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Top attractions in the U.S.

Every year a huge number of tourists from all over the world come to see the sights of the United States. After all, the United States is not only the center of world politics and culture, but simply a country with beautiful nature and unique man-made monuments.

Top 18 U.S. Sights

Anyone can find entertainment to their liking here. Some people like monuments of art and nature, while others are drawn to the bustling cities with large entertainment malls.

Statue of Liberty

Main U.S. landmark - the Statue of Liberty

The main symbol of the United States – the Statue of Liberty should see every traveler visiting New York. This iconic monument is a gift from the French in honor of the centennial of U.S. independence.

Inside the statue is a museum where you can learn about the history of the monument. The beautiful panorama of New York City from the observation deck on Lady Liberty’s head will also impress fans of mesmerizing views.

Golden Gate Bridge

A famous landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States

Among the most interesting monuments is the legendary Golden Gate Bridge, which is the calling card of San Francisco. It is hard to find someone who knows nothing about this bridge, because it is so popular in movies and often found in computer games and on photo wallpaper on the Internet.

The most amazing experience is to see the bridge in late summer or early fall, when it is enveloped in a shroud of fog when the temperature drops. It is worth noting that the bridge can be crossed on foot or by bicycle, which allows you to observe the magnificent urban and natural scenery.

White House

Famous Sights of the United States - The White House

Many U.S. landmarks play an important role in the nationhood of this country. So the White House in Washington is a popular tourist attraction, as well as the residence of the president.

Representing the might of presidential power, it looks like a real palace surrounded by beautiful parks. Made of Virginia sandstone and coated with a special lime mixture, the building looks snow-white, hence its name.


The Capitol in Washington, D.C. - U.S. landmarks

Very close to the White House is another important symbol of U.S. government power – the Capitol. Congress sits in this stunning snow-white palace at the very top of Capitol Hill.

The Capitol itself is surrounded by landmarks of U.S. national importance. Among them:

  • Library of Congress;
  • Residence of the Supreme Court;
  • Capitol Parks;
  • The Lincoln and Washington Monuments.

Fifth Avenue

U.S. Sights - Fifth Avenue

Probably one of the most famous streets in the world is Fifth Avenue. It is located in New York City, in Manhattan. This street is famous for its expensive boutiques from famous brands, museums, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, one of the largest Catholic churches in the United States.

You can also see the majestic Empire State Building, considered a modern wonder of the world, the world-famous New York Public Library and many other interesting sights popular in the United States. There is a lot to see for every tourist.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building - America's symbols and landmarks

If you get to Fifth Avenue, you just can’t help but visit the 102-story Empire State Building skyscraper, known to everyone since childhood. Everyone has probably seen King Kong from the popular movie climb this building.

If you go up to the roof, you can see the masts for airships, of which there are almost none left in the world. But the best view is from the observation deck on the 86th floor, and the accompanying plan shows the location of the city’s major landmarks that can be seen from a bird’s eye view.

Disneyland in Anaheim

The most famous attractions in the U.S. - Disneyland in Anaheim

In the town of Anaheim, located in California, there is a place where childhood conquered the adult world. Of course, it’s Disneyland. The very first, built in 1955 under the direction of Walt Disney.

The huge area of the park is divided into several thematic zones, in which any traveler, regardless of age, will delight himself with a variety of attractions, performances and an unusual fairy-tale atmosphere. You probably won’t find such colorful decorations anywhere else in the world.

The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign - U.S. landmarks known around the world

In sunny Los Angeles, one of the world’s most famous signs can be seen in the Hollywood Hills. The “Hollywood” sign was installed in the early 20th century to advertise houses under construction in the area, and originally looked like “Hollywoodland.”

These letters have been damaged and scrapped many times over the years, but are now restored and protected by law. There is no direct access to the sign, it is surrounded by a fence with video surveillance. So now the photo of a known design can only be taken from a distance.

Cloud Gate

The most famous landmarks in the U.S. - Cloud Gate in Chicago

Architectural landmarks in the United States are sometimes difficult to understand. Nevertheless, the most unusual creations always attract millions of visitors. An example of such monuments is a huge mercury drop made of mirrored sheets of steel sewn onto a frame.

