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The sights of the Minsk region

There are a lot of sights in Minsk region. The tourist does not need to head deep into the country in search of the unknown. Just drive around the capital and the capital region.

Top 8 attractions in Minsk region

The Republic of Belarus is a small state formed in 1991. The country is located in the eastern part of Europe. If you look at Belarus from above, you can see that most of its territory is covered by forests and swamps.

The country is in the border zone. Therefore, traveling through Belarus, you can meet echoes of different cultures.

Minsk region is the capital region of Belarus. There are more than 20 museums, 2 theaters, about 400 Christian churches and religious institutions of other denominations.

Attractions on the map

Khatyn Memorial Complex

A trip to the Republic of Belarus often begins with the Khatyn memorial complex. This land is saturated with the grief and sorrow of ordinary people.

Khatyn Memorial Complex in Minsk Region

The complex is located on the site of the village of the same name, which was here until 1943. On March 22, 1943, the Nazi invaders burned the village and its inhabitants (mostly old men, women, and children). This punitive action was indicative of the fact that a few hours earlier the Germans had been ambushed by partisans and had suffered significant losses.

Khatyn Memorial Complex

In addition to Khatyn, here are the names of the villages that were razed to the ground along with the population during World War II.

Historical and Cultural Complex “Stalin Line”

A line of defensive structures erected in 1928. The main purpose of this complex is to protect the Soviet Union from enemy attack. The line of fortifications stretched for more than 2,000 kilometers: from the Black Sea in the south to the Karelian Isthmus in the north.

Historical and Cultural Complex

There are expositions and attractions on the territory of the complex. The shooting gallery is permanently open for visitors. There is also an opportunity to ride on a real tank and fly a helicopter. For those who are hungry, there is a restaurant of national cuisine on the territory of the memorial.

Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “Zaslavl

This landmark of the Minsk region is located on the site of the ancient city of Zaslavl, built back in 985 by Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich.

Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve

The uniqueness of this museum is that the buildings and monuments have been preserved in their original form. On its territory you can find objects of ancient crafts: windmills, forges, pottery. There will also be something for the kids to do. There is a museum of morphology and forest, DOT and other interesting exhibits on the territory of the complex.

Belarusian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

An interesting open-air museum. This complex includes peasant buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries. Houses of different cultures and peoples who lived on the territory of modern Belarus are collected here.

Belarusian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life - a landmark of the Minsk region

Also here you can see the wooden churches and a large number of windmills. All the buildings of the museum are open to the public, so there are always a lot of tourists.

City of Rakov

Rakov is the Belarusian capital of smugglers. This is the fame that the city acquired in the early twentieth century, before the Second World War. At that time, Rakov was on the border between the USSR and Poland. This is what drove the locals to commit the crime.

The town of Rakov near Minsk

There are many places, churches, ancient structures, where you can go on a tour. It’s also hard not to notice a large rock as you enter. According to legend, if you put a paper bill in this stone, you will become rich. Here you can always find crowds of tourists who take photos with this landmark of the Minsk region.

Nesvizh Castle

Nesvizh Castle - architectural landmark of Minsk region

This palace and park ensemble is a UNESCO heritage site. It was built in 1583 by Stanislav Sirota and is considered one of the most beautiful castles in modern Belarus.

The original purpose of the castle was to protect its owner from enemy attacks. The entire complex is surrounded by all kinds of defensive structures: bastions, moats, and ramparts. Throughout its existence, the castle has been repeatedly rebuilt. Therefore, knowledgeable people immediately notice the intertwining in the buildings of different architectural styles.

Nesvizh Castle near Minsk

Near the castle are several monasteries, church, square with market and town hall.

Vyacha Reservoir

Vyacha Reservoir near Minsk

For lovers of outdoor activities in the Minsk region is also something to do. Many tourists prefer to visit the south-east of the capital, where there is a man-made reservoir – the reservoir “Vyacha”. On its banks are beautiful forests, which can be admired for hours. There are a lot of fish in the pond. Therefore, a fishing rod on a trip to “Vyacha” will definitely not hurt you. On the shore of the reservoir there are special places for recreation and camping.

The estate of Vladimir Dyatko

The house of the famous artist and inventor is located in the village of Lukashi, 20 kilometers from the capital of the Republic. It seemed worth traveling so far to see just one house? It’s definitely worth it.

The estate of Vladimir Dyatko in Minsk region

The inventor turned the homestead into a “fairy house.” On the walls you can find characters from various myths and legends. The walls themselves visually resemble the scales of a dragon.

And this is not all the interesting places in the Minsk region of the Republic of Belarus. Every year more and more tourists come to the country, because Belarus really has a lot of impressive places, and there is something to see for people of all ages and with different interests.

Video tour of the Minsk region

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