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Tides of the Black Sea

The Black Sea is a favorite vacation spot for millions of Russians who decide to spend their vacations there. And this is not surprising at all. However, it still carries a lot of interest not only for vacationers, but also for scientists. Among the many problems that have long worried researchers is the tides in the Black Sea. We consider the issues of their emergence, dynamics, features.

And the Moon and the Sun

The process of the oscillation of ocean water (tidal waves) in some places on Earth reaching more than 19 meters, has long seemed to people something unusual, mysterious. Famous historical figures even called it “the breath of the planet.

Black SeaHowever, science has put everything in its place, explaining in detail the mechanism of the phenomenon. It has long been proven that the tide is the result of the reaction of the ocean water to the gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun. The tide, on the other hand, is characterized by a decrease in such influence and, consequently, a decrease in the level of sea water down to its lowest values.

Large-scale water rises can be observed in all seas. They take place simultaneously on opposite zones of the planet, which are placed around an improvised line facing both the Earth’s only natural satellite and the Sun. And since our planet is constantly in motion, several such phenomena can be observed during the day.

Tidal dynamics

The Black Sea shores are also subject to such an important process. However, tidal rises are hardly noticeable here. The size of the tides of the Black Sea is very relative.

Thus, the amplitude of such fluctuations on the eastern seashore, in the Georgian Batumi (Adjara), reaches a level of 13 centimeters. On the west coast, in Bulgarian Burgas, even less (10 – 11 centimeters). In turn, the rise of sea water near the Russian Crimea in general does not exceed 1 centimeter. And the most “record” indicators in this large body of water take place in Yagorlytskiy and Karkinitskiy bays. The tide there is 18 centimeters.

What’s the “trick”?

The Black Sea on the World Map

However, what can explain such a low level of tidal phenomena of this sea? Why doesn’t the Black Sea have big tides?

It turns out that in the Black Sea shores tidal processes occur, by and large, independently of the world ocean, where such phenomena have a much larger scale. The fact is that because of the very small area of such sea straits as the Bosporus, the Dardanelles and Gibraltar, the oceanic tidal waves simply cannot pass here and perform their respective global “functions.

The area and volume of the Black Sea itself is relatively small. It is replenished only by runoff from 17 major rivers, and the sea receives about 300 cubic kilometers per year. As a result, the small area of the sea is considered insignificant for large water rises to occur on their own.

Thus, there are tidal processes on the shores of our beloved sea. However, they are largely invisible, and in fact occur without the influence of the world ocean.

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