The amazingly shaped monument is installed in Chicago’s Millennium Park Plaza. The peculiarity of this monument is its unimaginable shape and perfectly smooth surface, reflecting off everything as well as a mirror.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Prison - Photos and descriptions of places of interest in the U.S.

Near San Francisco, there is the world famous Alcatraz Island, which is now among the top major attractions in the United States. However, it wasn’t always so romantic. Since the 19th century, it has been a maximum-security prison where America’s most dangerous criminals were held.

The local prisoners were put to work from morning till night because the bosses were convinced that only labor would reeducate the prisoners. There is now a museum on the island where visitors can learn about the lives of prisoners, and see the cells of such legendary criminals as Al Capone (who wasn’t actually here).

Grand Canyon National Park

U.S. Natural Attractions - Grand Canyon National Park

The natural attractions of the United States do not lag behind the manmade in their uniqueness and beauty. Just look at the Grand Canyon, which stretches for 500 kilometers. It is the oldest National Park in the United States. It was once home to the Pueblo Indians, who still maintain their reservations today.

You can travel the Grand Canyon on foot, on horseback, or by special train. There is also regular rafting on the Colorado River. It is worth remembering that no matter how you travel, you will enjoy the local scenery immensely.

Yellowstone National Park

America's Best Sights - Yellowstone National Park

The most popular national park in America, Yellowstone, named after the river that runs through it, is located on a huge area. The area was formed several hundred thousand years ago on the site of an ancient volcano.

Here visitors can enjoy the view of more than 300 reservoirs and many geysers and thermal springs. The park is home to the Yellowstone Caldera, an active supervolcano whose eruption could change the climate of the entire earth.

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park - Sights of the United States

Major U.S. attractions also include national parks with unique archaeological sites. A prime example is Mesa Verde in Colorado. Here you can see the amazingly preserved buildings that belonged to the ancient ancestors of the Indians.

All the buildings look as if they are still waiting for their owners. In addition to walking through the village of the ancient Indians, you can listen to stories about the history of these places, as well as admire the picturesque nature.

The Rock of U.S. Presidents

Rushmore - Rock of the Presidents of the United States - famous landmarks

Speaking of places by which the country is recognized, it is impossible to miss the Mount Rushmore Monument. Carved on this mountain, the figures of presidents are 18 meters high, far visible from the surrounding area. Of course, there had been plans to make these figures full-length, but that idea was soon abandoned.

The figures of the four U.S. presidents were unveiled to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the United States’ independence. You can see this amazing monument in South Dakota, in the Black Hills Forest.

Niagara Falls

Popular U.S. Attractions - Niagara Falls

This natural wonder belongs to both the United States and Canada. Millions of tourists come to see the most picturesque views and unprecedented power of nature. The attraction itself is a complex of waterfalls stretching for a kilometer.

Geyser Fly

Geyser Fly - U.S. Natural Landmarks in Photographs

Some U.S. landmarks have arisen by accident as a result of human error. Thus, in Nevada there is an unusually beautiful geyser Fly, verbal description of which would be an empty exercise. It appeared while drilling a water well on the farm, when a geothermal pocket was accidentally penetrated and three jets of water containing minerals poured out of the bowels of the earth. Over time, this miracle evolved into an amazing relief of mineral rock.

Death Valley

Death Valley is a must-see in the U.S.

A unique place on the border of California and Nevada, since ancient times attracts tourists. Despite the extremely hot climate and the surrounding desert, Death Valley is very picturesque, the desert cracked ground combined with incredibly beautiful mountain scenery and snow-capped peaks. In addition, you can see the legendary moving stones on the territory.

Monument Valley

Major U.S. Natural Attractions - Navajo Monument Valley

A famous U.S. landmark, Monument Valley is located on the border of two states (Arizona, Utah) and belongs entirely to the Navajo Indian tribe. In ancient times there was a sea here, over time it began to dry up and in its place were formed deposits of sandstone. Under the influence of natural factors formed huge blocks, the height of which ranges from 12 to 300 meters. You can get to the valley on the only highway, it is impossible to get lost here. Fantastic and mesmerizing landscapes leave a lot of positive emotions in tourists and travelers.

Video overview of U.S. sights

U.S. sights on the map

Some sites are really difficult to get to on your own, so it’s best to rent a car in the U.S. or book a sightseeing tour.

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