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The main sights of the world

The sights of the world are a huge number of popular and little-known ancient and modern, man-made and natural objects of history, culture, architecture, archeology, scattered in different centers of dead and now existing civilizations on planet Earth.

How to choose and see the most famous sights of the world? Here you should be guided primarily by your own taste, knowledge of history and culture of mankind. These are just a few of the landmarks that have played a significant role in the history of their region and the world.

Attractions in China

Great Wall of China

It is a symbol of China, which is included in the famous UNESCO list. People who love China and its history simply must visit this giant creation of human hands. This defensive structure was built under different dynasties and over many centuries. In addition to protection, in some areas the Wall was and is used as a road.

World Sights - The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built to protect against the invasions of Mongols and other barbarian tribes from the north before Christ. Its main part was built during the Qin dynasty. It is about 21,000 km long and is perfectly visible from space. Even today its fortifications are extremely difficult to overcome.

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing - Sights of the World

It is an ancient part of Beijing, one of its main attractions. This was the official residence of the Chinese emperors, where his family, retainers and servants lived. All others could not enter this vast palace complex on pain of death. Today the Forbidden City is simply called the Gugun or the Former Palace.

The Forbidden City began to be built in the early 15th century, and was built in 15 years. Much of the rich interior decoration of his palaces has survived. In 1924, the last Chinese emperor was deposed and the Forbidden City was opened to all Chinese and travelers. Today it is a state museum.

Summer Palace

The World's Greatest Sights - Summer Palace in China

The Chinese emperor and his family vacationed in this palace during the summer. The Summer Palace was built relatively recently, in the 18th century, but in the middle of the next century it was burned to the ground by the French and Russian armies who conquered Beijing. Later the Dowager Empress Ciss restored this architectural masterpiece.

Like all Chinese landmarks, the Summer Palace has its gigantic instances. For example, the Long Corridor (more than 700 meters), passing through which the paintings and sculptures you can get an impression of the history, mythology, literature of this wonderful country.

The Terracotta Army

Sightseeing - Terracotta Army

This is another giant Chinese landmark. After the death of the first emperor of the Qin dynasty, several thousand statues of his soldiers with real weapons in their hands, horses and chariots made of terracotta fired clay were buried near the tomb in the city of Siam.

This amazing burial was discovered only in the seventies of the last century. It became another man-made marvel of the Qin Shi Huang era, besides the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canal, testifying to the greatness of China and its ancient history.

Jade Buddha Temple

World Famous Sights - Jade Buddha Temple

This attraction is the calling card of the second capital of China, Shanghai. As you know, Confucianism and Buddhism predominate in China. This Shanghai temple is famous for the Buddha statue made of solid jade. Buddha sits with his eyes closed and meditates.

Interestingly, this is a functioning Buddhist temple, with monks living next to it in the monastery. And at the same time it is a museum, which sells tickets. And to see a meditating jade Buddha, you have to pay extra. But the monks never let tourists into their meditations.

Mao Zedong Mausoleum

Mao Zedong Mausoleum - Sights of the World

In fact, Mao is also the great Chinese emperor, only red. And it was the imperial honors that were bestowed upon him after his death. In Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, anyone can visit Mao’s Mausoleum. It is one of China’s famous landmarks, telling the history of this country in the 20th century.

As in Pushkin’s fairy tale, Mao rests in a crystal coffin on the first floor of his Mausoleum, and on the second floor is an exhibition devoted to the history of the Chinese Revolution and the Communist Party of China.

Egyptian Attractions

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Unusual Sights of the World - Egyptian Pyramids in Giza

Egypt has no less great and ancient history. The three Ancient Kingdom pyramids continue to amaze tourists from all over the world today with their gigantic size. As you know, they are also visible from space.

In these pyramids were buried three pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt in the 3rd millennium BC. If you wish, tourists can go down inside the pyramid and see the Heavenly Boat, on which the Pharaoh must travel through the sky after death on his way to his Egyptian gods.

Tomb of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun's Tomb in Egypt

Most of the tombs of the ancient pharaohs over the centuries and millennia have been looted. And in Luxor in the middle of the last century in the Valley of the Kings an entire tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun was found, who ruled in the New Kingdom and died at a very young age.

Since then, this tomb has become surrounded by many legends and falsifications. Just look at the famous, thanks to Hollywood, “curse of Tutankhamun” and the announcement of the Egyptologists who discovered it frauds. However, today it is the most popular attraction in Egypt, which is adored by tourists.

Moses Mountain

Mount Moses - Sinai - Sights of the World

And this is the most important attraction of Sinai. According to the Old Testament, the Jews are convinced that the elder of their race, the prophet Moses, received on this mountain the Tablets in which God gave mankind his commandments.

Today there is a belief that whoever climbs this mountain at sunrise and asks for mercy from God, will receive from him the remission of all sins. There you can also visit the monastery of St. Catherine, which has existed since Byzantine times.

Attractions in Italy

Roman Colosseum

Sightseeing around the world - Roman Colosseum

The Colosseum is the most famous amphitheater of ancient Rome, well preserved to this day. He was saved even during the Middle Ages, when everything non-Christian was considered the spawn of Satan. Its construction began at the very beginning of the new era, after the death of Nero and the accession to the throne of Emperor Flavius.

