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The sights of Mogilev

On the bank of the Dnieper River in Belarus is the city of Mogilev. Tourists come here to get acquainted with its centuries-old history and to see with their own eyes the beautiful sights of this city. Many historical monuments, unfortunately, have not survived to this day, but those that have remained, admire its architecture and can tell a lot about the city. Sights of Mogilev and Mogilev region will be of interest for connoisseurs of history and orthodox churches.

Top 5 attractions in Mogilev

Mogilev is not the largest city in Belarus with a population of more than 300,000 people. However, it has a long history, so you can find many interesting monuments of architecture and culture in the streets of the city.

Drama Theater

Mogilev Drama Theater - sightseeing

Construction of the theater was completed in 1888. The building was built entirely of red brick in the Byzantine style. This building is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in the city, and even a photo with a description can not convey all its splendor. The theater can hold up to 500 spectators at a time. Premieres and plays are still staged here today. At the entrance to the theater you can see an unusual sculpture.

The bronze lady with a dog has become a trademark of the theater, and many people associate her with Chekhov’s heroine, but according to the sculptor, he was inspired to create the masterpiece by Natalia Goncharova’s image.

Cathedral of the Three Saints

Cathedral of the Three Saints in Mogilev

Among the most famous attractions on the map of Mogilev is the Cathedral of the Three Saints. It bears its name in honor of Gregory the Theologian, Basil the Great, and John Chrysostom. Surprising shape of the temple, it is made in the form of a huge cross and has three entrances on different sides. The church is active. Parishioners can see here a number of unique icons that have protected the city for centuries. The temple was one of the favorite places to visit Nicholas II, who visited it during World War I.

Cathedral of the Three Saints in Mogilev (Belarus)

In 1961 the church was closed, the domes and bell tower were demolished, and a factory club was set up in the building. Dancing evenings and film screenings were held under the vaults of the church. And only three decades later, thanks to the efforts of Archbishop Maxim, the church was returned to the faithful. The temple was restored and icons and shrines returned. In 1989, the church was re-lit and began to receive parishioners.

St. Stanislaus Cathedral

Interesting place in Mogilev - the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus

Among the interesting places in Mogilev, which must be visited, you can highlight the Church of St. Stanislaus. The Baroque temple dates back to the 18th century. There is a unique collection of medieval frescoes that have no analogues in the world. The history of the church’s construction is shrouded in mystery and inaccuracy. Some read that the temple was laid at the site of the murder of a local tyrant, an aristocrat who robbed the residents and caused regular debauches.

St. Stanislaus Cathedral - Mogilev

The townspeople, tired of his attacks, killed the villain, and the King of Poland, enraged, ordered the townspeople to build a temple at the place of the death of the nobleman. In doing so, the ruler ordered bricks from residents’ homes and stoves to be used for construction. Historians cannot confirm this legend, but the fact remains that bricks of different sizes were found in the foundation of the temple, and some of them were burned.

St. Nicholas Monastery

St. Nicholas Monastery in Mogilev

The shrine is a World Heritage Site. The monastery is active. At the entrance to the monastery attracts attention a high stone fence and the faces of the saints, which decorate the walls. When going on an excursion, take care of the right clothes. Women are not allowed in here in pants and without a headscarf, and men are not allowed in here with a headdress. If you do not have time to change, you can take the necessary clothes for free at the entrance to the shrine.

St. Nicholas Monastery - Mogilev

On the territory are located the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Church of St. Onufry the Great, the chapel, the bell tower and the building for the accommodation of the nuns. A special attraction here is the four-tier iconostasis, which was created in the 17th century using a unique wood-carving technique. The iconostasis has been restored and is now presented in its original form. Surprisingly, the temple features the face of Nicholas II, who was canonized by the church in 2000.

Sights of Mogilev - St. Nicholas Monastery in Mogilev

There are holy graves in the yard. This is where Archbishop Maxim and Abbess Eugenia were buried, thanks to whom the shrine was restored and returned to the faithful. Today the church has a Sunday children’s school and a youth choir.

George Konisky Palace

The Palace of George Konisy in Mogilev

If you have been in Mogilev, you must see the Palace of George Konisky. Here lived and worked the glorious Archbishop G. Konissky, who gave 40 years of his life to the Belarusian people and the Orthodox Church. The building, unfortunately, has survived only partially, but even this part is admirable.

During the Revolution, this unique house was inhabited by the working class. Much was looted and destroyed. The building was later returned to the church and today houses a library and museum. The library’s archives hold unique documents and photographs of the Romanov family.

