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Tijuana attractions

Tijuana is located in Mexico, on the border with the United States. It is the third largest city in the country and is considered the largest in the state. There is a lot to see in Tijuana, so the administrative center is a success among tourists.

The best sights in Tijuana that every tourist should see

Jose Maria Morelos Park
Jose Maria Morelos Park in Tijuana.

Leaving the airport and entering the city, you can immediately begin to get acquainted with Tijuana, because to get around all the interesting places in 1 day is not possible. There is plenty of entertainment, shopping, cultural attractions and park areas for walking.

Large and beautiful Jose Maria Morelos Park

Parque Morelos is a favorite destination for Tijuana residents. Visiting this attraction is also recommended for visiting tourists. After all, this is not so much a park as a nature reserve located within the city limits.

It’s free to enter, and there’s a lot to see. The park has an active zoo where visitors can see jaguars, black bears, exotic birds and other animals that inhabit the region. There is also a small farm, a palm plantation and a botanical garden.

The local administration is allowed to set up tents and cook meat on special sites.

This attracts a variety of audiences, from families with children to friends. It often hosts entertainment events, concerts and various shows.

Plaza Monumental bullring

Not far from the U.S. border is a bullfighting arena. It is a rounded building of large dimensions, accommodating up to 22,000 people at a time. You can watch bullfighting in August and in October.

Church of Saint Mary of Guadalupe

A popular place for townspeople during religious holidays. The church, aka the cathedral, is located on a square in the center of the city and is considered an important historical landmark. The building has a rectangular shape with two towers with domes on the very top. Above the entrance is a full-length picture of the Blessed Mary.

Church of Mary of Guadalupe
The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located in the center of the city.

St. Cecilia Square

In Santa Cecilia Square there is a statue of the saint after whom it is named. This place regularly hosts musical events, because St. Cecilia is the patroness of music. The conditions for performing here are minimal, so many artists come here to talk about themselves and show their talent.


The minaret was built in the 1930s and was part of a larger complex. Such a building is not typical for these places, so it became a monument of architecture. Tourists will be interested to know that this object was originally used as a chimney for the laundry and boiler house, which were located inside its base.

Unusual Snail Garden

The Snail Garden is located in the center of town. It covers an area of 4,000 square meters.

More than 150 species of plants are cultivated in the garden, some of them are rare. Because of this diversity of flora, the Snail is often called a botanical garden.

In addition to plants, a great interest of tourists cause the sculptural copies of archaeological monuments, placed throughout the territory. Their presence helps you get a better sense of the local atmosphere and learn about the history of pre-Columbian times.

“The Snail” can be visited on your own, but it is better to pay for a guided tour, which can explain in detail and in detail about the sculptures and the garden.

Unusual Snail Garden
The Snail Garden is 4,000 sq. ft.

Kiro Arcada and Hidalgo Markets

The Kiro Arcade Market is located in the center of the city. Here you can buy handmade souvenirs from local artists. Artisans offer a large selection of leather, glass, wood and clay goods. In addition, at the market you can visit an art salon, talk to artists and buy something of their work.

Hidalgo Market is located on the outskirts of the city. On it, too, you can buy products made of different materials, as well as products from local producers. A visit to the market is a way to experience all the Mexican flavor and to get to know the people and life of this region.

For many, Hidalgo has become a second home. It is not uncommon to find vendors and artisans in the marketplace who have been passing on their business for decades. Therefore, there is an opportunity to buy products made according to old recipes.

But it is not only rare goods that attract tourists and locals here. “Hidalgo” is also famous for the fact that on its territory there is a chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This place is visited by many travelers.

Kiro Arcade Market
The Quiro Arcada market in Tijuana is full of tourists.

Avenida Revolucion

This is the Spanish name for the Avenue of the Revolution. It is located in the historic center of the city.

The street has existed almost since the founding of Tijuana. For half a century it has been a free trade zone. This contributed to the appearance of many entertainment venues on it. Interest in its facilities does not wane and constantly attracts many visitors, both locals and tourists.

Teniente Guerrero City Square

It is the oldest park in the city and was founded in the 1920s. It bears the name of Lieutenant Guerrero, who defended Tijuana during the state’s rebellion against pirates.

There is a fountain and several ponds in the park. But the main feature is the presence of a large number of plants, trees, including. palm trees, which create a cozy and peaceful place to relax.

Teniente Guerrero City Square
Teniente Guerrero Square with a fountain and ponds.

House of Culture

The House of Culture was originally a school, then the building was given to the military. After that, it was given a new purpose and became part of the cultural life of the city, in which local residents could spend their free time for creativity or various hobbies.

