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The sights of the island of Zakynthos (Zakynthos)

The island of Zakynthos in Greece is an incredibly beautiful place, which is popular along with Cyprus and Rhodes. It is known among tourists for its clean sandy beaches, clear sea and the Greek traditions that permeate it. If you do not know what to see in Zakynthos, you should only ask the locals for a tour. Tourists are especially attracted to attractions that have preserved the complex history of the island. Unfortunately, in 1953 an earthquake destroyed most of the ancient buildings, but those monuments that have remained and those that have been restored, attract travelers from around the world.

Features of Zakynthos

Information about the island of Zakynthos in Greece

The total area of the island – 407 sq.m. Despite its small size, it is rapidly developing in the direction of tourism. The length of the beach area – 123 km, so there is somewhere to relax. The population is 40 thousand people. The capital of Zakynthos is a small town, but people come here all year round to experience the extraordinary atmosphere of the local color.

Zakynthos island - Greece

Since ancient times, Zakynthos has been called the “flower of the Mediterranean Sea”. Its beauty has inspired many writers and artists to create unique masterpieces. According to legend, even Artemis and Apollo were not indifferent to the splendor of this place. The place is unique in that nature has been preserved in its original form. On Zakynthos you will not find large factories and plants. Everything is covered with dense vegetation, and the scent of pine and magnolias is in the air.

The climate on the island

The large flow of tourists is largely due to the prevailing mild Mediterranean climate. The number of sunny days – 296, so vacationers come here all year round. It hardly ever snows here. It rains and pours only during the winter months. Even on the hottest days with high temperatures, the heat is not felt, thanks to the sea breeze and the abundance of greenery. The most comfortable months for recreation are June and September.

The main attractions of Zakynthos

Once you arrive on the island of Zakynthos, the sights will enchant even the most seasoned traveler. It is impossible to see everything at once, as they are unique and attractive in their own way. Even a small winery and olive oil factory in the area have become part of the cultural and natural heritage.

Blue Caves

Blue Caves - A Natural Landmark of Zakynthos

High stone arches, long grottos, blue transparent water of the cave strikes with its magnificence. The peculiarity of the place is that you can get here only by boat on the water. The landmark is located on Cape Schinari. Washing the local water is good for the skin, as it contains calcium and other beneficial minerals.

Scuba diving enthusiasts will especially appreciate the blue caves. At depth you can admire the corals. It is one of those places visited by local photographers, filmmakers and artists.

Temple of St. Dionysius

Temple of St. Dionysius - Zakynthos (Zakynthos)

The church was named in honor of a clergyman with a difficult fate. Faced with human malice, he was able to maintain his integrity and fairness. The temple impresses with its superb wall inscriptions and ancient icons on the walls. The relics of the saint are still kept in the church, and twice a year there is a great celebration of St. Dionysius’ day.

Marine Reserve

In the Marine Reserve of Zakynthos you can see turtles

In order to preserve the rare species of turtles, an ecosystem is specially created and protected by the government of Zakynthos. The attraction occupies an area of 13.5 hectares, and it is in this place you can feel alone with nature. Sometimes the turtles come out on the beach, so you can even take pictures with them. It is worth going to a desert island on a ship with a transparent bottom or go on an excursion with a local guide in search of rare animal species.

Water Village Water Park

Water Village Water Park - Zakynthos

The water park has slides and a pool for people of all ages. The place will appeal to those who like active leisure time. There are several cafes on the territory, where you can eat a snack or even a hearty lunch.

Ascos Stone Park

Askos Stone Park on Zakynthos

Zakynthos in Greece offers a visit to the attraction, which includes a biological and zoological area. Askos Park is a place where rare species of animals and plants are collected. All the buildings on the territory resemble the natural ones, so that the pets in captivity feel comfortable.

Transfiguration Monastery on the Strophades

The ancient Monastery of the Transfiguration on the Strophades is one of the pre-requisites of Zakynthos in Greece

The church was badly damaged during the earthquake, but was rebuilt by the locals. The monks were gathering in the monastery to hide from the pirates. Old buildings add to the peculiarity of this attraction.

Tourists who are fond of religion will also enjoy the monastery of St. Andrew, the Church of St. Paraskeva and the Church of St. George Gremnon. Looking around each church, the passage of time seems to stop. For connoisseurs of the beautiful open Maritime Museum and the Museum of Byzantine art. The island in Greece and its attractions are a paradise on earth, where you do not want to leave.

Resorts and Cities of Zakynthos

Already on arrival, you realize that every corner of the island – this is a resort area. Everything here is as if created for recreation and enjoyment. Every traveler will find something to do.


Agrassi is a resort town on the island of Zakynthos

Just 4 km from Zakynthos is the resort of Agrassi. This is a favorite place for tourists who like to have fun. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, stores, water activities and not only entices young people around the world. The taverns on the coast offer national cuisine so that travelers can experience the color of the village.


Tsilivi - Zakynthos Island

To the west of the capital is the unusually beautiful city of Cilivi. It is famous for its blue sea water, snow-white beaches and extensive olive plantations. Every year the resort is the recipient of the prestigious Blue Flag Award, which is given for the best maintenance of cleanliness of the seashore.


Zakynthos - the city of Alikanas

For sports entertainment guests of the island of Zakynthos go to the town of Alikanas. This is where all the extreme sports are concentrated. Especially impressive are the architectural buildings of the resort area, which conveys the grandeur of Greek culture.


Laganas on Zakynthos

The beaches of Laganas Bay occupy 9 km. This area is partly a marine reserve, so after dark, the entrance for tourists is closed. In the city you can have a great shopping in stores and boutiques with fashionable clothes.


The resort town of Vasilikos

In the southeast of the island is a quiet resort Vasilikos, which is more suitable for families. Clean beaches with pebbles and sand, gentle entrance to the sea, a small chapel and turtles strolling leisurely along the beach, have a measured pastime. The city has a reputation as the best place for diving.


Volime - photos and description of places of interest in Zakynthos

It’s a photographer’s paradise. The mountain slopes, covered with green vegetation, offer a view of the vast Ionian Sea. Volim has a unique market, which sells national goods and souvenirs, handmade by local residents.

Porto Doll

The magnificent Porto Koukla on the island of Zakynthos in Greece

The beach area is practically among the olive groves. This place is made for meditation and quiet time. There are national taverns in Porto Kukla. Tourists with wealth can afford a hotel room with a view of the sunset over the sea.

Visiting Zakynthos, what to see and where to go can always be found. It is suitable for people who are used to active tourism, as well as for those who want a break from the noise of the big city.

Video overview of the island of Zakynthos

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