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The best beaches in Goa

Goa is considered the smallest state in India and the most popular tourist destination. This is aided by a long strip of beaches stretching along the north and south coasts. Their peculiarity is that they often imperceptibly flow from one to another and a clear boundary serve only the fences of hotels, denoting private property. If you have to choose a place to rest, you can be guided by reviews of the beaches of Goa, with the correction of the fact that each opinion is subjective.

The northern part of the state is more equipped for recreation, as it began the development of tourism, the southern part is replete with quieter and smaller beaches. There are comfortable places for diving, fishing and immersion in the gentle tropical sun. The exact number of beach areas of the island do not know even the natives. There are beaches that are extremely popular, where in season you can find a comfortable place only in the early morning. But there are also many secluded areas of the coast, which are not as comfortable, coastal cover is replete with stones, but there is a quiet, luxurious nature and an atmosphere of tranquility.

Popular beaches in North Goa

The best beaches in North Goa, India

They differ from each other with a special focus, like interest clubs. Baga, Arjuna, and Arambol have gained fame as bustling places where festivities and entertainment boil all day long, changing only in direction. The beaches are ideal for youth campaigns and people seeking an abundance of new experiences.

Opinions and reviews about which beach in northern Goa is the best for a family vacation are divided between Morjim, Candolim and Mandrem. They have well-developed infrastructure, clean sand without shell fragments, gentle entrance to the water, an impressive shallow, quickly warming up in the morning sun.

If you plan to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing, it is best suited Vagator, Candolim, Baga. About them work big travel agencies, offering a wide range of excursions at affordable prices. Sometimes there are promotions and discounts for group or family trips.


  • Ashwem;
  • Tiracol;
  • Calangute;
  • Aguada;
  • Miramir.

Popular beaches in South Goa

Distinctive features were the wide ribbons of golden sand, an abundance of comfortable hotels and expensive restaurants, diving centers. But among the pathos and luxury if you want to find secluded stretches of coast without the extravagances and interventions of civilization. Budget housing options, too, a lot, but they are a little further from the coast.

Best Beaches in South Goa according to tourist reviews

The most popular beaches in the south of the state are considered:

Best Beaches in Goa by Reviews

The top five includes beach areas on the north and south sides, the criteria for evaluation include the level of cleanliness, the number of visitors, the availability of stores and cafes, the presence or absence of entertainment.


Candolim Beach in Goa - description, reviews

Sand two shades of gold, warm sea and a huge number of vacationers characterizes this place. No peace is sought here, but it is impossible to get bored. Suitable for families and outdoor activities. Working water rides, close to cafes and restaurants with a delicious menu, which seek connoisseurs of good food. Prices, compared to other beaches, are high.


Beach in Goa - Arambol

A very long beach, stretching for 16 km. Along the coast, includes sandy and pebbly areas, small secluded coves for quiet solitary rest. It is relatively sparsely populated due to its length. Nearby is a lake with therapeutic mud. On the territory quietly rest different companies.


Best Beaches in Goa by Reviews - Palolem

One of the most romantic beaches. For accommodation tourists are offered huts, where there is no electricity. Candlelight dinner, full communication without ubiquitous gadgets, the bright glow of the starry sky and luxurious nature around make this beach a true paradise for lovers, honeymooners and people looking for peace away from civilization. Of entertainment there are boat trips, excursions, diving, underwater world observations through the transparent bottom of the boat or boat.


Beaches of Goa with descriptions and reviews - Benalim

Cleanliness, beauty and convenience, that’s how you can briefly describe this stretch of coast.

It is focused on independent travelers.

Some stay in comfortable beach hotels for the winter or spend a long vacation. Characterized by a high level of comfort, developed infrastructure, the main share of vacationers – European pensioners.



Morjim Beach
Morjim Beach is suitable for families.

Recommended for those who want to visit an exotic country, but are not ready for the presence of a language career. In Morjim, most of the owners of restaurants, hotels, and stores are natives of Russia who have come to live permanently or do business there. Near the village of the same name, well-developed infrastructure, there are comfortable hotels.

From entertainment:

  • kiting;
  • boat trips;
  • windsurfing.

Note that nearby is the habitat of the rare olive turtle.

Choosing the best beaches in Goa on the reviews of tourists is very difficult, so it is worthwhile to look at the map before the trip, compare the accommodation and prices, the availability of outlets, the possibility of going on an excursion.

The best beaches in Goa for families

Although there are many places upstate where the whole family can go, with young children it is better to go to the south. It is in the southern part of the coast is the best conditions for recreation for children, while couples will not suffer from the night parties that are an integral part of vacation in the north.

