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Toronto sights

Toronto is a major commercial and industrial center in Canada, with many attractions and interesting monuments.

Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. This city arose in the 18th century on the site of an ancient Indian settlement, the first colonizers of the area were the French. In those early days, the most desperate people, from British subjects to Russia, from the Irish to the Chinese, came to North America in search of a better life. Even in the last century, Toronto maintained its status as America’s premier immigration center.

Top 15 attractions in Toronto

A melting pot, mixing a variety of cultures and civilizations, gave birth to a new American civilization. We offer you a description of the most interesting sights of Toronto with photos and names.

CN Tower

This giant television tower was built in the 1970s, and for a long time it was considered the tallest tower in the world (over 550 meters). For the brave there is a large observation deck with a glass floor.

CN Tower - Toronto

Today this Toronto landmark has been overtaken in height by many other structures in the world, but the CN Tower continues to impress tourists with its power, strength, reliability and height.

Casa Loma Castle

This mansion was erected in the early 20th century for local English original Sir Pellat. Pretty soon he realized that the castle was very expensive to maintain and service, so without regret he sold it to a representative of the hotel business.

Casa Loma Castle - a Toronto landmark

In the 1930s of the 20th century Casa Loma Castle housed a hotel, and later it was transferred to the state. Today this building, built in the style of an ancient castle, is sometimes rented for various events (weddings, celebrations, etc.).

Young Street

This is a famous pedestrian street with restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, where tourists love to stroll. And a few centuries ago, before the colonization of America, this was the route used by several large Indian trails.

Young Street in Toronto

Today, this street is a popular tourist attraction in Toronto, known to every visitor who has ever been to the city. You can shop here during the day and indulge in entertainment at night.

Distillery District

This bohemian Toronto neighbourhood used to be home to breweries and distilleries, and the residents were appropriate. Today, there are art galleries in the old Queen Victoria-era houses, where there used to be industrial plants.

Distillery District in the City of Toronto

It hosts concerts of classical and contemporary music, first-class restaurants, the Distillery District has become a fashionable area, where it is prestigious to buy or rent a home, and tourists – to spend their vacations.

Old City Hall

The old building of this administrative building was built at the end of the 19th century. It successfully blended into the architecture of the city and very much loved by the citizens. When it came time to tear down the old city hall, Toronto residents stood up for the historic building.

Toronto's Old City Hall

Today the old city hall is recognized as an architectural monument of the city. The building has been restored and houses the city court. Against the backdrop of modern skyscrapers the old town hall in the Victorian style looks extremely advantageous.

Parliament of Ontario

The building was built in the late 19th century in the architectural style of the Italian Renaissance. Parliament looks simply luxurious, one can feel the presence in Canada at that time of Great Britain, which had great ambitions.

Parliament of Ontario in the City of Ontario

Marble from Italy, pink bricks and other valuable materials were used in the interior decoration of the building. The interior is decorated with precious wood, the windows are decorated with wonderful, masterfully made stained-glass windows.

Royal Museum

The museum is located in a building built in the style of ultramodern architecture. The visitor sees several geometric figures piled on top of each other, and between them a huge cold-colored crystal with many facets.

Royal State Museum - Toronto (Canada)

It seems as if an alien spaceship fell on the old building in the Gothic style. There are more than 6 million. exhibits ranging from archaeological finds to objects of art and everyday life. Be sure to check out this museum in Toronto.

Art Gallery

This gallery is one of the largest in all of North America. Her art collection is displayed in fifty large halls. Among the masterpieces are canvases by the classics of European painting by Rembrandt, Renoir, Rubens.

Art Gallery of the State - Toronto

Paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin and other famous modernist artists are widely represented. The organizers of the gallery have not forgotten the famous Canadian artists: Wall, Altmeida, Sullivan, etc.

New City Hall

In the 1960s, a new city hall building was built. Toronto authorities have previously announced a world-class competition for the best architectural design for the new city hall. It was won by the Finnish architect Revelle, who later became world famous.

Toronto's famous New City Hall

The building of the new City Hall is two huge towers, different in height. And in between is a low, rounded building where the city council meets as needed. The entire construction site was widely covered in the press.

Gardiner Museum

The exhibit of this museum was assembled by the Gardiner couple, donated to the city and displayed in the mid-1980s. The entire collection is devoted to ceramics and everything related to this craft and art.

Toronto - Gardiner Museum

Today there are more than 3,000 exhibits in the museum’s holdings. Of particular interest to visitors are pottery from the Native American tribes that lived here before colonization, as well as ceramics from the European Renaissance, China, Japan, etc.

Hockey Hall of Fame

All hockey fans from Russia surely dream of visiting this place. Toronto also worships this wonderful sport and its heroes, which is why they have gathered in this hall all the awards received by Canadian hockey players.

Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

The museum exhibit primarily tells the story of the formation and development of Canadian hockey in Toronto. Here you can learn a lot from the biographies of prominent hockey players, see their personal uniforms, skates, etc.

Rogers Center

This is a wonderful entertainment center, where it will be interesting to come on the weekend with the whole family together with the kids. The center includes a large sports stadium, a variety of shopping malls, a concert hall, and an excellent cafeteria.

Rogers Centre - Toronto (Canada)

The Rogers Center was built in the late 1980s and can seat 50,000 spectators. The building has a retractable roof, so many soccer or basketball games are played directly in the rain, as the rules stipulate.

Eaton Center

The building is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Many retail outlets and offices are located here. The father of the center is the famous businessman Timothy Eaton, who in the 19th century invented this huge retail chain in Canada.

The Eaton Centre is a Toronto, Canada, landmark

Everything began as a small family shop, which with the development of business began to gradually grow and expanded into a large store. Today you can find expensive boutiques from every American and local brand in the Eaton Center.


The people of Toronto are convinced that their zoo is the best in North America. Their zoo, indeed, covers a huge area and is home to an extremely large number of animal species. The whole thing is divided into several zones.

Toronto Zoo - an interesting place for children and adults

The Mayan Ruins area corresponds to Latin America in terms of climate, and animals from this climatic zone live here. Of particular interest is the “African Savannah,” as well as the pavilions of North America and Australia.

Lake Ontario

This lake is the smallest part of a huge system of Great Lakes stretching across the United States and Canada. Once upon a time the shores of Ontario were inhabited by tribes of the Huron Indians. In their language, “Ontario” means “Shining Waters.”

The City of Toronto on Lake Ontario

Today, the Great Lakes can also be visited in Rochester, Kingston, Hamilton, etc. Ontario has a well-developed shipping industry that is used for both passenger and cargo transportation as well as for tourism purposes.

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Toronto Maps

Toronto on the map of North America

The city of Toronto on the map of North America

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