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The sights of the island of Rhodes

For those looking for a mild climate and beautiful scenery, the island of Rhodes in Greece will open its warm embrace. Not for nothing it is called the pearl of the Mediterranean. Those who have already been here, confirm the validity of this title. The island of Rhodes has attractions for every taste. So no tourist has never left here unsatisfied. What can one of the most beautiful Greek islands offer to the demanding tourist?

Top 20 Sights of Rhodes

Excursions for a resort town are not surprising. You can join a group led by a guide and spend a pleasant time, learn a lot of interesting and informative from the stories of the guide. Or you can explore the sights of Rhodes on your own. For those who come here for the first time, this type of tour will be a bit difficult, so, first of all, you should make a plan of the places you want to visit. Below is a list of interesting places in Rhodes that are worth seeing.


Rhodes Island - Lindos

The city of Lindos, will help travelers to plunge into the world of history, to feel its spirit. The walls of a knight’s castle, the ruins of an early Christian church, and, of course, the Acropolis. It is very popular with tourists, so you have to be prepared for a large influx of people. The temperature in the city is quite high, so you should always have a decent supply of water and headgear. While visiting the acropolis you can join one of the tourist groups.

Fascinating stories of the guide will help to penetrate even more into the history of the place, plunging into ancient times.

Mandraki Harbor

Mandraki harbor - a landmark of Rhodes

This is the most famous harbor of the island. It owes its fame to the Colossus of Rhodes, which, according to legend, stood here. Mandraki Harbor offers tourists a great variety of interesting places to visit. Church of Evangelismos, Windmills, Rhodes Fortress. It is worth noting that almost all maritime excursions start from this harbor.

If you visit Liberty Square, the attention of tourists is sure to attract the main post office of the island, which was built during the early years of Italian rule. The ornate facade, carved sculptures – the look of the building is quite impressive.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley in Rhodes

Butterfly Valley is known all over the world. Although it’s really just a narrow park along the gorge, it’s well worth a visit. There is a special microclimate, the trees emit a pleasant fragrance. The place is truly magical, as if you get into another dimension. All who visited the Valley of the Butterflies, noted improvement in health.

The main inhabitants of the valley – the butterflies should be treated with caution and remember that it is better not to touch them with your hands. This can harm the insect and even kill it. Unfortunately, not all tourists follow this rule, so because of the great interest in the reserve, the population of butterflies was threatened. Many species are already listed in the Red Book.

Palace of the Grandmasters

Rhodes - Palace of the Grand Masters

The Palace of the Grandmasters in Rhodes attracts the attention of all those who are not indifferent to the Middle Ages. Those times are always associated with something mysterious and mystical. The Palace of the Grandmasters was left as a legacy from one of the influential knightly orders of the time, the Hospitallers. The palace is striking for its beauty and the power of its fortress walls.

In the halls, tourists will find mosaics on the walls, frescoes, stone carvings, handmade furniture and much more to see.

Rhodes Fortress

Attractions - Rhodes Fortress

It is the longest fortress in Europe. On its walls you can see the coats of arms of the Knights of Rhodes. You can also find people’s housing in the structure. The inner part of the old city has no inhabitants. Everything here is so well preserved from those times that one gets the impression that time has no power over these stones. The fortress was considered completely impregnable.

Ruins of ancient Kamiros

Rhodes - Ruins of ancient Kamiros

This place is considered an archaeological reserve. It is one of the oldest cities in Greece and also one of the most mysterious. For unknown reasons, all the inhabitants have left the city. Excavations that have been going on for centuries have not yielded answers to solve this mystery. The artifacts that scientists discovered in the ruins of Kamiros now adorn the collections of the British Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. There are several copies in the Louvre.


Prasonisi Peninsula in Rhodes

Prasonisi Peninsula is connected to Rhodes by a sandy isthmus. One of the lighthouses is located here. The landscape of the surrounding area is stony, but no less pleasing to the eyes of tourists. This peninsula is popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers due to the presence of constant winds. The waves here are truly impressive. For those who wish to try themselves in these types of entertainment, will provide a personal trainer.

Castle Monolithos

Monolithos Castle - Attractions of Rhodes

It is like an illustration to a fairy tale story. His image enchants and mesmerizes. The shape of the castle resembles an amphitheater, and it is difficult to imagine that this sophisticated structure in the past played the role of an impregnable fortress, and so successfully that no one has ever been able to capture it. The white-stone Chapel of St. John the Baptist. Panethleimon is still active today. At the foot of the mountain on which the castle is located, there is a beautiful beach.