The Palace of George Konisy in Mogilev

Gregory of Konisky became the first saint of Mogilev. In honor of the archbishop, after his canonization, a Cross was erected on Bishop’s Wall. These days the palace hosts an annual festival of sacred music.

What to see in Mogilev in 1 day

Mogilev City Hall

Going on a trip to Mogilev, each tourist can make his own list of attractions that he wants to see. However, if you are passing through town and only have one day to see the sights, start your tour with the town hall. The town hall made of stone was built in the 17th century. Before it, the city had several wooden town halls at different times, which burned to the ground due to various circumstances.

During the Second World War, the building was badly damaged and was about to be demolished. However, as a result of long negotiations, it was decided to restore the building. The inauguration of the restored landmark took place in 2008. In the building of the town hall is a museum of the city. Here is a complete history of the foundation and development of Mogilev. Among the exhibits are unique documents that date back 10-15 centuries.

Tula Yard in Mogilev

If you walk from the City Hall along Lenin Avenue, you can get to the Moskovsky and Tulsky Courtyards. Here the walls of houses, playgrounds and pedestrian zones are stylized by artists to resemble these major cities. The attraction, though modern, is very interesting to visit. If you go a little further, you can find yourself in the Plaza of the Stars. In the heart of the square stands the figure of the stargazer.

Continuing on Lenin Avenue, you will reach the Palace of Konisky, the Drama Theater and the Church of St. Stanislaus. After seeing these sights, turn to Pervomayskaya. This street will take you quickly to the Church of the Three Saints, and from there you can drive to St. Nicholas Monastery.

Buynichi village near Mogilev

If you still have time and energy, do not hesitate to go to the village Buynichi. There is a cultural and entertainment complex, which can be visited by the whole family. In the evening, take a walk in Pechersky Park, and when darkness falls, go back to Star Square, where a real spectacle of light begins.

The sights of the Mogilev region

Mogilev region is rich in historical attractions. It includes several ancient cities that can be explored on a trip through the area.

Sights of the Mogilev region - Bobruisk fortress

The city of Bobruisk attracts special attention. Here tourists can see the remains of the Bobruisk fortress. The structure was erected more than 200 years ago, on the eve of the war with Napoleon. The casemates, bastions, barracks and other rooms have survived. Today the fortress is abandoned, but history buffs are not prevented from coming here on their own and examine the remains of the great construction.

Beaver Monument in Bobruisk

You can also see a monument to the Beaver in Bobruisk. Remarkably, it is this animal that gave the city its name. For centuries, local residents hunted beavers, so the animal was the only breadwinner for the townspeople. Locals believe that if you rub the monument and make a wish, it will definitely come true. Interestingly, there are several other monuments to this animal in the city. In residential yards and parks you can find a beaver on a bench or see a wooden sculpture of the beast.

Chodkiewicz and Sapieha castle in Mogilev region

When you come to the Mogilev region, be sure to visit the city of Bykhov. There is a unique architectural monument Chodkiewicz and Sapieha castle. The structure dates back to the 16th century. In those days, the castle served as a defensive structure, which could withstand the most furious sieges of the city for a long time. Today the castle is under reconstruction, but this does not prevent tourists to examine it.

Sights of Mogilev and Mogilev region - a manor in the village of Zhilichi

Another place where you can go on your own is the village of Zhilichi. Here, surrounded by a huge forest park, the unique Bulgakov estate spreads out. No, this is not the dwelling of a famous writer, the Bulgakovs have nothing to do with Bulgakov, they were significant political figures in the history of the region.

The palace is famous for its unique architecture, artificial ponds and exotic plants planted in the park. These days there is an active restoration of the castle. It already has an art school and museum, and the church is being repaired. This place is a favorite for photo shoots with newlyweds.

Church of St. Anthony in the village of Kniazhitsy, Mogilev region (Belarus)

Just 15 km from Mogilev there is a small village of Knyazhitsy. The church of St. Anthony is located here. The building is unique in its architecture and rich history. The first monastery was built of wood, later in the course of numerous restorations and repairs, a stone palace was erected.

In 1832 the monastery was closed, and 50 years later it was converted into an Orthodox church. However, the temple was also abandoned; since 1965 it no longer welcomed parishioners and its bells are silent to this day. Today, the building is considered emergency and can only be inspected from the outside.

Video overview of the sights of Mogilev

Sightseeing map of Mogilev

The virtual map will help you not to get lost in the city and quickly make a route to the sights of Mogilev.

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