center

While visitors to the small town marvel at the grandeur and drama of the medieval architecture, exploring the sights of Tossa de Mar, regular vacationers enjoy the tranquility and comfort of coastal life. The friendly and hospitable locals offer a taste of traditional Spanish cuisine and local wines. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants, hotels with a truly European service. This city has no nightclubs and noisy crowds of young people, it leads a measured life and is designed for family or romantic holidays.

Tossa de Mar, Spain - recreation and entertainment

The resort area has several clean and picturesque beaches. The largest is the Plata Gran. This is the place of departure for tourists on boat trips and boats with a transparent bottom, in order to see and appreciate the diverse marine world of the Mediterranean.

The beach at Platjaa Mar Meruda is where divers congregate. From there they go on a fascinating underwater journey.

The rocky shore between Playa Gran and Maar Menuda is beloved by birds. Seagulls and cormorants are constantly rattling about. In honor of this “bird’s market” on one of the stone cliffs there is a sculpture of an albatross.

Tossa de Mar, Catalonia (Spain)The quiet and picturesque beach of Platja d’es Codolar is considered the pearl of the town. It is located directly under the walls of the fortress. The cozy bay, clear as a tear, the azure-colored water and rocky shore add to its uniqueness. A breathtaking panorama opens up if you climb one of the cliffs.

Holidays at the resort can be year round, the weather in Tossa de Mar contributes to this. But most tourists come here in June and September. This is the most favorable time for sea and sunbathing.

Five reasons to come to Tossa:

  1. To see the ancient town, the best preserved medieval buildings on the Costa Brava, and for fun – to participate in a knight’s tournament.
  2. See unique historical monuments of culture, architecture and art;
  3. to taste Spanish cuisine and local wine.
  4. Enjoy your vacation in a comfortable, quiet place with clean and picturesque beaches, from here you can visit other resorts of the Costa Brava.
  5. Restaurants and hotels in the resort have a lot of staff, people who speak Russian and English, so you can easily overcome the language barrier.

Holidays at the beach resort will enjoy exciting boat cruises, diving, hiking tours, plunge into history and get a lot of inexpressible emotions. This trip will be remembered for a lifetime. And whenever the fatigue of the big city makes you want to escape to the edge of the world, it is Tossa de Mar that will come to mind.

Tossa de Mar sights on the map

On the map of Spain, the small town of Tossa de Mar is located in the northeast of Catalonia in the province of Girona on the Costa Bravo. It attracts tourists by cozy bays, azure sea, rocky coast, clean pebble beaches and medieval monuments. It is a favorite destination for romantics and dreamers, art servants, diving enthusiasts and boaters.

The resort is located 90 kilometers from Barcelona (transfer takes 1.5-2 hours), adjacent to the cities of Girona, Blanes, Lloret de Mar. You can get to the resort from the airports in Barcelona or Girona by bus, train or cab.

Video tour of Tossa de Mar

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