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The Russian Visa Center in Poland was opened

Recently two visa centers were opened at once in Poland, where it will be possible to get a Russian visa. Visa centers opened in Gdansk and Warsaw. In addition, an office was opened in Olsztyn to receive documents.

Special Invisa Fiduciary Services Sp. will be accepting applications from those wishing to obtain a Russian visa, and a one-year contract has already been signed with this firm.

However, the opening of visa centers does not mean that they will be the only way to get a visa. Polish citizens will still be able to apply to consular centers located in major Polish cities.

Not so long ago Poland also opened a visa center in Russia, so such a policy is the most real way of mutual cooperation, which should bring a certain success. However, it is possible that this scheme of cooperation may change in the future to make the work of visa centers more correct.

Visa centers perform only the technical side of visa processing, while the decision to issue a visa is made exclusively in the consulate of the Russian Federation. The opening of visa centers did not deprive citizens of the opportunity to apply directly to the consulate of the Russian Federation.

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