Museum of honey and beekeeping

Rhodes - Museum of Honey and Beekeeping

To visit it, you must come to the village of Pastida. An informative tour will be very useful for tourists. Here you can buy natural pollen, honey sweets and observe the life of bees.

Mussolini’s Dacha

Rhodes Island - Mussolini's Dacha

It’s an abandoned cabin with an original legend. This place cannot be called popular with tourists. But if you want to be away from the crowd, to enjoy the beautiful nature and the silence you need to come here. Nearby is the Church of Elijah the Prophet. Mussolini’s dacha is not on the list of required tours. So those who want to visit this place, go on a trip alone.

Mount Filerimos

Mount Filerimos - Rhodes Island

Filerimos is the mountain on which the acropolis of the city of Ialys was located. Popular places among tourists that are located here are the monastery and the Church of St. Mary, the remains of the temples of Zeus and Athena, the cell of St. George. The view of the island from the top is breathtaking. The place is worth visiting for all those who came to Rhodes in search of an experience. The highlight of Filerimos is considered to be the peacocks. Here they walk free.

Old Town area

The sights of Rhodes - Old Town

The Old Town in Rhodes is considered a cultural site of world significance. And this is not surprising, because the city is very well preserved, in spite of its centuries-old history. Every street is worthy of attention. It occupies the eastern part of the peninsula. The beauty of the surroundings, the characteristic spirit of the Middle Ages. There really is a lot to see here.

Sulayman Mosque

Suleiman Mosque in Rhodes

The Sulaiman Mosque in Rhodes City is the first mosque on the island. It was named in honor of Sultan Suleiman, who conquered the island in 1522. The mosque was reconstructed in 1808. The appearance is in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of the Old Town. Nearby is the famous Turkish bazaar.

Embona Village

Rhodes Attractions - Embona Village

Embona will be of interest to wine connoisseurs. This village is considered the wine center of Rhodes. Picturesque places, favorable climate and grapes. Many of the wines produced here are known around the world. You can visit the winery and the winery with an organized tour, which is easy to book at a local travel agency. Otherwise, tourists are no barriers and can freely explore the vineyards.

The village of Syana

The village of Siana in Rhodes

Sjana, though a small village, is known for the fact that it is the site of the monastery of St. John the Baptist. Panteleimon. It also offers a large assortment of honey products, homemade wine and hand-embroidered cloths. For those who like to relax in comfort, there are several boarding houses. Guests are offered homemade wine and seaside cuisine.

Rodini Park

Rhodes (Greece): attractions - Rodini Park

It is located just three kilometers from the city of Rhodes and is one of the oldest parks on the planet. There are trees growing here that witnessed the times of Caesar and Cicero. The park was built by the ancient Romans. Here is the tomb of Ptolemy 1. Absolutely everything here is worthy of attention: the beautiful scenery, the valley of oleanders. Here you can also see sycamores. Those who visit Rodini Park will bring home worthy memories and photos.

Cells in Furnie

Cave Cells at Furnie Beach - Rhodes

On the west coast of the island, not far from Furnie Beach, are the cells of the early Christian period. To visit them will be interesting not only to people of faith, but also to connoisseurs of history. The surrounding area is interesting for its landscape and clean air. It is not crowded, so this tour will also be a great option for those who want to combine a trip with a quiet holiday in nature

Kahal Shalom Synagogue

Rhodes - Kahal Shalom Synagogue

Many pilgrim tourists consider the Kahal Shalom synagogue a must-visit. The unusual thing about the temple is that there are two aces of the Torah. The synagogue is decorated with plaques written in a variety of languages. The Kahal Shalom Synagogue is the headquarters of the Jewish Museum of Rhodes.

Apostle Paul’s Cove

Apostle Paul's Cove - The sights of the island of Rhodes (Greece)

St. Paul’s Cove will be of interest to those who profess to be Christians. Also, this place is a great opportunity to relax away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy contemplation of the beautiful views. Clean air only contributes to recreation. According to legend, this is where the Apostle Paul stopped on his way to Jerusalem.

Orfanidou Street

Rhodes - Orfanidou Street

This street is popular, keep an eye on the youth. There is a big cluster of clubs, bars. At night, it’s hard to call this place a street. Rather, it resembles a solid dance floor. For the more conservative vacationers on Orfanidou, there are also quiet and traditional cafes that offer guests natural coffee and Greek cuisine.

Video overview of the sights of the island of Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is not only beautiful nature and beauty of the landscape. Welcoming residents are always welcome guests. No matter what part of the world a person comes from, he will be given the attention he deserves. People are friendly and open to communication.

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