Beaches in India Goa, the best for holidays with children:

  • Cooking. This resort is designed for tourists of the middle class. Here is a clean sandy beach, gentle sea and interesting entertainment programs for children. Especially pleasing to young tourists numerous dolphins, which you can watch during thematic excursions. The resort is quiet and safe, which attracts many couples with young children.
  • Benalim. Here mostly come independent tourists. It is always possible to rent a good room without intermediaries in the form of travel companies. Rest at this resort is calm and measured, no unauthorized tourists are allowed here, and therefore the recreation area is considered safe. There are attractions and entertainment areas for children.
  • Candolim. This place is located in the north of the coast, but it really meets the requirements of a family vacation. Unlike Warka and Benalim, this resort is more suitable for a vacation with teenagers. There is a lot of water fun, youth excursions and unusual competitions. Rest on this beach is cheaper than the southern resorts, but the level of service is somewhat lower.

The best white sand beaches in Goa

Looking at promotional leaflets, you will notice that many resort pictures present snow-white sand, and it is he so attracts tourists to Goa. However, the white sand is only a publicity stunt, in fact, the sandy beaches of Goa can have different shades.

The lightest sand on the following southern beaches:

  • Morjim. One of the most secluded beaches. Here, away from the main resorts, there is peace and quiet. Gentle sea washes the white sandy shore, where you can often find sea turtles. It is these beach dwellers are the pride of the country, and therefore the authorities carefully guard their peace, prohibiting nightlife.
  • Putnam. This recreation area is considered one of the best on the south coast. Cozy bungalows attract solid tourists, mostly from European countries. The sand here can be called almost white. This is the place you often see in advertising brochures. This resort is perfect for a relaxed, measured vacation in a “Bounty” paradise.
  • Kerim. This is the northernmost beach of Goa. This coast can not be called snow-white, but it won the title of one of the best on the coast. Due to the remoteness here is almost always deserted and quiet. There are no big waves and wind, in complete calm, you can rest your soul, forget about all the problems and enjoy a serene holiday.

Cheap Flights to Goa

Cheap flights to Goa can offer many airlines. The price depends on the time of year and the city of shipment. You can get to India inexpensively from Moscow or St. Petersburg; on average, a ticket from these cities to Goa costs 39,000 rubles.

To carefully plan your vacation, look at all the beaches of Goa on the map with a description of the resort, then your choice will be correct and you will not have to face the problem of high prices or low level of service.

Opinions about the beaches of Goa

Conventionally, the coastline of Goa is divided into two parts. The beaches of northern Goa are great for recreation of youth groups, and the southern part attracts couples with children. At times the reviews of travelers vary.

Catherine, 24 years old:

Before departure, I read the recommendations for holidays in Goa, confused completely. Some people praise the beaches of Goa, while others are not thrilled. The beaches of Mandrem, Vaga, Arambol and Vagator were particularly controversial. I decided to go where there were fewer people and a greater choice of entertainment. I chose Varka, and I was right. Clean, quiet, not many people. There is always a comfortable place on the beach, rent an umbrella about 100 baht. I often did without it. I really liked the sea walk for the dolphins. We watched them from the board for a long time, it’s much better than in the captivity of a dolphinarium. It was nice that the hotel had a large selection of excursions, no problem visited everywhere I had planned.

Karina, 31 years old:

We decided right away that we would go to Palolem and chose a hotel close by. From the beach only positive emotions, relaxed on the full. I never thought it would be so great to get away from civilization, turn off the phone, and spend the evening by candlelight, looking at the moonlight streaking across the water. We stayed there for five days. There were not many vacationers, no disco nights and drunken screaming until morning. We managed to sunbathe, ride a boat, go fishing, but to no avail. Fishermen’s happiness was compensated in a restaurant on the shore, the food was tasty and inexpensive.

Yana, 26 years old:

Set a goal to drive around a few beaches and compare them for myself personally. As a result, we ended up at Anjuna. Were fascinated by the tranquility. At first we were afraid to go into the water, it was muddy. Then we realized that there was no mud, it was a suspension of sand from the shore. Further into the depths, the water clears up. There are no intrusive traders on the shore, things lie quietly in their places. There are a lot of dogs, but they are surprisingly lazy and peaceful, just lying on the sand and not demanding anything. There were strong waves on Vagator, we had to swim carefully, there were rocks under the water near the shore.

I liked the Coke the best. The calmest and most beautiful place, the sand is soft, the waves are gentle. The only thing is that you have to enter the water carefully, the depth begins almost immediately. There are very beautiful views, palm trees, and mountains in the distance. This beach was the best for us.

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