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The sights of Mozyr

If you are a friend of winter, if snow and skiing are a good way to get away from the frantic rhythm of modern life, go to the Belarusian Mozyr.

Winter holidays in Mozyr

The clean, crisp air gives you strength and vigor. Here you can open a factory for packaging the smells of wind and snow to distribute them to those who stand for hours in the traffic of megalopolises. This is a place of attraction for lovers of outdoor activities. Ski slopes have a powerful magnetism. If you visit Mozyr once, you will definitely come back here again.

Mozyr, Belarus

Because of the peculiarities of the relief, this picturesque town on the hills is called the Belarusian “Switzerland”. The ski complex is located in the center, surrounded by birch trees. This location is convenient for both residents and guests of the Belarusian city. Ski tracks, there are two, have different lengths and degree of complexity. Therefore, you can rest and ski can both professional athletes and beginners alpine skiers. Classes with experienced instructors will noticeably shorten their downhill training time. Special equipment helps keep the slopes in excellent condition throughout the season.

On the territory of the complex are open rental equipment and inventory. Great to relax here will be able to fans of snowboarding and snowmobiling.

The main trail, which is more than 300 meters long, is equipped with a convenient chairlift.

Winter Mozyr in Belarus

There is an ice rink, a hockey rink. In summer, the complex operates attractions, tennis courts, there is a golf course, equipped with lanes for roller skating, bicycles, and gyroscooters.

Interesting places in Mozyr

Mozyr, a southern Belarusian town in the Gomel region of the Republic of Belarus, has a unique history. The first mention of it in the “Chronicles of the Bygone Years” dates back to 1155. By combining photos of the sights of Mozyr, you can create a large video album with detailed descriptions.

Mozyr Castle, Belarus

Mozyr Castle is considered a historical center. It housed a palace, the Church of the Holy Savior, and outbuildings. The structure, built in the 16th century, has been repeatedly destroyed, but revived and rebuilt. But after a fire in the 17th century, the ruins remained in its place. To build a scaled-down copy of the castle was possible only in 2008, to the 850th anniversary of the city. The hill on which it stands is classified as an archaeological reserve and is protected by the state.

Today the historic center of Mozyr is often visited by tourists, fans of stylized events and folklore festivals. The castle became the site of folk crafts fairs.

Cathedral in the name of St. Michael the Archangel in Mozyr

The Cathedral in the name of the Holy Archangel Michael is considered the jewel of the city. The Orthodox church is the tomb of the famous Askerok family.

Church of St. George in Mozyr, Belarus

Another temple built by a private entrepreneur Aizakovich in honor of St. George the Victorious is attributed to the recent history of the city. St. George Church was built on the Mound of Glory, where city residents come to worship the defenders of the homeland who died in the Great Patriotic War, as well as all the soldiers who defended their native land. On the sacred mound installed 45-meter stele and a cube with a howitzer, a common grave and an eternal flame.

For the inhabitants of the town, the war period is 875 days of occupation by the enemy troops, tens of thousands of dead Muzyr soldiers and partisans. The townspeople keep the memory of these terrible events sacred.

Mozyr ravines - a natural attraction of Mozyr in Belarus

What else to see in Mozyr

It has everything for a comfortable holiday: hotels, cafes and restaurants for visitors with different budgets.

  • The brewery, which produces non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages, has kept its traditions alive for almost a century and a half;
  • the river station provides river transportation on the Pripyat;
  • state landscape reserve “Mozyr ravines”, is located on the territory of the urban settlement, here you can see rare plants listed in the Red Book.

Mozyr is rich not only in historical monuments. It is a beautiful modern city, with many corners that attract the attention of travelers, created by the hands of citizens. It falls in love from the first minute with its amazingly manicured streets, abundance of greenery and bright flower beds, numerous landscape figures and statues.

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