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The Temple of Truth in Pattaya

The Temple of Truth is an architectural complex in Pattaya that consists of the temple itself and the surrounding park. Inside and outside it is richly decorated with carvings of various Buddhist and Hindu deities as well as animals and vegetation.

History of the Temple of Truth

This iconic complex in Thailand began construction in the 1980s by a local wealthy man and is still going strong. The fact is that the carved wood is not treated with varnish, as a result, quickly degrades and requires restoration.

There is an opinion among the townspeople that the Temple of Truth in Pattaya will be built forever. A legend arose in the city that the master of the temple would die when the construction was finished, and he feared its completion. But he died a long time ago, and his son continues the construction.

The inner halls of the Temple of Truth

Inside, the Temple of Truth is divided into several halls, each devoted to a different branch of Buddhism practiced in India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and other Eastern countries.

The Temple of Truth in Pattaya on the map

In the construction of the temple metal nails were used only in the beginning, then they were replaced by wooden chips, as it was done in Russia. Inside the Temple of Truth you will see many wooden statues assembled in pieces or layers.


In the hall of Indian Buddhism are carved dragons spewing fire, fauna and flora symbolize the elements of earth and water, trees with swaying crowns – the air. Inside you will see many columns that used to be tree trunks.

Before making them, local Buddhist monks perform a special cleansing ritual to drive evil spirits, especially feminine spirits from tree trunks. Each tree is between a hundred and four hundred years old.


The Temple of Truth in Thailand

In the Chinese hall you can see several sculptures of bodhisattvas. It was people for the sake of saving humanity from its sins who decided to become buddhas. The story of the bodhisattvas closely resonates with the fate of Jesus Christ.


The Thai Hall is interesting with its many sculptures depicting seven avatars, each symbolizing a different day of the week. The largest sculpture symbolizes resurrection, the day of the week on which the current king of Thailand was born.


This room is about family values. In it you can see a sculptural group: husband, wife and four children. Here Buddhists make secret family wishes: rub the hand of the sculpture of a child for the addition of offspring, etc.

Supplements to the inspection

Temple of Truth - Pattaya (Thailand)

The full sightseeing program includes the following activities:

  • excursions with a Russian-speaking guide;
  • Riding elephants, horses, ATVs and kibbits;
  • Motorboat rides on the Gulf of Siam or paddleboat rides on the temple lake;
  • show at a local cafe;
  • Thai massage, etc.

Remember that the construction of the Temple of Truth never ends, so you can carefully study the work of the local wood carvers, they carve new and restore old sculptures, decorate the walls, etc.

Cost of a tour to the Temple of Truth

A visit and tour of the temple as part of a tour with a Russian-speaking guide, observing the work of the woodcarvers will cost:

  • Adult ticket – 500 Thai Baht or $15.22;
  • Children’s ticket is 250 Thai Baht or $7.61.

A boat ride on the Gulf of Thailand for about half an hour:

  • Adult and children tickets are 200 Thai Baht or $6.08.

Riding in a horse-drawn carriage:

  • Adult and children tickets are 100 Thai Baht or $3.04.

ATV rides:

  • Adult and children tickets are 100 Thai Baht or $3.04.

Elephant Riding:

  • Adult and children tickets are 250 Thai Baht or $7.61.

Thai massage – 120 Thai Baht or $3.65.

Temple of Truth - Pattaya (Thailand)

If you come to the Temple of Truth with your children, it is advisable to do it early – at 09 o’clock in the morning so that you can see everything and visit everywhere in a whole day. Here you can have lunch and have a little rest.

You can buy tickets to the Temple of Truth on the official website of this cultural attraction – www.sanctuaryoftruth.com or at the box office near the temple. If you book tickets in advance, you can save a little money.

How should one visit the Temple of Truth?

When you come to the temple grounds, you need to make a program for yourself, in consultation with a guide, and immediately buy a ticket for the tour, as well as all other interesting activities and entertainment. There is also a Russian-language themed brochure about the temple for sale.

Temple of Truth - Pattaya (Thailand)

From the gates of the temple complex directly to the Temple of Truth, tourists will get a ride in a kibitka. The cost of the “transfer” is included in the price of the tour. You will have your tickets checked and be issued a construction helmet for safety on construction sites.

The girls circle the tourists and other guests around the temple and then lead them to its front entrance. Next, visitors go through a program of their own choosing, after which it is sure to be useful and interesting to take a walk in the temple park.

Temple of Truth in Pattaya - prices, reviews

In the park you can go up to a large observation deck, look at a scaled-down copy of the Temple of Truth made of sand, there are also cafes, souvenir shops and many wooden sculptures.

Do not come to the Temple in openly provocative, very tight or transparent clothing, so as not to offend the worshippers and monks be sure to cover the naked body. You can rent suitable clothes near the Temple.

How do I get to the Temple of Truth?

The easiest way to do this is from downtown. In the direction of the Temple go blue tuk-tuks, they reach the Fish Market, pass by the fountain with dolphins, near it you can get off and then walk to the Temple a few minutes.

How do I get to the Temple of Truth?

It’s also not hard to move around on a tuk-tuk going the other way. It will not cost more than 10 Thai Baht for a passenger to take such public transportation. It is more expensive to take a cab, you will just have to show the cab drivers the Temple of Truth on the map.

Video overview of the Temple of Truth

The Temple of Truth on a map of Pattaya

The Temple of Truth on a map of Pattaya, Thailand

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