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The best places to stay in Cyprus

The places where it is best to vacation in Cyprus are located along the sea coast. Thanks to the mild climate, beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage vacation on the island will be interesting not only in summer but also in spring and fall.

When is the best time to go on vacation in Cyprus?

Holidays in Cyprus
The summer months in Cyprus are the best.

Most foreigners prefer to visit Cyprus in June, July and August. After the rainy season, which lasts from November to late January, fans of peace and quiet come to the island.

High Season

The high season lasts from May to September. At this time, students and families with children who have already begun their vacations arrive in Cyprus. The largest number of tourists is observed in July and August.

However, these months are considered the hottest. Experienced travelers prefer to vacation on the island in late May or early September, when the sea has not yet had time to cool and the flow of tourists is reduced.

Low season

The low season is early spring and late fall. In March, April and November to Cyprus come lovers of excursions and hiking. The period of spring flowering of fruit trees suits people of creative professions – writers, photographers, artists.

During the winter months, a visit to Cyprus is not recommended.

Most entertainment venues are closed. The cold wind blowing from the sea prevents you from enjoying your walks along the coast.

Top resorts in Cyprus

Cyprus can offer tourists not only beach holidays. There are many natural and architectural monuments, introducing the history of the island.


Limassol is suitable for both couples with children and young people who love nightclubs. Couples with a child to rest on the quiet beach “Laidis Mile” or “Dasudi,” attracting tourists eucalyptus grove.

Guests of the resort should see the Old Port and Limassol Castle. You can visit the city in the last days of July to visit the beer festival. At the end of the holiday season, Limassol hosts the International Documentary Film Festival.

Limassol with beautiful quiet beaches.


The main advantage of Peyia is considered a small number of vacationers, even in high season. In July and August it is cooler here than in other communities of Cyprus. From Peyia you can quickly get to Paphos.

In the vicinity of the village there are a large number of attractions.

Among them are the Avakas Gorge and the Chapel of St. John the Baptist. St. George. The most popular spring, which appeared long before the founding of the village. According to legend, the water from this spring brings back your youth.


Bathing season in the homeland of Aphrodite begins in May and ends in late October. The main disadvantage of Paphos are pebble beaches.

You can find artificial coves with sand only on the territory of expensive hotels, in Lara Bay and Coral Bay. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here you can see such monuments of architecture as:

  • royal tombs;
  • Ayia Kyriaki Church;
  • the ruins of ancient Neo-Pafos;
  • the catacombs of st. Solomonia;
  • Royal Graves complex.

The city is not suitable for holidays with a child. It’s hard to find animators here, there are no playgrounds.

Paphos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The village of Voroklini (Oroklini) is recommended to those seeking solitude. Believers can visit the local churches of the Archangel Michael and the prophet Elijah.

Oroklini is home to Yiannades Beach, one of the best Blue Flag beaches in the region. The entrance to the sea here is gentle, and the waves are virtually absent.

The main attraction of the village is called Lake Oroklini. The reservoir participates in the Nature 2000 program, which aims to preserve rare bird species. During the summer months, the lake partially dries up.

Lake Oroklini
Lake Oroklini is home to rare bird species.


The port city is located in the northern part of Cyprus. It is recommended to visit Kyrenia (Girne) in spring or early fall. The best place to stay is considered the central part of the coast. In Kyrenia there are both private and municipal beaches.

The nightlife in Girn begins at 10 p.m. and lasts until 04 a.m. Tourists give preference to open-air dance floors. Admission to such a nightclub can be free. Foreign artists are more likely to perform at these venues.


Diving enthusiasts go to Larnaca. The Zenobia ship is considered a popular dive site. The ship sank close to shore in 1980.

The city is also suitable for fans of auto tourism. The convenient location of the resort allows travelers to get from it to almost anywhere in Cyprus.

In mid-summer, Larnaca hosts the Festival of Dance, Music and Drama. This is also the time of the Feast of the Flood, organized to commemorate the rescue of people and animals on Noah’s ark. Travelers who arrive on the island in spring can visit the Classical Music Festival.