This place has a theater for 400 seats, there are various clubs and sections, a library and a gallery. The House of Culture is also equipped with a special platform for viewing the city and the neighborhoods bordering the United States.

Other architectural and natural attractions to visit in Tijuana

There are other places in town that are recommended for viewing:

  1. The “Road of Heroes” street is a good place to start exploring Tijuana. There are many architectural monuments on it.
  2. Cultural Center. More than 1 million people visit the center each year. It has a movie theater, plays, exhibitions, festivals and other entertainment and cultural events.

Popular museums in Tijuana

Those tourists who like to learn about life in the city through galleries and exhibitions will also have something to do. There are several of these places in Tijuana.

Wax Museum

There are three wax museums in Mexico, the largest being in Mexico City. But on a trip to Tijuana, you can also indulge in a visit to a similar exhibit.

The local museum was opened in 1993. Since then, its collection has grown to more than 80 figures, an increase every year. The 10 halls of the space feature famous criminals, actors, athletes, Native American tribal leaders and national heroes of the country.

Wax Museum
The wax museum has 10 rooms.

Tequila and Mariache Museum

This museum combines 2 components of Mexican culture, which are inextricably linked – traditional drink and folk music.

The consumption of tequila in the local tradition is practically impossible without the performance of mariace.

In addition to tasting the drink, you can see the musical instruments, learn about the origin of these two national symbols, and buy a record of mariace and favorite brand of tequila, so that then at home you can feel the culture and traditions of the country.

Trompo Interactive Museum

This is an unusual museum, where visitors can learn about technological advances in a playful way. For example, to observe your shadow, which will begin to live its own life, or to create a melody with the help of tiles, if you step on them. In addition to the scientific part, the museum often hosts concerts involving popular performers in the country.

Trompo Museum
The Trompo Interactive Museum has hundreds of attractions based on advances in modern science.

Amigos del Artes Local History Museum

If you want to learn more about the history of Tijuana, you can visit the local history museum. It contains old photographs, drawings of city buildings and documents.

Of the features of the place – on the second floor there is a gallery with fine art, divided into 2 departments. One holds artwork written by a man’s hand, the other by a woman’s hand.

Where to go with kids in Tijuana

There are tourist spots in Tijuana that the whole family can go to. In them, both children and adults can have fun and interesting time together.

Amistad Parkway

The park is on the east side and is the second largest in Tijuana. All the entertainment and attractions are located around a large lake. Amistad has many special recreation areas for young visitors. The park also provides a large selection of catering facilities.

Amistad Park
Amistad Park by the lake.

Parque Acuatico El Vergel Water Park

This tropical-style water park is one of the largest in northern Mexico. It has a large number of slides and water activities. There is a separate playground, where you can leave children with animators.

Interesting amusement park Mundo Divertido

Another place to visit with kids that is close to downtown. Mundo Divertido has many rides, pools and cafes. The park itself is located under the open sky, but for protection from the sun throughout the area are planted with palm trees, creating shade from their leaves.

Medical Tourism in Tijuana, Mexico

The city has a well-developed medical system. Tourists are attracted by low prices for treatment and a high level of services. Every year 2.5 million people come here for recreational purposes.

Here are some of Tijuana’s world-renowned treatment facilities:

  1. Gilenis Surgical Center. It is a private institution specializing in medical cosmetology and plastic surgery.
  2. Advance Medical Center. Among the main specialties are plastic surgery and hand surgery.
  3. Advanced Dental Solutions Dental Clinic. The main focus here is dental restoration. Many tourists from Latin and North America come here for this.

What to visit on the outskirts of Tijuana

Without going far from the city, you can relax in nature, swim in the ocean and see the local beauty of nature with their own eyes, not the photos in the tourist brochure.

Coronado Islands Archipelago

A visit to a rare bird sanctuary, which is what this archipelago is, will deliver a lot of unforgettable emotions. In addition to birds, animals such as whales, reptiles, and sea lions can be observed here.

Coronado Islands
The Coronado Islands archipelago is occupied by rare birds.

Tijuana Beaches on the Pacific Coast

There is a long chain of beaches in the northern part of the city, offering a dip in the waters of the ocean. The weather in the area is unpredictable – sometimes dangerous waves may rise on the water, then swimming will be prohibited. But on good, calm days on the beaches are always a lot of tourists, for which there are all conditions.

The famous Mexican resort of Rosarito

On the map you can see the resort of Rosarito located just 25 km from Tijuana, it is not difficult to reach. On it you can engage in various water sports, extreme sports and fishing. And the resort is worth a trip if only for the opportunity to look at the colored statue of Christ’s 23 m high.

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