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The most popular tours in Phuket

For tourists, Thailand is always full of mysteries and amazing experiences. A big role in this is played by the numerous excursions that are offered when buying a tour, at the airport, at the reception desk in the hotel and even near the entrance to the hotel. The number of attractions in the country is huge, to get to some interesting places without a guide is difficult, but you can find options where tours from Phuket will cost less than traveling alone.

Excursion options from Phuket

They are divided into review, designed to visit local attractions and outbound, with a visit to the islands of the archipelago. Trips to the mainland and neighboring countries are also in demand. Choosing which excursions to visit in Phuket, you should take into account that the list of attractions can overlap. To do this, it is worth checking out the sightseeing program beforehand.

Phi Phi Islands

Phuket's Phi Phi Island Tour

From Phuket to the islands of Phi Phi Phi about 40 km. The way only by sea, so that during the trip a wonderful experience of maritime beauty is provided. Excursions are offered for 1 and 2 days. The price difference is significant because of the cost of the hotel for the overnight stay. For the day tour will ask 1300 baht, a more detailed version will cost 3300 baht.

The list of attractions includes:

  • beaches, fully described as paradisiacal, where white sand flows smoothly into the turquoise smoothness of the waves;
  • viewing platforms and the view from them over the picturesque surroundings;
  • monkey beach with its unique inhabitants and great photos with them;
  • Viking cave with original rock paintings.

The two-day trip includes a visit to a unique fire show starting at sunset. Tourists are offered to rent equipment for snorkeling, diving, rock climbing.

Similan Islands

They are often compared to the Caribbean. Excursions to the Similan Islands take 2 full days because they are much farther away than Phi Phi. Trips are organized with an overnight stay in a rented bungalow or tent. Entrance to the reserve is open from October to April. Nature has preserved its pristine beauty, and rare animals and birds live here, including flying foxes, Nicobar and bicolor fruit pigeons, and turtles.

The archipelago consists of 11 islands, 9 marked with serial numbers, and 2 are so small that they are not even given numbers. Some of them are closed to the public. You can come to Miang, Tachang, Banggu. Hin Pusar attracts attention with its unique shape, it is very popular for photos and videos from boats and boats.

Excursion from Phuket to the Similan Islands

Almost all of the islands have diving spots that are considered the best in the world. The rich underwater world, a huge number of grottos and hidden caves, coral reefs, a stunning variety of marine life attract experienced masters and beginners.

Fans of beach holidays are waiting for excellent conditions for an even tan and comfortable bathing at the best beaches in Thailand.

Entrance to the reserve is paid, the cost for foreigners is 500 baht. It is more advantageous to immediately make a tour, because it includes all fees and it turns out much more profitable.

If you travel on your own, an overnight stay in a tent will cost 450 baht, adding a sleeping bag and mat will add another 150 baht. The bungalow rentals will ask for 1,000, air conditioning will add another 1,000 to the cost. At the same time to book seats in advance, because otherwise you will have to spend the night under the palm tree.

Remember that the prices of drinking water and other necessities are 2-3 times higher than on the mainland.

We offer trips from Phuket to the islands for 1, 2 and 3 days. The most comfortable in time and affordable are trips for 2 days with 1 night. For them you need to prepare approximately 6,265 baht. This amount includes:

  • round-trip transfers;
  • guide;
  • insurance;
  • Nutrition;
  • accommodation in a bungalow or tent;
  • snorkeling equipment rental.

The most recognizable feature of the reserve are the huge stones lying in picturesque order at the edge of the surf. A special attraction is the stone Sail, near which almost everyone who wants to be photographed visiting Similan.

Krabi Archipelago

Excursions from Phuket to the islands of Krabi province in Thailand include visits to 4 islands:

  • Tub;
  • Chiken;
  • Serve;
  • Pranang.

Excursion from Phuket to Krabi

The province is called the edge of the tropical jungle and steep cliffs. From Phuket you can get here by bus or by sea.

The most popular beaches in Krabi are small, but very picturesque.

  1. Railay must be crossed by boat, it is isolated and separated by a ridge of rocks.
  2. Pai Plong has approaches from the land side and the sea route. Phra Nang is considered the most beautiful and more like a set for a love melodrama in the background of paradisiacal nature.
  3. Klong Muang and Tub Kaek are respectable and smell like a lot of money, as there are high-end hotels and expensive hotels nearby.
  4. Fans of snorkeling love Mu Ko Hong, in the vicinity of which begins colorful coral reefs.

The use of sun beds and umbrellas on the beaches is prohibited, shade is provided by lush palm trees, as a flooring on the sand sell mats.

There are numerous eco-trails along the islands, the archipelago is widely known for nature reserves and closed areas, where the unique ecological balance is carefully preserved, access for tourist groups is closed there. Excursion programs include:

  • Emerald Lake, where the water is mineralized and always much warmer than the air;
  • Ron Klong Thom waterfall, where the water temperature does not drop below 45 degrees and the natural recesses in the stone bed are used by visitors as a bath with a massage effect, formed by the strong water flows;
  • Tham Pet stalactite cave;
  • The temple complex of Wat Tham Sua and the steep staircase of 1,237 steps leading to its foot;
  • The Wat Klong Tom temple museum, most of its exhibits are much more than 500 years old.

The tourist center of the archipelago is the island of Lanta Yai, where ecotourism is very popular. Routes pass by relict caves, picturesque waterfalls, lakes and mangroves.

