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The most popular resorts in Greece

Greece is unique from a tourist’s point of view. Without leaving the country, you can visit the five seas that surround its shores. The warmest resorts in Greece are considered to be on the Mediterranean Sea with sandy beaches, developed infrastructure and an abundance of water activities. Hotels on the Black Sea coast are in demand, the Aegean, Libyan and Ionian Seas are considered inland and tourist groups are annually sent to them, attracted by the beauty of the surroundings, sights and plenty of legends.

Greek resorts on the Mediterranean coast

Beach holidays in the country are flourishing, the main demand is for island resorts. There are about 1,500 large and small islands scattered in the Mediterranean Sea. Some are small fragments of land, where only seagulls and crabs are comfortable, while others are private property and entrance to them is closed.

There are world-class resorts on the major Greek islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Famous for their beaches:

  • Crete;
  • Corfu;
  • Rhodes;
  • Halkidiki;
  • Peloponnese;
  • Samos.

There are a huge number of hotels of different levels, cafes, restaurants, entertainment complexes. Excursion programs include visits to major attractions, and self-guided walks provide an opportunity to run through the souvenir shops and stores.

Greek resorts on the Mediterranean Sea are ready to receive tourists all year round. The season is divided into three parts.

  1. Beach opens from May to mid-October, sometimes can last until early November.
  2. Excursion is preferable to choose the spring or fall, when the weather is comfortable to travel, there is no suffocating heat and a huge number of tourists, because of which the attractions have to look at a distance and be content with the colorful stories of the guide instead of a detailed tour.
  3. Skiing, which lasts from December to early April.

The Mediterranean Sea in Greece, where communication with the Atlantic runs only through the narrow isthmus of the Suez Canal and Gibraltar, is considered the warmest and calmest. Resorts are convenient for a comfortable holiday with children and leisurely lying on the golden sand of clean beaches. The water is clear, in most cases, the entrance to the water is gentle, the depth increases gradually.

Each island is unique, has a special charm and a unique set of attractions.


One of the best resorts in Greece - Rhodes

Rhodes is known primarily as the birthplace of one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Colossus of Rhodes. The weather gives vacationers more than 300 sunny days a year, the fragrance of groves of myrtle, orange and olive trees. Cypress and coniferous forests create a special microclimate. On the west coast of gravel, for soft fine sand will have to move to the east, the resorts of Kolimbiya, Faliraki, Kalifea. Vacationers are waiting for wide beaches with easy access to the water, a lot of daytime entertainment and a vibrant nightlife.

For solitude and mineral water from natural springs go to Kalifaea. Entertainment, including a water park and amusement park, the best sandy beaches are in Faliraki. Calm and measured rest awaits tourists in Columbia, the resort is considered the youngest, but is rapidly gaining popularity. In Plimiri and Lahanja there are ideal conditions for a serene holiday, the level of service is very high.


Corfu, a Greek resort in the Mediterranean Sea

Named the most romantic for its lush forests and abundance of sites from the ancient period. The sandy beaches of Corfu are located in the east of the island at the resorts:

  • The site is located on the territory of the nature reserve of Hagios Spiridon;
  • Dassia, which is great for families;
  • Paleokastritsa is beloved by divers and lovers of secluded recreation in small picturesque bays.


Crete - a popular resort in Greece

Crete is washed by three seas and is considered a leader in the number of tourists visiting the island each year.

The peculiarity of the holiday is almost complete absence of acclimatization for the weather-dependent people.

The weather is mostly sunny, the water temperature for most of the bathing season does not fall below 25 ° C. The rest turns out to be combined. After the sandy beaches of the resorts of Chania, Rethymno, Lassithi tourists are happy to go on excursions to the palace of Knossos, the ancient city of Gortina, Arkadi Monastery.

Underwater excursions to the sunken city of Olus, which went underwater in the 2nd century BC, are especially in demand. It was quite a large settlement for its time, it minted its own coins, built palaces and temples.


Zakynthos - a resort in Greece with sandy beaches

The island of Zakynthos hosts a large number of festivals and celebrations. They come here for new experiences and comfortable rest at the resorts of Tsilivi, Alikanas. The island is part of a nature reserve, which aims to preserve rare species of porcupines, iguana turtles. Dolphins often appear in the coastal zone. Sea walks allow you to watch them play, see flocks of flying fish, admire from afar the secluded bays and picturesque landscapes.

Greek resorts on the Aegean coast

It is very difficult to make a strict distinction between the islands belonging to a certain water basin. For example, Crete is washed by three seas, and the remaining islands, depending on the point of view are assigned to different areas of rest.

The largest resorts on the Aegean coast with sandy beaches are considered:

  • Kos;
  • Halkidiki;
  • Chios;
  • Peloponnese;
  • Santorini.

Resorts are designed for different levels of income holidaymakers, from budget options to luxury holidays with a high level of service on the program “all inclusive”.


Kos - Greece's resort on the Aegean Sea

There is no time to be bored on Kos, after the first beach frenzy wakes up interest in visiting various attractions. Most often tourists go to the fortress of the Knights Ionites, the Agora, the Roman amphitheater, Asklepion.

Comfortable and comfortable beach holidays are provided at the resorts of Lambi, Tigaki, Mastyhari, Paradise. For families with children, the southern direction of the island is preferred. There waves are smaller, the bays are protected from winds, the entrance to the water is gentle.


Resort Santorini in Greece

The contrast of snow-white houses with blue domes of temples and deep blue waves will long be remembered by all who choose to rest on this amazingly beautiful island. One important source of income, along with the tourism business, was marriage. Romantically-minded couples seek the island to start a family and spend their honeymoon in comfortable hotels overlooking the sea.

The beaches of Santorini are unique, they are covered with volcanic sand black and red. The unusual shade of the shore, cozy little coves, luxurious nature has made resorts popular with beach lovers.


Halkidiki - resort on the Aegean Sea in Greece

In Halkidiki are hotels with affordable prices, shopping centers with everything you need for quality shopping, amusement parks. Most of the coastal area is marked with the Blue Flag, confirming the ecological purity.

Peloponnese Peninsula

The Peloponnese Peninsula - a resort paradise in Greece

Greeks go to the Peloponnese for the weekend, resting from the crowds of large cities and enjoying the clearest sea on the cozy pebble and sandy beaches. One of the longest is located in the resort Larissos, its length is 9 km, the shore is covered with soft light sand, there is everything you need for outdoor activities, including water skiing, windsurfing, parachute flights. A little further away is the wild beach of Gianiscari, favored by nudists and connoisseurs of solitude.

Lakopetra is suitable for a family vacation, there are small bungalows scattered around the territory in a picturesque mess, there are several comfortable hotels. Cleanliness of the coastal area is confirmed by the Blue Flag, not far from the picturesque park with tamarisk trees, cypresses, flowerbeds and comfortable corners for relaxation and quiet contemplation.

Video overview of resorts in Greece

Reviews of Greek resorts

Marina, 32 years old:

For a long time I wanted to visit the Peloponnese peninsula, the stereotype that the locals know better where to vacation worked. I wasn’t disappointed, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. Compared with Crete, where I went on a tour, the peninsula is not crowded, you can always find a corner to restore frayed nerves.

Natalia, 43 years old:

An amazing vacation awaited me and my husband in Santorini. It felt like we were back in our youth, we wanted to be around all the time. Maybe it was the environment, where there were a lot of happy young couples. We toured several islands with excursions, but were happy to return to our small Smaragdi Hotel near a cozy beach with golden sand.

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