For several centuries the Colosseum served as a place where gladiators fought among themselves and with wild animals. And today it is a favorite place for tourists from all over the world. Roman city officials benefit greatly from their love of the Eternal City’s history.

The Tower of Pisa

Sightseeing in the World - The Tower of Pisa

The main attraction of Pisa is its tower or bell tower, which has been considered to be falling for centuries. It began to be built in the 12th century, and it immediately began to lurch. And finished construction a century later, when the tower had a slope of about 2 degrees. Later it tilted up to 5 degrees and was leveled several times.

Today, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is the calling card of its city. You can go inside it and climb the stairs to the top floor. But under no circumstances should you touch the bells, take anything out of the tower, etc.

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel - Sights of the World

This famous temple is located in Rome at the Vatican. It is in the Sistine Chapel you can see the fresco “The Last Judgment” by Michelangelo, for which tourists and fans of painting go there. Other unique, priceless Renaissance frescoes and stained-glass windows can also be seen there.

This chapel was built in the 15th century, at a time of waning dominion of the Church. But even today, six centuries later, it is an extremely important place for the Catholic Church because it is in the Sistine Chapel that the election of the Pope takes place.

Attractions in Greece

Palace of Knossos

Famous Sights of the World - Palace of Knossos

This palace is located in Crete in the city of Heraklion. It was built during the earliest Greek civilization – the Minoan, about 2.5 thousand years BC. The capital of this civilization was the island of Crete, and in the Palace of Knossos lived the then reigning dynasties.

This is a truly unique palace, which entered all textbooks of history and culture of human civilization. Here you can see the famous frescoes of bullfighting, plunge into the ancient world of Europe, which existed long before antiquity and the Hellenes.

Rhodes Fortress

Rhodes Fortress - Sights of the World

This fortress is located on the island of the same name and is famous for being the center of the famous Knights Hospitaller Order, expelled from Palestine in the 13th century. It is less interesting to Russians, but causes an incredible stir among tourists from Western Europe, interested in the Crusades of the Early Middle Ages.

The fortress has unusually strong walls and towers, and a palace was built inside it, which has now become a museum of the history of this order of knights. One day is not enough to walk around the entire fortress and explore all its attractions. But everything you see is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Israeli Attractions

Wailing Wall

Country Sights - Wailing Wall

Perhaps the most famous landmarks of the world in Jerusalem are the Wailing Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Wailing Wall is the surviving part of the Second Temple of Judaism, which was destroyed by the Romans as early as 70 A.D. It is a sacred relic for all Jews, wrested by them from the Muslims after many wars.

Today a representative of any religion or an atheist can come here. The Jews near the Wall pray, while the others leave notes of wishes addressed to their gods. They say this is the easiest way to get through to heaven.

Attractions of the United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayd Grand Mosque

Beautiful Sights of the World - The Great Mosque of Sheikh Zayd

It is probably the most magnificent mosque in the world and is located in Abu Dhabi. The interesting thing about the mosque is that not only Muslims can enter it, but also any other person professing any religion or not professing any religion. It is also very popular with tourists.

Sheikh Zayd Mosque, like almost all self-respecting landmarks in the world, has something unique and gigantic: it has the largest chandeliers, the largest carpet and the largest dome in the world. It is not only a religious but also a popular tourist center in the UAE.


Sightseeing in the World - Al-Fahidi Fort

This is the famous fort, which houses the Dubai National Museum. The museum houses many historical and cultural artifacts from the entire federation of emirates. And in the dungeons of the fort you can find a huge number of ultra-modern equipment, with the help of which you can learn the history of the Emirates in an interactive way.

This is how antiquity and advanced modernity are combined in Al-Fahidi, which is always very popular with tourists. Therefore, this fort is one of the most popular and interesting attractions in the country.

Attractions in Kazakhstan

Khan Shatyr

World Sightseeing - Khan Shatyr Center

This huge shopping and entertainment center is a symbol of the Kazakh capital Astana and one of the main attractions of the city. This state-of-the-art complex was commissioned in 2010 and is now considered the largest marquee in the world.

Such an interesting architectural construction looks like an ancient tent 150 meters high. Once in Khan Shatyr, you can indulge in entertainment and shopping for a day, forgetting about the time of day. It offers customers and tourists cinemas, restaurants, water park, swimming pools, gyms, etc.

Landmarks of Jordan

The ancient city of Petra

Famous Sights of the World - The Ancient City of Petra

In front of you is not just an amazing sight, but a real wonder of the world: an ancient city built in the rocks, which was mentioned in the Old Testament. It was in Peter that Moses performed one of the miracles: he extracted water from the stone. In fact, Petra means “stone” in Greek.

The city appeared here as early as the 3rd millennium B.C., as the capital of the ancient nomadic Arabs. Later Petra voluntarily joined the Roman Empire, and its rock architecture began to resemble that of ancient Rome. A truly amazing and unique place.

Cambodia Attractions

Bayon Temple Complex

Bayon Temple Complex - the best sights in the world

The city of Siem Reap is home to the famous Bayon Temple. According to legend, it was erected in the 12th century. Historians believe that in ancient times local priests and nobles settled around this temple. It is known for its magnificent bas-reliefs and intricate system of galleries.

Bayon Temple has about 200 bas-reliefs of identical faces that, depending on the time of day and lighting, can look good, neutral or evil. It is truly an amazing temple, offering its visitors a reminder of the Eastern philosophy of the perception of life.

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