Excursions to Phuket National Parks

Among the excursions worth visiting in Phuket, nature reserves and parks are at the top of the list. Only there you can see the real world of the tropics, not embellished for the sake of tourists. Campfires are forbidden in the area, you can’t stay overnight in most places, you can’t bait and pick up the inhabitants, you can’t leave trash or even tear flowers for a bouquet.

Royal Park

Excursion to the Royal Park in Phuket

It bears the name of Rama IX and is very popular with the locals. The space is organized in such a way that passing bike paths, trails for sports walking do not affect the corners of tranquility, ideal for meditation and spiritual practices. Sports grounds for basketball and volleyball are equipped, simulators are installed, and there is a playground for kids.

In search of solitude, you can stumble upon a picturesque gazebo hidden from indiscreet eyes, feed the fish in the pond, or enjoy the trills of birds on the lake shore.

Pra Teu

Pra Tew National Park in Phuket

The park belongs to the pristine wilderness areas. It is home to wild boars, bears, and monkeys. Admission is paid, for tourists it is 200 baht, locals will pay 10 times less. There are walking paths leading to the waterfalls, but most guests prefer to combine sightseeing with an elephant ride. The price of entertainment is 500 baht for 30 minutes. The gibbons help center welcomes any material help, the amount of the donation is not regulated.

Bird Park

Bird Park in Phuket, Thailand

This is one of the favorite excursions for families with children in Phuket. The park is located near Chalong Temple and is home to more than 100 species of birds, including rare species. The entrance to the enclosure with parrots is free, the birds are not afraid of people, they gladly land on their shoulders and hands, and graciously accept refreshments. Every day there is a show with feathered artists, for 200 baht are taken memory pictures, souvenir shops sell items with bird symbols.

The area is decorated with original sculptures, in the shade of trees set comfortable pavilions for relaxing and watching birds.

Mosquitoes are a constant nuisance in the park, you need to take with you repellent.


One of the most popular excursions in Phuket is Sirinath Park

The youngest of Phuket’s parks is focused on beach and camping holidays. The coastline stretches for 13 km, 3 well-kept beaches are spacious. The highlight of these places are considered clutches of leatherback turtles. Hatchlings tourists are happy to help get to water. Behind the Mai Khao temple are nesting grounds of the white heron. For children and adults who prefer an active form of leisure, there is a water park. Children’s ticket costs 1,000 baht, adults 1,800.

Khao Sok

Tour from Phuket to Khao Sok National Park

One of the best parks in Thailand was formed in 1980. From Phuket to get to it is very convenient, the cost of the tour includes transportation, lunch, guide services, the fee for entry into the protected area. The price of the trip will be 1,800 baht for adults, children’s ticket is 400 baht cheaper. The program includes visits to observation sites, the Monkey Temple, Lake Leo Chan, a waterfall, and elephant rides.

Khao Lak

On an excursion to Khao Lak Park you can ride elephants

The tour is considered one of the most popular, thanks to the unexpected items on the program and affordable prices. Activities include bamboo rafting, visits to a temple and zoo, a turtle farm, a fruit market, an elephant ride through the jungle and a long swim in a waterfall.

Phuket sightseeing tours

You can get acquainted with the assortment and purchase the tour you like:

  • from the hotel guide, where there are very good deals, and the departure is carried out directly from the hotel;
  • local travel agencies, they have a wider selection and lower prices;
  • Online services, which have a service for comparing prices, immediately see the entire list of proposals, payment by bank transfer.

The most popular tours in Phuket are sightseeing tours. They are designed for 6-8 hours, the advantage is considered a very rich program that allows you to make a general impression of the culture of the country.

All popular tours in Phuket include a visit to the Khao Lak Temple
Wat Chalong

The list of attractions in Phuket necessarily includes:

  • Wat Chalong and Big Buddha temples;
  • orchid garden;
  • aquariums;
  • cashew factory;
  • Karon View Point;
  • panoramic observation deck.

If desired, the main sites are supplemented by a visit to a crocodile or pearl farm, the Tiger Kingdom, a souvenir market.

To choose the most interesting excursions in Phuket, it is worthwhile to read the reviews beforehand and carefully study the list of suggested trips. According to reviews, it is not worth specifically to spend time visiting a crocodile, snake or pearl farm, if there is no goal to make a bulk purchase of goods. Most of the time on such trips is devoted to the process of persuading you to buy half the assortment of souvenir stores.

But to visit the majestic temples, where the amazing sculptures, ancient scrolls, unique paintings and incredible in luxury inner gardens must.

Prices for outbound and inbound tours

The cost of travel to the adjacent islands is based on the tour duration, the level of service for overnight stays, prices for visits to national parks and nature reserves, guide services, transfers and meals. On average, you can be guided by these rates:

  • Phi Phi for 2 days-3300;
  • Khao Lak for the day-1000;
  • Similan Islands – from 1900 to 2800;
  • Krabi 2000;
  • Samui-3900;
  • Singapore-22000;
  • Bangkok-6800.

Prices for entertainment and tours in Phuket range from 600-3900 baht. The most democratic in cost are considered safaris, riding quad bikes, rafting. Diving and underwater motorcycle rides are the most expensive.

For those who prefer an active holiday on the brink of extreme, will remember the attraction Flight of Hanuman for 1,900 baht. The park is equipped with 28 launching pads, ropes and rope roads, suspension bridges.

If you have a few hours left in your busy schedule, it is worth visiting Thai boxing, a tranny show, a show with stabbing and cutting objects, which demonstrates the capabilities of the human body.

A huge variety of entertainment and excursions in Phuket will make your trip unforgettable.

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