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The sights of Bialystok

Poland is famous for its interesting cities. One of these places is rightly considered Bialystok – a small town with a population of 300 thousand people. It is located near Warsaw, so tourists can combine visits to local attractions. Thanks to the location of Bialystok in an ecologically clean area, it is often called the “lungs” of the country. Forests and lakes have made the city an ideal place to live.

Top 7 attractions in Bialystok

The atmosphere of the city encourages you to explore monuments, architecture, theaters, and parks. Bialystok sights with addresses for tourists kindly provided by locals. Already from the first minutes of communication with people, you understand how they love and appreciate their city.

Synagogue Päskover

Piascover Synagogue in Bialystok

A new building was erected on the site of the old synagogue in 1893. The rectangular building with a square central hall struck the inhabitants of the time with its originality. Even today, the place is common in hiking trails. From the building of that time we can see only two columns that support the synagogue ark and gallery.

Branicki Palace

Branicki Palace - a Bialystok landmark

The late Baroque palace building stands out noticeably among the nearby buildings. The luxurious architecture of the exterior is not inferior to the interior. Today, the Medical University was opened on the basis of the palace. The first thing that catches the eye of travelers are the individual sculptural compositions at the entrance, the elegant moldings and the name monogram. The three-story structure is not similar to the Palace of Versailles itself.

The palace is located in a clean park. You can get into the middle through the front entrance gate.

St. Roch’s Church

St. Roch Church in Bialystok

The church, located in a picturesque place on the hill of St. Roch, functions as a functioning Roman Catholic church. There used to be a Catholic cemetery here. Architect Oskar Sosnovsky won the competition for the opportunity to design the future cathedral. A 78-meter bell tower with the image of the Virgin Mary on top towers over the presbytery. Colored stained glass provides access to sunlight in the middle of the building.

Puppet Theater

Bialystok Puppet Theater

When visiting Bialystok, there is always something to see with children. In the local puppet theater on Teatralnaya Street you can attend fun performances. It is not necessary to know the Polish language. Emotions, intonations and body language of actors and puppets will convey the character of any work. The repertoire of the puppet theater is translated into Polish works of world classics.

Old Farny Church

The Old Farny Church - a historical landmark of Bialystok

The old building consists of two important landmarks of the city: the Church of the Virgin Mary and the old church. The Old Farny Church was rebuilt in red brick in the late Gothic style. At the beginning of the last century, more than 10 thousand people came here, so it was decided to expand the building. Inside you will be impressed by the ancient altar.

The crypt of the temple holds the remains of the ashes of its founders and other clergy. On weekends you can hear organ music from the building.

City Hall

City Hall in the center of Bialystok

One of the most visited attractions in Bialystok is the City Hall. It is worth noting that government officials have never been based here. It has always been home to stores and sales halls. At one time the town hall tower was used by the fire station to survey the situation in the city. The building was badly damaged during the war, but in 1958 it was completely rebuilt.

The beautiful white-stone building with a red roof is often seen on postcards and sightseeing programs. Tourists come here to visit the Podlaska Museum, which functions in the middle of the town hall today.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral in Bialystok

The cathedral is now the main place for Orthodox Christians to visit. It is a striking example of late classicism in Poland. In the 19th century there was a need to build a temple because of the increase of Orthodox residents. Inside, the walls are framed by simple but laconic frescoes. Despite the lack of non-standard features of the building, there are always a lot of people here on church holidays. Parishioners note that in the middle people experience a sense of calm and tranquility.

Pope John Paul II visited St. Nicholas Cathedral in 1991 as a mark of respect. After this event, a plaque was placed on the wall of the cathedral.

Shopping in Bialystok

The range of goods that can be purchased in the city is enormous. When visiting Bialystok in Poland with sights to remember for a long time, be sure to make time for shopping. Interestingly, people from Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia and Russia come here for different groups of goods. The stores regularly arrange lucrative promotions and sales. Visit major shopping centers and you are sure to find shopping to your liking.

Shopping in Bialystok - a variety of stores and shopping centers

Do not forget about the clothing markets in Bialystok. The prices here are nice, and the goods can be found at good prices.

Bialystok cuisine

Polish, Russian, German and Baltic cuisine influenced the taste preferences of the inhabitants of Bialystok. The dishes, which are ubiquitous in the city’s restaurants, are not particularly refined. It’s quality food with skillful use of seasonings and spices.

Great food in Bialystok

If you do not know what to see in Bialystok, go to one of the places where they cook national dishes. Here you will be offered roast veal, ham, spicy homemade sausage, loin baked with potatoes and fried chicken with sour cream sauce.

Of the first courses, goose blood soup or pickle soup is especially famous. Vodka is the most popular alcoholic drink among the citizens of Bialystok, although women will enjoy the local tinctures and liqueurs.

Among the places worth visiting are the Cristal bar and the Lipcowy Ogrod restaurant.

Prices for holidays in Bialystok

Some avid travelers deliberately do not stay in Warsaw, understanding the benefits of staying in Bialystok. The cost of services here is much lower than in the regional center. The number of visitors in the city is less, so for food, clothing and even souvenirs do not have to overpay.

The most economical type of housing is considered to be a hostel. Some sightseeing programs provide accommodation in one of the hotels of the city. If you come to Bialystok, the attractions do not necessarily involve expensive fees. In addition to seeing street sculptures and parks, there are places to go for minimal money. In other words, there is something to visit people with different levels of income.

Video overview of the sights of Bialystok

Bialystok is an interesting place that is filled with the spirit of history. Once you’ve been here, you’ll want to take a piece of the city with you so you can remember the moments you’ve experienced over and over again.

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