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The sights of Poreč

The pearl of the Adriatic coast is the Istria Peninsula. The beauty of nature and the purity of the water attracts holidaymakers here for thousands of years. As a resort, the place has been known since ancient times. How many people have spent vacations here since the era of ancient Greek cities. Today, the popularity of Istrian cities is only growing. Among the most famous is Poreč in Croatia. Its attractions – the sea coast, the medieval narrow streets and restaurants in the open air, all this resort with a long history.

Sights and interesting places in Poreč

The city of Poreč is frozen out of time and space – many historical buildings are so organically integrated into the current urban environment that they do not seem to be frozen monuments of history, they continue to live full-blooded life. Such a rare combination of modern life and the patina of centuries, give the city a romantic charm. Vacationers, if not swimming in the clearest sea, are busy looking for the sights of Poreč on the map.

Fortunately it is not difficult to find famous and UNESCO-protected monuments of antiquity and architecture. The list of places famous among tourists, worthy of admiration for the variety of presented eras, historical periods.

Euphrase basilica - a historical site of Poreč

The most famous, the main one is the early Christian Euphrasian basilica. Be sure to check out this architectural monument. Especially the beautiful mosaics from the sixth century. Despite its age, the colors remained bright, as if the Byzantine masters had finished their work only yesterday. The basilica building is sometimes used for classical music concerts. On days like this, history and art are intertwined.

The Old Town of Poreč, Croatia

Old Town – houses built in the city of Porec, often have the foundations of ancient buildings. Individuals can boast the age from the ancient era – in the days of ancient Rome, the city built many villas. The paving of some of the streets is also from antiquity, the Middle Ages, antiquity. And the whole thing doesn’t look frozen. The city retains its history, but it looks so unusual, as if you move in a time machine.

Decumanska Street in Poreč, Croatia

Decumanus Street – the name comes from “decumanos”. This was the name of the Roman road to the forum. In the ancient period it was the main street of the city. The street originates from the Pentagon Tower, no less a landmark.

City fortifications in Poreč, Croatia

City fortifications – Being located at the crossroads of Europe, constantly falling under the auspices of one state or empire or another, in the fifteenth century Poreč acquired external fortifications. The remains of the fortifications look picturesque, there are places worthy of an artist’s brush. For example, the North Tower, which stands apart and also dates back to the fifteenth century.

Temple of Neptune in Poreč, Croatia

Temple of Neptune – the ruins of an ancient temple worthy of a separate visit. Every stone there bears the imprint of the past. Surprising and worthy of respect, the attitude of citizens to the history of their small but such an ancient city. The cleanliness and care of the ancient monuments is amazing.

Poreč (Croatia) - home of the two Saints

Note the House of the Two Saints is an architectural and historical monument, built in the Romanesque style, presumably at the end of the fourteenth, beginning of the fifteenth century.

It is impossible to list all the memorable places and attractions, because Poreč is an ancient city. There is something in every corner that is important to world history or architecture.

Rest and Recreation in Poreč

In Croatian Poreč you can not only see the sights, but also relax. The resort attracts a variety of leisure activities, clean sea water, excellent Mediterranean cuisine – all this allows you to spend an unforgettable vacation, fill it with strong emotions. After a short vacation in a place like the resort with a set of entertainment for any group of holidaymakers, there remains a huge baggage of memories.

Water park in the resort of Poreč

In Poreč you can spend a family vacation with children, a honeymoon for honeymooners, an active vacation for extreme tourists, a beautiful vacation at the sea beach or dedicate yourself to the study of the history of the Mediterranean. All kinds of recreation are represented, to choose from, and all within a relatively small area.

Shopping for the ladies, sea bathing for children, excursions for lovers of antiquity – also widely represented are short cruises to neighboring towns in Istria and Italy. There are special routes by sea to Venice, which allows you to combine business with pleasure. Also offer tours of the islands, there are plenty of them near the peninsula.

Holidays in Poreč, Croatia

Fishing, and trips to small islands. Small trips to Trieste (Italy) or other cities in the neighborhood. In Croatia, you will not be bored, the country is a paradise for tourists. In this case, the level of service will pleasantly surprise even the sophisticated and spoiled. And the prices will please even students or families with children. For each type of vacation you can choose a hotel, apartment or hostel.

For those who like active recreation – water parks, trails through natural parks, beaches and boat trips. Small tours to the islands for fishing. There is a great opportunity to learn to dive, diving in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. Or spend your vacation exploring the peculiarities of Mediterranean cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes.

Where to stay in Poreč?

  • Hotel Village Laguna Galijot – four stars, price from 88 euros for two persons. Will be pleasant for beach lovers in the most comfortable conditions.
  • Hotel Laguna Istra – three stars, room rates from 47 euros for two. There is a program of sports entertainment.
  • Large selection of private apartments – three stars, prices from 47 euros and above. The apartments have a large range of additional services, up to individual tours, for a separate price.

How to get to Poreč?

  • Air service is by plane to Zagreb, the distance from it to Poreč is 264 kilometers.
  • An air flight to Pula, Croatia is the nearest airport.
  • It is possible to fly to Venice, and from there by sea to Porec, the most romantic way to see two cities at once.
  • It is also a great option to travel by car, car rental in Croatia is well developed. The road to Poreč goes through the beautiful places of the Istrian peninsula.

Whichever option you choose, in any case – vacation in Poreč, on the Adriatic coast will not be forgotten.

Video overview of the city of Poreč

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