Ayia Napa

The beach season in the resort starts in April and finishes at the end of October. Ayia Napa is popular among lovers of not only summer but also winter vacations. At the end of December, bars and nightclubs that stopped working in October open for the New Year holidays.

If the couple is vacationing with a child, the little traveler should be shown:

  • Thalassa Sea Museum;
  • Parco Paliatso Luna Park;
  • Capo Greco National Nature Park.

For a quiet vacation with children in Ayia Napa is suitable for the end of the beach season (September-October).

Capo Greco Park
Unparalleled nature in the Capo Greco National Natural Park.


The resort season in the small village starts in April and ends in October. Protaras is more suitable for fans of beach vacations. Fans of water skiing, parachuting and diving come here.

Popular attractions in this village include the Valley of the Windmills, Ayios Elias Church and Cape Cavo Greco. In the evening tourists are invited to visit the “Show of dancing and singing fountains.


Pissouri is located between Limassol and Paphos. The small village is divided into two parts – the upper and lower. Pebble beach will not please all guests Pissouri, because it complicates the entrance to the sea. There are several churches in the village – Sts. Lazarus, St. John the Baptist, St. John the Baptist, and St. John the Baptist. St. Mary’s, St. John the Baptist, and St. John the Baptist. The St. George, the St. George, the St. George, the St. George, the St. George, the St. George, the St. George and the St. George. Alexandra.

Pissouri has a pebble beach.


Lathi (Lachi, Lahi) is a fishing village in the northwestern part of the island. The village is suitable for fans of independent travel. In Lathey, except for the beach, there is almost no entertainment.

Tourists are advised to take a tour of the nearby town of Polis. Experienced travelers also advise to visit the village of Neo-Horio, located a few kilometers from Lathi.


The small town is designed for those who like a quiet holiday. That said, Polis also hosts noisy events, such as yachting competitions. Fish fairs are often organized in the city.

Polis has a rich history, which can be viewed at the Marion-Arsinoya Museum, built in the late 1990s.

The attention of travelers may be attracted by the Church of St. John the Baptist. During the period of Ottoman rule, the religious building was turned into a mosque and then abandoned. Visitors to the city will see the building, which has already been restored in the last century.

The heart of Polis is the square with the ancient stone buildings erected on it. There are several cafes and restaurants where tourists can try the national cuisine.

Polis is a cozy comfortable resort for family rest.

How to choose a place to rest

When choosing a route, you need to consider the age and tastes of travelers. Young people prefer a more active vacation, while older tourists need a quiet vacation.

Families with children

Married couples with children are encouraged to go to:

  1. Larnaca. The city is considered safe for holidays with children. Local beaches with shallow entrance to the sea are marked by the Blue Flag.
  2. Protaras. Most hotels in the village are equipped with children’s equipment – tables and chairs of small size. The hotels have animators. The child can enjoy a trip to the local oceanarium and zoo.
  3. Limassol. This city also has an infrastructure for children. A popular place for family recreation called the “Wheel” center. It is worth visiting the educational and playground “Archimedes” with your child.
Protaras resort is a good place for families with children.

Young and single travelers

Young people and travelers alone can go to Paphos. Every month throughout the tourist season there are events.

In spring, guests of the resort will enjoy a festival of flowers. In mid-summer, concerts are held in the village. The Velvet season begins with the festival of Aphrodite.

The main tourist infrastructure is located in Kato Paphos. It is the center of nightlife for visitors and locals alike.

In May you can go to Kyrenia. At the beginning of the month there is a student festival, Spring Fest, which brings together students from all Cypriot universities. Also in May there are festivals of tourism and classical music at Bellapais Abbey.


For young couples are suitable large resorts, such as Ayia Napa. The elderly should rest in the village (Lathi, Pissouri). Small towns are also recommended to newlyweds for their honeymoon.


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